Hulu blocking Skyfire browser

One of the great reasons for using the Skyfire browser is because it could load just about anything on the Web, thanks to its proxy nature. No more. has shut out Skyfire (and the PS3, as well, apparently). As you can see above, you're greeted with the following message when you try to view a video:

Unfortunately, this video is not available on your platform. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Inconvenience? INCONVENIENCE?!?!?!? How will we watch our stories?!?!?!? (I'm at least getting audio out of the Firefox mobile Alpha 2. Anyone have any luck with any other browsers? IE6 Mobile?)

The good news for PS3 users it that there's a workaround. For us Windows Mobile types? Not so much. Might that mean a true Hulu mobile client, alluded to many, many moons ago, is finally coming?

Via Engadget

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  • that sucks! the conspiratorial side of me assumes that someone in cupertino is getting a kick out of this, while someone in l.a. is qworking on " app for that too..."
  • I find it funny that Hulu is trying to basically keep you from being able to use your tv to view their content. I'll be thinking of this with a big grin on my face while I watch hulu on my 8 foot projector screen with my laptop connected to a home theater system. Really, hulu, what's the difference?
  • This makes me chuckle. Being Canadian, I'm used to Hulu and Pandora doing everything they can to block me from using their services. Why, I can't possibly fathom - perhaps they would prefer that I gain access to their shows by using BitTorrent.... I'm fully expecting next week to get the following message: "We're sorry, but Hulu is only available to people living in Arkansas with last names beginning with H,T or Z on odd numbered Thursdays in even numbered months. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."
  • It used to work. When I tested Skyfire on the Jack. Worked really well matter of fact. Hopefully it'll change.
  • There was a story a few weeks ago about hulu possibly becoming a pay site. Blocking it on mobile browsers and developing a mobile client would make that possible. Sling player comes to mind.
  • I'm more inclined to believe that exclusivity for a specific partnership or two may in fact be in the offing. The first (and most wildly speculated) partner being the iPhone due to sheer numbers and mindshare of the platform. The second (and far more likely IMO) being the Xbox. While I'm not as certain about the former (it cuts against one of Apple's growing businesses in iTunes and also could stress AT&T's weak network) I believe the latter will happen in the very near future (before the end of the year.) Most people understandably think of it from a user's standpoint and say 'well I'm seeing the ads so it's only more money for them.' But I work in advertising and have actually spoken with Hulu sales reps before. They want/need to be able to sell TARGETED advertisements (not just based on the content, but also things like your geographic location, your age, tastes, etc) and current proxy/mobile clients present some problems in that regard. However, services like Xbox Live offer all of this type of data (and more) and MS clearly has its eyes set on on expanding the Xbox as a multimedia platform - they've even basically said they're looking at adding specific services like Hulu and YouTube before. And moreso than probably any other potential exclusive partner, they're also in a position (just like with Netflix) to lend help on the hardware/network side to facilitate the agreement. I actually asked my Hulu rep point blank about the Xbox and got a laughing 'I can't comment on that' but the tone made it fairly obvious. I do think mobile apps/web will happen eventually as well. All it would take from an advertising perspective is for you to be a registered user where they can get the necessary info they need. But I'm not sure how keen some of the carriers are on the idea yet. However, given Apple/AT&T's penchant for neutering their most data intensive apps by making them wifi-only (Slingbox, Skype, etc) I wouldn't be surprised to see as release of a wifi-only version for the iPhone just for mindshare sake.
  • I just tried to watch Hulu after reading this article and found that it is still working for version 10.0.11783 of Skyfire.
  • This whole thing is confusing...why don't they want us to view Hulu in any browser other than on the desktop? We still have to sit through the advertisements whether we're on our phone or ps3. I'm not seeing the logic...even if there is an "app" in the making...
  • I don't know what you guys are talking about. I just installed the latest version of skyfire and am watching a simpson episode as I write this.
  • You guys are right. It's working again!!!
  • I just downloaded skyfire and tried on a Touch Pro and it did not work
  • Hulu is broke for me through Skyfire too. Its funny because I have cable and dvr so the only place I used Hulu is on my phone so I guess they lost one viewer completely. Orb still works great and its live tv.
  • skyfire version .9 did NOT allow hulu to work again by doing a reinstall. upgrading to current version of Skyfire also did not work. XV6800 - verizon.
  • Ummm...not sure about anyone else, but if Hulu deleted the feed to Skyfire, then Skyfire needs to remove Hulu from their format.
  • Hulu's all good on 7/31 version 1.0
  • Weird, Hulu was loading videos just fine a few days ago when I first tested it with Skyfire but I just tried it today and I get that error. It's intermittent...why?
  • same here......wored fo me all day saturday and sunday but isn't working today
  • Hulu??? would it be great???
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  • Can you send me a copy of the old skyfire?? Thanks
  • I installed the new upgrade to Skyfire and noticed Hulu stopped working. I uninstalled the program and re-installed and worked just as it always did. Guess it pays to keep old install files!
  • You guys are right. It's working again!!!
  • I got this message on my ubuntu box and found that Hulu didn't like the swfdec player. After removing swfdec and forcing Flashplayer 10, Hulu now works fine. What player is Skyfire using?
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  • Anyone have Skyfire 1.1? I'm feeling jipped by hulu?