Hyperkin revisits the past with new original Xbox HDMI cable

Hyperkin has unveiled plans to release a new HDMI cable for the original Xbox – bringing compatibility with modern day TVs to the 17-year-old console. While two console generations have followed and its software is long discontinued, the third-party accessories manufacturer still hopes to support those revisiting the past.

The upcoming Hyperkin HDMI cable is designed specifically for the aging console's proprietary video port, as a welcomed alternative to Microsoft's official component breakout box for HD displays. As reported by Neowin, the HDMI cable allows the console to output its maximum resolution of 1080i, delivering notable benefits across content surpassing standard definition. Although original Xbox HDMI cables have previously hit the market, those products have seen mixed compatibility between console revisions.

This isn't the first nostalgia trip for Hyperkin, following both the revival of the iconic Xbox Duke controller and the Xbox 360 wireless headset for Xbox One. With limited backward compatibility now a major draw of Microsoft's current Xbox One console, returning to the full original Xbox library is increasingly enticing.

The company reportedly plans to release the new cable later this year, in the final quarter of 2018. Let us know if you're interested in an HDMI upgrade in the comments section below.

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Matt Brown

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  • Definitely interested. If only to play MVP 2005 again.
  • Well... newer Xboxes can still cross-gen-play with older Xboxes... this could be useful for some people.
  • I literally joined only to say... SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY
  • Already exist for a while.
  • The article mentions that others exist, but they have short comings. It was a good, short read.
  • So far no issues for me. Would be nice if it was console powered instead of needing a USB port available but thats the only issue. It uses the console's component output and just does a simple conversion to HDMI which is what the hyperkin one does too. The console has no actual digital video output without hardware modding (which really just uses the component channels as well).
    The only thing you have to be aware of is to set the resolution to 1080i-component and THEN plug the cable in. No big deal really.
  • I was looking at obtaining a cable like this for mine as it's collecting dust on my entertainment center.
  • I wanna know when that wireless wheel is coming