Huawei plans to sell phone running both Android and Windows Phone later this year

According to TrustedReviews, Huawei is looking to launch a phone running both Android and Windows Phone in the U.S. in the second quarter of this year. Shao Yang, Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer, told TrustedReviews that the company is continuing to support Windows Phone, but it is a better prospect when offered alongside Android as a part of a dual OS device.

Shao Yang has stated:

With Windows Phone, one direction for us – and one that we are now following – is dual OS. Dual OS as in Android and Windows together.If it is Windows only, maybe people will not find it as easy a decision to buy the phone. If they have the Android and Windows together, you can change it as you wish and it is much easier for people to choose Windows Phone.

We haven’t seen Windows Phone devices from Huawei lately, but they’re one of the companies announced as new Windows Phone hardware partners during Mobile World Congress.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of dual-OS smartphones. Karbonn Mobiles, a handset maker based in India, is also set to launch dual-OS smartphones supporting both Android and Windows Phone by June this year.

Are you interested in buying a dual-OS phone? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

Source: TrustedReviews

Mark Guim

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  • That's interesting
  • I've seen android running as a virtual machine on windows 8 tablet ativ q.
    So if it has android running in virtual emulation with wp as base
  • MS must offer WP free of charge to all hardware partners. Furthermore they should partly subsidies initial development effort.
    The above combined with the removing the silly hardware requirements will make WP very attractive options.
    If MS are serious about challenge Android then that's way.
    It's time MS to flash it's cash.
  • Removing hardware requirements is a must not. There is a baseline performance they must maintain otherwise the platform will be crap on low end phones just like Android.
  • This is very true!
  • +920
  • Was there any news about a Surface Pro 3?
  • Indeed. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I like his view point. The idea of letting people dip their feet into the OS before taking the dive
  • Exactly. I definitely won't buy this phone unless it has sufficiently compelling flagship hardware, but I think this will be a real shot in the arm for WP mindshare AND marketshare. Many people can't afford to buy multiple devices and would likely try WP if it didn't mean blowing their upgrade on something that might not end up suiting their usage needs. I would like to see some OEMs with more North American mindshare (Sony, HTC, Samsung, I'm talking to you guys...) put a dual boot device in every feasible hardware tier, have MS waive the WP licensing fees specifically for dual boot devices to make the cost more competitive with similarly-specced single OS devices. If Microkia did it with truly compelling hardware from the extreme low-end all the way up to flagship models, I predict WP would achieve double digit marketshare worldwide inside 18 months of these devices being released to the public. Apple would actually have to innovate to be able to keep their 2nd place position in the smartphone wars.
  • Seems fasteR.
  • Oh dear god, shut up!
  • Why are you asking God to shut up? :S :P
  • Seems slower actually. Seems like a forced close
  • This can be only good right? In theory it should turn people onto Windows Phone. Also would a dual boot device require some beefy specs? Will it effect the WP8 performance at all?
  • As for RAM, I don't think it need a massive ones. 1GB should be enough for both OS (it's dual boot which means both OS is not running together). The concern is always the storage. I don't see any efficient storage management without hampering each other OS. Android, has it's own file organizations. WP has it's own file organizations. What if while I'm using Android, I messed up the WP storage on SD card (like pictures, musics, etc). What if it's the other way around. Furthermore, 8.1 will allow app installation to SD card which add the problem to shared storage managements. The most viable thing on my mind is separate each other area. Which means double the storage needed. Well ... Let see what will they offer shall we :)
  • It's a interesting concept that can only benefit WP, by allowing the consumer to compare it with a performance-wise inferior OS.
  • If the "performance wise" inferior OS was supposed to be Android, I guess you haven't heard or tested 4.4.2 KitKat...
  • They can change names every month, but it lags.
  • I'd rather have Twix 5.0
  • I'd rather have Twix anything
  • Ya, but still it LAGS ! :)
  • WP also lags on my Lumia 521.  I can barely use the phone while an app update is installing.  I suppose those that claim they have no lag on whatever device they are using are on high end phones.
  • Installation is a task you rarely do, takes little time to do it. Lag during installation is really not an issue.. The everyday function shouldn't lag. Your games shouldn't, your swipe animations shouldn't.. Lag during installation is expected and universally true, even extends to desktops and pcs. As for androids lagg issue, from my exp its smooth initially but ages really bad. Once you fill half the in built memory the phone is just unpleasant to use. This was with ics and jelly bean 4.2.2. Not sure how much improvement has been achieved with 4.4
  • Yeah, they are following A, B, C, D ...K (Kitkat) sequence for their updates. A, B, C is good for the beginners. Microsoft has 30+ years of experience developing OSes. Does that account for anything, by your most intellectual opinion?
  • I have...and its still slow...
  • KitKat is a half-ass candy bar and Android is a half-ass OS.
  • Sorry, Jelly Bean still better than Kitkat in term of performance and battery efficiency. Don't talk about gaming in Kitkat 4.4.2. 512 MB support is epic fail.
  • Will a reboot be required to switch among the two? If they switch actively, it can be a fun device but don't think that will be possible considering the specs required to do that.
  • I highly doubt a "active switch" is feasible. Reboot will be required, for sure.
  • Yup, if not it is just a skin, a VMware of sorts. An OS controls everything, file system, connectivity, multi tasking, threading, memory allocation etc etc; there's no way two different OSs can be live at the same time.
  • I would be interested if the phone was from Nokia or Sony. Even, maybe, LG.
    From Huawei or some obscure Indian, thanks.
  • I'm expecting Google to intimidate them too, and then get people at WPC angry. But a dual OS would be awesome. I get my apps, and I get the better OS.
  • I defnitely would get one if the phone works well with both OS i mean no laggi experience or too much time thinking Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • When will Google step in?
  • Nope the very idea of this is sickening to me lol. I don't want android anywhere near windows. Android is...ugh. That being said I am curious if Google will try and intervene
  • Exactly! Android is ugly and let the users realize themselves by comparing both the OSs from close.
  • Not sure how to feel about this... Part of me likes it and the other part thinks it's not worth it...
  • Google wont allow this to happen.
  • Hahaha
  • Maybe because they are insecure?
  • Nice, but dual launching computers haven't seemed to catch on, but we'll see with phones I guess.
  • I just don't see this as a good idea..
  • I really like the idea of dual OS. Now just HTC and Samsung...
  • I see a lot of comments about specs being a potential pitfall, but couldn't phones with quad-core chipsets just dedicate two cores to each OS? I'm not too savvy on how the cores processing power is used on a phone so I would enjoy enlightenment by a more knowledgeable person!
  • We can't do that. Who will be responsible for the kernel then? Android or WP? If neither of them (which should be true since both don't support virtual guest OS), then we need to add another OS to handle the kernel (like Hyper-V for example) which ... eat another chunk of processing power and RAM ... and ... is there virtualization OS host that support mobile yet? The only viable means without degrading performance is actual dual boot which require user to restart whenever they want to switch. And after all that, we still have issue with shared storage. Unless they divide all storage into two (applied to both internal and external) which ... not convenient either. IMO, rather than buying high-end device just to do this, I prefer buying two mid-end devices which operated separately. Minimum hassle on the management of the two (appart from carrying them that is :p).
  • This would be a cool concept with something like the 1520 or 1020, dual OSs with Hyper-V like the Xbox One, two SD slots and both would have access to the cell modem or you could designate a primary for calls and texts and the other would use connection sharing for the internet access. GPS is serial so that works.   Or even a flagship quality phone with rebooting between OSs, and dual SD slots
  • It's interesting to see how the Os share the same storage, maybe android allows user to delete file/data from wp...and destroy the whole thing..
  • This also be my consern as well.
  • There is a local company in my country, that made a few phablets and phones with Windows 8 and Android 4.2 (phablet) and Windows Phone 7.5 and Android 4.0 (Phones) back in mid 2013 ._.
  • I don't quite see any practicality of having a hybrid device. Stick with one platform because having two on one device is never going to solve windows phone's supposed "lack of apps." The whole concept of having two mobile operating systems on one device is stupid, and completely pointless. Maybe I'm missing something here.
  • +1
  • I sincerely hope other manufacturers (like HTC...) don't adopt this concept.
  • LOL! But there are many who would rather like that idea I guess....
  • Good idea. Speaking of market share, it won't affect unless one chooses one OS over the other. As of now, I'm more interested to know what Android version it will be. It can make a big difference... I'm not a google fanboy but KitKat is worth the strain....
  • I think it's a crap idea
  • After being wp user for a while, wouldn't prefer android for sure. Kitkat hangs :|
  • No. Single Windows phone OS please.
  • But don't you think its a good choice for the majority of people who would never use or try a Windows Phone just because they can't leave Android and complain of apps insuffuciency all the time? I'm sure no one is that blind who won't see and realize the performance difference.
  • Then it will come the time when the user on Android and accidentally delete WP files on the shared storage (SD card) and complain, "My WP side always malfunctioning. The app I just installed a while ago on SD card suddenly stop working or not working properly. WP sucks". Don't say it can be the other way around since WP cannot messing with SD card directly. :)
  • I really don't see a point of having two OS's in one smartphone. It's a joke.
  • We should have a little problem with the charts ;)
    A new "mixed Os" area will arrive...
  • I don't like Android. I guess the only benefit would be access to android apps as needed.
  • I hope these are high end phones.. if not it kind of just spits in the face of nokia releasing their x series. This implementation of android and wp is a much better approach at getting people to switch to wp, because they'd experience the actual wp interface i'd imagine. As opposed to the forked android that nokia x provides. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • The only way I would ever get a non-Nokia phone would be the existence of a Sony made, dual boot Windows Phone with a side of Android.
  • This move is good for us. Diehard Android fanboys will be able to see that their beloved OS in fact garbage.
  • Having the possibly to try both OS on the same hardware will be interesting. Smartphones should be OS agnostic like PCs. You buy the HW and the OS separately.
  • Although its something that doesn't interest me (maybe 3 years ago it would have), I only see this as a good thing. With the few friends I have who have gotten WP (many of which not by choice, but through work) to their surprise - really enjoy it. Still the occasional complaint they can't find their official app (like yahoo fantasy sports), but overall they like it, sometimes better than their beloved android or IOS. This seems like a great way to expose people to the OS without the fear they'll be stuck for 2 years. I hope to see several from different OEMs. Somehow I think google will shit on it though.
  • Boooooooooooooo
  • Both Karbonn and Huawei are on the right track.  Nokia should have made some Dual-OS phones long time ago.  WP would have grabbed much larger market share by now, especially in the place like China where the cheap Android phones dominate.  WP had hard time to penetrate in China due to the app gap with Android phones.  But with Dual-OS phones, it would be much easier to market and could have huge draw among buyers.  The Dual-OS phones would have more apps than the 'Android Only' phones.  It would be very attractive to value minded buyers.  It looks like that Huawei really know what they are doing.  People will be surprised how well the hybrid phones would sell.  It is a much better idea than Nokia X which would only steal sales from Asha and L520/525.  Nokia X only runs Android apps, so it would serve as a stepping stone for its users to upgrade to the high-end Android phones down the road and not the WP phones as MS/Nokia is hoping for.  Dual-OS phone is the way to go.  It instantly solves the app gap problem for WP.  You in fact use Android to promte WP.  It would attract a lot Android users who used to be concerned with the lack of WP apps to convert.  Google should be nervous about this packaging.  If all the WP phones can be booted to run Android apps also, then who would buy 'Android Only' phones?  If my L1020 is Dual-OS, can you imagine how well it would sell in the Android world?
  • Its a BIG NO frm my side.. First its huawei and karbonn the indian based company.. Not interested., second it wont come with mind blowing specs wise or even in looks department and i am sure to switch from windows to android or vice a versa it will need a reboot or something like it. Its time consuming..last for all Microsoft till now haven't realised that windows phone 8 market place have all the main apps to be honest. I don't see any need for android market place. Android market place is big because it have 500 flashlights and 200 same games clones to just keep the numbers up.. But everyday use apps most of them are already in wp.. Most of windows phone user would agree on this.. All we need is single windows is from low to mid then high ends with variety of phone with looks and build and from other manufacturers also like htc, Samsung, Sony not just nokia..
  • A jackal/hyde phone ?? Not sure about this.
  • Karbonn mobiles sucks...they are the phone company which made a shitty low end phone copying the HTC 8s was reported here last year...and even added a bunch of useless skin of tiles on the same Android phone...
  • Had it been a dual OS phone instead of dual-boot, I might have tried it. Had it been a Nokia or an HTC phone, I might have tried it. Specs and design matter as much as the OS. Good way to promote WP to the segment which only buys mid-level androids. Still confused how the storage will be managed though.
  • I believe people will play games in Android and doing regular day activity like browsing and using social apps in Windows Phone. Just my thought. By the time pass, it's Windows Phone will be the winner because of it system stability and no lag experience.
  • Seems faster
  • This could be a super smart strategy that will be the success of WP, but also the opposite. That is if all manufacturers go dual boot, including Nokia.
  • Do you mean, are we gonna see an iOS / BB10 phone? I'd buy that in a heartbeat. Z30 battery life and productivity, and all the iOS apps. j/k. ;-) Posted via the WPC App for Android from BlackBerry Z10!
  • It wont catch on. There are 2kind of people on This matter. The first are tech geeks like us. We are emotionally attached to our devices and OS. We will maybe enjoy The threesome for some time, but like in RL it gets bothersome and emotion stressful. The other people are joe shmoes who really dont Care and just usw The same is their friends use- android
  • Not good
  • I already jumped ship from Android to WP8 so I'm not interested in any dual boot phone with Android. I made the jump not because I hated Android but because I liked WP8 more so I'm not interested anymore in using Android. But for those who are interested let them have it from Huawei and Karbonn. But what I'm interested in is WP8.1 so looking forward very much to it.
  • Color me intrigued. Best of both worlds?
  • No thanks
  • this comment board needs a like/recommend feature 
  • Nice plan, until google comes like a cry baby and say NO!!!!!
  • I thought Huawei had WP device with dual sim. So there might be a device with dual os and dual sim then?
  • This is so stupid!! Lets ask the question ? Would apple put either android or WP or blackberry on there phones? Hell no there not that stupid! Would Samsung or google put either WP ,ios,or blackberry as there dual os on there galaxy phones? Hell no even google is not that stupid ! Will this really be a way to attract customers? I'm not a rocket scientist but this does not make any sense!
  • I don't see the device getting to the sales floor unless the android system is similar to that of the kindle or nook which is devoid of all google influence. I'd like to hear from the reps of both OS companies on their take of this endeavor.
  • Noice!
  • Sorry. Don't trust Huawei for squat. Look at their track record and past history. Not trusting them with my data.
  • But Android would let the system down. But on the plus side. Can use Android for all your "needed" apps if you're one of those. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Kill it with fire.
  • If you have to reboot the phone, then I think it won't be a very good experience. I think an Android runtime is a better idea. Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30
  • Foolishness...I think it will run slow because of Android...and i think it has a configuration problems
  • Solves one problem but creates another. App devs may not develop for WP because now they can just boot into android to get their apps. I think it will catch some peoples attention but cause more problems than it solves. Making WP more attractive to manufacturers is the first step, which MS has done. Now they gotta make it more attractive to consumers through distinctive features and clever marketing. More consumers = more app support, which is the third step. But dual booting to attract consumers makes the logical third step (app development) fall apart.
  • This is great! I was thinking about switching to Android for my next phone but decided against it in case it turned out Android wasn't as great as they say. Now I can have my cake and eat it too! Just kiding, of course.  
  • Not really sure the point to have two OS's on a phone..
  • I wouldn't recommend that, windowsphone is the best !
  • Android is a resource hog. It doesn't belong on a mobile phone
  • Dual OS mobile would not be a phone but just like testing a specific hardware for different OS's. It will be useless for regular phone users.
  • Would be interesting if you can at any time SWITCH between the 2. I love Windows Phone but, hate the fact that a bunch of apps that I want are on Android and iOS and nothing coming for Windows Phone. This would resolve these apps I need every once and a while and just swap over, use the app I need, then pop back to Windows Phone for everything else...
  • I dream of a day when Samsung will ditch Android for its own Tizen. Please let that happen and I shall see where Android stands.
  •   I think this would be great for WP for the simple fact that people would get to see how smooth the OS is, especially on lower end devices when compared to Androird. I'm almost positive that WP marketshare would increase. Hell, even on some of the higher end phones, there would be a noticeable difference in performance. Microsoft should bring back the "Windows Phone Challenge" and just use phones that can dual boot to show people that WP8 is superior on the same hardware. That would really piss Google off.
  • User choose windows phone in my opinion on their booth first..and they discover the best wp ever
  • The best way then people discover the greatness of windows phone
  • speaking of dual OS.. what if nokia's nokia x line dual boot windows phone 8 with it..  
  • Ars Technia ran an article yesterday talking about how neither Google or Microsoft want these products coming to market and are working behind the scenes to discourage OEMs from releasing them. It's also Ars' opinion that there's very little demand for dual-boot devices and the products would likely flop. I tend to agree.