Hulu launches live TV streaming beta, overhauled interface on Xbox One

Hulu's long-awaited live TV streaming is finally here in beta form, and Xbox One is among the platforms getting the first crack at it. Available on Xbox One (opens in new tab), Apple TV, Android and iOS, the new service also comes alongside an overhauled interface.

Hulu's new service combines its previously available on-demand catalog of movies and TV shows with a live TV channel lineup of 50 channels. All four major broadcast networks — ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC — are covered, along with popular sports networks, news channels, and more. Pricing sits at $40 per month for a base package, and you can opt for no commercials with Hulu's on-demand content for an extra $4 per month. You can also add optional upgrades, like an "enhanced" cloud DVR with 200 hours of storage for $15 per month.

Hulu has also overhauled its interface in a way that, it says, "seamlessly blends together live, recorded and on-demand content." On setup, you'll now be prompted to create a personal profile of favorite shows, channels, and movies for customized pages within the app. The interface is rolling out to every Hulu user, but live TV beta subscribers will get it first, along with Xbox One, Apple TV and Android users who don't subscribe.

For now, if you want to give Hulu's new offering a shot, you can sign up for the live TV beta at Hulu's website and start watching on Xbox One. Unfortunately, there's now word on when we might expect the feature to make its way to Hulu on Windows 10.

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  • Will it work with Cortana voice commands? If so, I'm definitely on board
  • Can anyone (the journos ideally) confirm if this is purely a North Merica thing? Any other countries/region? e.g. Au/Nz/Australasia/Oceania
  • Hulu is US only. They tried in Japan, but gave up after 2 years and sold that branch and use of brand name to Nippon TV.
  • Thanks! Wonder why it's accessible in the Oz store.
  • With regular Hulu, it may or may not cover this new iteration: certain VPNs may help you to watch it overseas... The possible problem may be when trying to pay it: the system may detect if you CC is not a US one and refuse it...
  • Ive been using hulu with an australian credit card and getflix DNS for years
  • Looks nice.  If Comcast didnt charge more for Internet without TV  than with TV, it might be good value too.
  • I almost wanted to say it's better than Xfinity since Xfinity doesn't have Win10 and W10M apps, then saw the last sentence of the ariticle. Besides, I don't know if it could switching channel within 5 seconds. I tried Sling but don't like it since switching channel is too slow.
  • That's where I'm at. This is an attractive deal and has the channels I would need. But I have Xfinity Internet, Security, TV and Phone. And honestly I really like Xfinity. Despite their bad reputation for whatever reasons, I've never had an issue with them. I get great service, have always had good customer support-- no issues, but it's a high bill. By the time I drop TV and phone from my package, the cost of internet and security on its own may just not make up for it-- but it seems I'm closer now than ever to being able to cut the cord.
  • You are the 1 out of millions! Comcast always increases your bill over time without any notification. The will rob you blind
  • What's the point of cutting the cord if it cost $40 for a streaming service?
  • Honestly because pricing is set by what the channel providers are charging. Only way to get around that is illegal.
  • Right now I can get cable TV bundled with my internet for cheaper if I needed, but ill stick to OTA for my live TV for free right now
  • Are you sure? With a cable company they are going to hit you with a box rental and a HD fee (talk about a double whammy). My Comcast bill with TV and Internet is 89 but after taxes and fees it's 140. I'm going to a 50 Internet only and 40 for hulu
  • I actually just got $5 off my internet bill to add cable w/ free HBO, for 12 months.the non-HD cable box is sitting in a drawer, I'll just call and get the same deal in 11 months or return the cable box and cancel cable.
  • Or have à la carte offerings or a more diverse bundle of channel offerings. Not everyone needs sports, etc. I for one would be interested in the big 4 broadcast networks plus maybe FX and AMC. I don't want to spend $40 to get basically two channels (the big 4 being free already).
  • Or simply not have all! All is junk anyway!
  • So this is a 7 day free trial of a beta?
  • So it made it to Xbox, but not Windows 10? That's definitely a fail for uwp. I'm still waiting on profile support for the Windows 10 app.
  • Great news... I'm getting fed up with directv now, though I know this will take the same time to get better.
  • Google fiber is coming to my city soon. But I'm not sure of the savings of having to pay for fiber only, then having to pay for services such as this. Doesn't seem worth cutting off Comcast.
  • I'm using Sling TV because of its usability on Windows 10 and Xbox, but some of my favorite shows like Gotham I have to still wait till the next day because on Sling it's only on the idiotic Fox On Demand Channel. :/ I've also used PlayStation Vue and that was pretty much perfect. But I've been searching for an experience that's just as good on Xbox and Win 10. Hopefully Hulu will be the answer. Or maybe even YouTube TV will come to Xbox One and Win 10. Thx everyone
  • I won't use YouTube since Google won't allow Microsoft access to the API for the Windows Phone app, but Hulu has me for at least the free trial
  • I am having trouble understanding all this. I currently pay $13 for my Hulu subscription, so with this update does this mean I will be paying more?
  • I hope not because Netflix will be cheaper with current subscribers according to them when their TV Service becomes available.
  • I'm sure that a no live TV plan will be made available.
  • I'm using DiretTV streaming right now. This channel line up looks good. If they offered it for my Lumia, I'd sign up right away.
  • I signed up for the free week trial and if it's good, goodbye $130/month satellite TV and hello $65 with add-ons : )
  • Let us know how it is... Almost 7 months in and Directv Now still has issues and limited apps.
  • How many concurrent streams?
  • I was excited about this service at first because they said that it would be an update to their current app. Then today the news comes out that it is an entirely new app and not available for W10 or W10M. Epic fail, I guess I will try Sling since they at least have support for W10 and Xbox.
  • This is a beautiful interface! I was able to work around in the new system and its services, and I must say, I'm impressed! It offers sports channel features and the ability to pause subscription offerings, rather than requiring it as part of my Internet subscription. This spoke to me, and I instantly subscribed. Very great service! Go Hulu!
  • 8 bazzilion Windows users, but hey...we won't include them.