IDC – Windows Phone sees 91% surge for 2013 shipments, now second most popular OS in Brazil

Windows Phone continues its ascent in the global smartphone race, at least according to shipment numbers released by IDC. While the increase in global market share continues for Microsoft’s mobile OS, perhaps the more interesting story is in individual markets.

IDC’s new numbers show that Windows Phone “posted the largest increase for both the quarter (46.7%) and the year (90.9%)” when compared to iOS and Android. That’s down from Q3, where shipments were pegged at 156%, but is line with year-end performance. The take away is that Microsoft has nearly doubled their growth.

Likewise, Nokia’s dominance of the Windows Phone market is confirmed again at that 90% number, which has had multiple corroborations at this point.

IDC estimates that 33.4 million Windows Phones were shipped in 2013, with a tepid 3.3% global market share. Android, by contrast, had 793.6 million phones shipped with the OS on board and a dominating 78.6% market share. The more interesting side story for Android is the increase in forked-Android devices, which is actually not good for Google and the OHA.

#2 in Brazil

Source: IDC Q4 2013

Microsoft is boasting the new IDC numbers themselves, specifically in Brazil. There, Windows Phone has had positive growth for four straight quarters, with a 1.6 percentage points increase compared with the previous quarter, reaching 6% total market share in that country.

With those stats, Windows Phone is now the second most popular OS for Brazil. That reflects an earlier claim by the IDC that, overall, Windows Phone is the second most popular OS in Latin America, mostly due to Mexico.

The success in Brazil also reflects shipments for India, according to the IDC last year and in Vietnam. Windows Phone's long term success is evidently tied to non-US markets, something often overshadowed in the tech press.

Growth, but still being dominated

Source: IDC Q4 2013

However, while Windows Phone OS is growing, there is still no slowdown for iOS and Android. IDC reports the following in terms of their shipments:

“Android and iOS accounted for 95.7% of all smartphone shipments in the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13), and for 93.8% of all smartphone shipments for the year. This marked a 4.5-point increase from the 91.2% share that the two platforms shared in 4Q12, and a 6.1-point increase from the 87.7% share they had in 2012.”

There’s no way to spin that positively. While the overall pie is getting bigger, due to the growth of emerging markets, Android and iOS are still doing very well. However, the IDC does point out that the years of ‘double digit growth’ are starting to peter out as the world trades in flip phones for smart ones.

Source: IDC Q4 2013

Samsung was the strongest performer, accounting for nearly 40% of Android shipments. The iPhone, while having positive growth for quarter (6.7%) and the year (12.9%), has had their lowest recorded instance of said growth. The reason should be familiar: the rise of emerging markets and Apple’s insistence in ignoring it, instead catering to the high end crowd.

BlackBerry is of course on a downward spiral with a loss for the quarter (-77.0%) and for the year (-40.9%), and the terrible realization that the legacy BB7 outpaced BB10 towards the end of 2013.

Overall, the story once again is a familiar one. Windows Phone continues to grow worldwide, but it’s still far behind iOS and Android.

In a previous report, the IDC suggest that Windows Phone could reach 10% market share by 2017.

Source: IDC, Microsoft Brazil (opens in new tab); Thanks, André H. and GuilhermeM., for the Brazil tips

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Keep it up!
  • Can't wait for new exciting hardware from Microsoft. We really need something fresh. Generally the Lumia design code (boxy, heavy, massive bezel, plastic uni body) proved unsuccessful so far. Not to mention lack of any global top end device with 5" screen and carrier's exclusive deals. Also recent announcement about Android phone is confusing.
    What WP is becoming known for is cheap low end phones such as 520. Should we celebrate 4%ish market share? Not me and hope not MS.
    Surely MS can and should do better. It' time to say buy/ thanks Nokia and embrace the future.
  • Keep what up?  Failing?  This report shows that WP is nothing short of a debacle.  WP may be growing, but it's growing more slowly than either Android or iOS.  iOS increased by a paltry 3.2 million units.  But that's still 14% more than the 2.8 million increase in WP units sold.  Android increased sales volume by an astonishing 65 million units.  Forgetting about how much bigger Android is to start with, it's still growing more than 2000% faster than WP.  Right now, the gap between WP and the #1 and #2 OSes is getting bigger, not smaller. MS needs to really do something special.  Given how minor an update Blue looks to be, I'm pretty sure WP is dead meat.  Buying Nokia (and thus scaring off other 3rd parties) isn't going to help much, either, I'm afraid.
  • Your ignorance amazes me. Your math also seems somewhat off as WP growth is nearly 15% against Android (46% vs 40%) and I would think that a 665% growth (46% vs 6%) year over year when compared to iOS is pretty good. Also would like to hear you explain how 3% of the same pie is less than 2.6%.. Overall WP grew 14%, Android grew 12% and iOS went down 14% on the quarter   The numbers are also skewed because of the number for iPhone in their only real strong region which is NAM. In the rest of the world the picture is quite different. couple that with a growing sense of boredom with iOS and it's just a matter of time.  
  • I am glad I amazed you!  It's so delightful to amaze insulting people on the Internet. YoY growth is only one important metric.  Actual growth is another.  WP had infinite growth in its first year, if YoY is the metric.  That means that the rate at which it is growing has plummeted by an amazing infinite percent!!! Obviously, that's not what's actually important in this context.  What needs to be considered with at least as much gravity is the number of devices actually out there.  Right now, all of the top three mobile OSes are growing.  And the #1 OS, which is far and away the market leader and, indeed, approaching monopoly status, is nevertheless still growing faster -- much, much faster -- than WP.  Even the #2 OS, whose market share is falling, is growing faster. This makes your statement that "iOS is hardly growing so each quarter WP inches closer" untrue.  iOS is ahead, and pulling further and further ahead.  The fact remains that when there were zero WPs sold three years ago, iOS' lead in absolute number of phones was smaller than it is today.  The gap -- the linear gap, not the proportional gap -- continues to get wider. And I would note that this has occurred while the functionality gap has likewise continued to get wider, especially with respect to Android.  Android is more better than WP today that it was when WP was first released.  Now, in addition to being astonishingly more capable, it is also fast, fluid, and easy to use, so it has eliminated most of WP's early advantages in that respect.  The App gap is wider, too.  WP had essentially zero apps at launch, and Play had around half a million, a lead of about...half a million.  Now WP has maybe 150,000, but Play has more than a million, a lead of about 850,000. By every metric other than proportional ones, WP is behind and falling further behind.  Proportional measures are interesting, and they count for something, but they probably count less than actual values. As an erstwhile fan of the OS, I have, with regret, accepted this fact.
  • The only region holding iOS numbers up is US. Anywhere else in general they are falling and WP is closing in faster every quarter. Many regions see WP overtaking iOS and on average show WP to be on or about 10% with iOS being well below 20%. Due to sheer numbers Android is beyond reach for anyone else so I'm not even remotely interested in that.   Android requires a very powerful device to produce the results you so easily generalise. The vast majority of lower specced devices are lagging and barely able to do the basic stuff. And I really would not be able to think of anything WP does not have which would make me consider buying a bland and uninspiring phone running an (IMO) overrated applauncer for its OS. iOS is more or less the same way, it is simply not capable of scaling down and maintaining the same UX.   iOS is basically unchanged from the first release. It has been patched up, redressed and made to look pretty but it is still the same thing. It's more or less in the same boat as Symbian was in many ways where not only are the users locked in but iOS itself is unable to truely change and evolve as it would break so many apps it would kill much of the ecosystem in the process. And frankly Symbian is in many way far, far superiour to iOS even today. Come to think of it I believe Apple with iOS today is in many ways in the same trouble Nokia/Symbian was in at the time the first iPhone started to gain traction, they just do not seem to know it yet. I sense the same kind of cockiness coming from Cupertino as we saw from Espoo back then.   WP is growing into an ecosystem where the core and apps are transparent and will be usable across any device within the ecosystem. The scalability is awesome and only getting better. The work that has been done 'under the hood' over the past year will be vital to push it forward in the coming years and I am confident we'll see it surpass iOS within three years if only for the fact the ecosystem will allow it to. The fact that I do not see Apple able to pull a rabbit out of the hat (and they will need one) will obviously be beneficial in his as well.   I''m still not able to see how you can justify gaining marketshare as falling behind. WP is the only ecosystem growing exponentially and then some. iOS is only able to stay standing because of their stronghold in the US and I can see that falling sooner rather than later.  
  • It simply comes down to absolute numbers vs percent increases. Here's simple math for you if you can't understand basic maths.  WP increase by 2.8 million iOS increased bu 3.2 million Android increased by 65 million.  So, what it means is that the gap between Android and WP had widened by another 62 million/Quarter from last year. If you bring percent/ratio into play, it looks more rosy but doesn't portray the actual picture.  Like the best performing phones this year (percent terms) will be things like Jolla/Firefox/Tizen etc., That's beacuse they all will have infinite increase in YOY values. That doesn't take into account the fact how many actual devices will be sold.
  • Well, for me its good to see growth as I'm loving the WP platform. The situation could change in the future, as we have seen with Nokia and Blackberry, and I'm hoping WP continues to grow market share. This is possible in my view as MS and WP have a great eco system. Just my humble opinion.
  • Not necessarily true when speaking of Android' current level of fluidity. Google worked hard on that problem and the results are evident on phones such as the LG dual 2. Really, take a look at that pathetically spec'd phone. Phone arena did a review on it and described it as snappy. It was really pathetic and I wouldn't wish anyone to have something like that but, it was described as snappy. It has worse specs than the 520 
  • Brazil doing it RIGHT! Keep going brazucas! (:
  • Vi essa matéria uns 45 minutos depois de comprar meu Lumia 925. Acabei colaborando com a estatística.
  • Na verdade nao kkk os numeros são do Q3 e Q4 de 2013. (O gráfico esta com a legenda errada). 
  • Ainda bem que os brasileiros estão a contribuir para o wp, fico orgulhoso por partilhar a lingua. Espero que outros países sigam o exemplo do Brasil.
  • Tb! Nao fazia ideia de que tanta gente tinha WP no Brasil. Pelo menos já consegui converter minha mãe e minha amiga para comprarem um 620 e 720, respectivamente.
  • Pq só os brasileiros falam a própria língua quando juntos? Hauahau
    Nunca vi outras pessoas falando francês, ou italiano, etc.
  • Talvez porque sejamos Hue br demais. rsrs
  • Hauaha nois é zica!
  • É porque nós somos BR HUE! =D   Brasil Stronk!
  • Também contribui com o meu Lumia 925. =D
  • Nos*
  • Fantástico!
  • Tenho meu WP (L820) desde o segundo semestre de 2012. Estamos no caminho certo.
  • Props to whoever keeps pushing for apps to be in the Brazil store....
  • Yeah people in Brazil no what phone to get!
  • Thank you ;)
  • Well this is a small victory for them, but a victory nonetheless. If only Windows phone was around in say 2008-2009...I am curious to see how things would look now if they had a slight head start!
  • I bet they would be on top now. If you remember the android os in 2008-2009, it was really crappy but was the only real alternative to Apple. If you were not on AT&T, you pretty much had to buy an android phone. Google has been able to build up it's app ecosystem and improve the OS while MS had to start over.
  • 2017 for 10%.?
    Pretty low, but I'm actually seeing more and more Windows Phones where I live. :D
  • 2013 they were at 3.3%, so that's a huge jump, actually. Don't forget, iOS and Android are not static here, the whole chart is in motion.
  • Oh no. I definetly get the growth, but seeing as how many Windows Phone users were there on this post (, I just assumed I was missing something.But not bad work considering this was in three years in an already crowded marketplace. I honestly do hope only the best for Windows Phone. Cannot wait for an international Lumia device with the Icon's specs. We'll see soon, I take it.?
  • wow, I just checked that fb link and WP response on that thread is really outstanding....go WP
  • The more interesting side story for Android is the increase in forked-Android devices, which is actually not good for Google and the OHA.
    I'm not sure what that means. Could someone explain it? 
  • Read more here:
  • After visiting this link,Nokia normandy makes perfect sense,it is not a "surprise" for MS it is a troian horse,therefore I Think MS will not kill it.
  • It's a version of Android that is not tied to Google. Customized by manufacturer. So no Google Play store. No Google services tied to it. No Google account needed. No Google data mining. So no Google ad dollars automatically tied in. Think Amazon Kindle.
  • Nice that means ur phone is not scroogled
  • I think WP reaches 10% some time in 2015. I mainly believe this because I don't think tech growth necessarily increases at a linear pace. WP will pretty much hang around growing gradually until they hit a certain point where things click. Maybe it will be due to more key apps and games. Maybe more hardware innovation. Maybe OS maturity. Maybe a combination of all these. Something will happen that will trigger an explosive growth. I think it will be a mix of all the above with a key product placement deal. A big movie, like how The Matrix made Nokia's phones explode.
  • My thoughts exactly. But probably just wishful thinking. I've begun seeing a lot of Windows Phones on TV shows lately though. And Surface Pro's too. :D
  • I don't think we will see that in 2015. They would have to triple sales effectively at least and android and iOS would have to stop growing. Growth is sadly not that easy. I think a big issue is not releasing phones in a timely manner. Exclusivity is one thing but there can't be only one phone with an updated handset in different form factors per carrier. Hopefully Microsoft's clout will help see to this, as its one of the biggest blocks to growth imo, at least in the US, which is still a huge market no matter how you look at it.
  • That is the biggest problem by far. Its the same in Canada. Each carrier has 100 Android phones, 5 iPhones and a single windows phone. Pathetic. No wonder people don't know they exist.
  • then I wonder how a brazilian carrier sales point looks like....?
  • I love WP, but I would bet your entire life savings that WP does not reach 10% global market share by end of 2015.
  • Funny, because when the Lumia 800 took off IDC was predicting Windows Phone would overtake iPhone in 2015 ...
  • How convenient that you're willing to bet MY entire life savings! haha
  • Most of people who i know, still dont know what a "Windows Phone" is... and i saw only a tiny number of WP users, something like 5, in 2013 :( oh, brazilian here
  • Yup, in Canada too. Just last night while having wings with some buddies, one of the guys said "what kind of phone is that?" (Yellow Lumia 1020). He was interested in the phone which is good but sad that he'd never seen one before.
  • I teach in a high school of 2,000 US students. I've only seen 2 Windows Phones this year. To be fair, I haven't seen all 2,000 students' phones, but as a phone geek, I do ID the phones that I see, and I've seen a lot.  Most are iPhones (hugely trendy in the teen age group), and the rest are various Androids, typyically Galaxies.
  • That's the same in New Zealand, which has a population of only 4-4.5m. And yet we have 15% WP market share. I've only seen them on the street a couple of times ever, and a couple of friends have them, but even with a market share that high in a very concentrated population it can still seem like it's not taking off.
  • That`s because people in Brazil buy Nokia phones that happen to have Windows Phone as its OS.
    Nokia has a name here. But still they neglect their costumers with delays in relases of hardware and software, and virtually no accessory availability.
  • As long as we keep Android out of this mix. These Android / Microsoft discussions are wrong and the death for Windows developers. I'm one and if it's true, I'm not happy.
  • Microsoft would have to be smoking some pretty potent stuff to go for that. It's so ridiculous.
  • Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the first time.
  • Here in Brazil I see Lumias 520 every single day in my way to work! =) For me these numbers will be diferent in 2 or 3 years... the WP8.1 its a huge update for WP and brings a lot of improvements to the OS, wich probably will atract users for the plataform. And its always the same old thing, guys... the way to increase the numbers is just one: more and more quality apps and other DIFERENT stuffs. Microsoft HAVE TO bring different things to the system and not imitate Google or Apple.     Sorry for my bad english! ;)
  • I agree dude... They have to advertise something different and mind blowing.. But its a trend dude, all no.1 always go down..
    Nokia,blackberry, they used to sit like a king now apple is going to the same route... Samsung took a long time before they achieve what they have right now.. Nokia is gonna come back..
  • Oh yes, its true... Just for information: Here in Brazil the Lumia 1020 is appearing in famous soap operas!  :)
  • Tanto em novelas famosas, como com atrizes famosas (vide a Carolina Dieckmann). ;)
  • The 520 is the bread and butter of WP, its a great little phone!
  • Up up up up up n away
  • Actually, this is happening here in Brazil thanks to a nice strategy of Nokia, who's trying to aim specially low-end cellphones. Lumia 520 have a great cost-benefit in it's price band (frequently with offers around U$140). I bought my Lumia 720 for U$215, wich is a great price here - specially if you consider that here you can't get an iPhone 5C for less than U$710. And i assume that WP would had been a bigger growth in Brazil if Motorola didn't launch it's Moto G here before holydays.
  • Not sure how this is possible, considering the fact that Nokia reported a lousy last quarter with Lumia sales considerably down?!
  • Lumia sales were down a smallish 7% when comparing 2013Q3 to 2013Q4.  But YoY and 2013Q4 v 2012Q4 they are considerably up.  
  • Yes!! 2014: the year of the Windows Phone. ;)
  • Proud to be half Brazilian
  • That's great :)
    But how do they measure this?
    I've tried several statistics tools (6 of them) set up on a website, and mostly my Lumia 1020 shows up like Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista with IE 6-8...
    Just sometimes as the Windows Phone it really is.
    Setting browser to desktop view makes it not to show up as Windows Phone at all...
    Here in Norway owners of websites/companies claims Windows Phone are so small, due to the statistics, that they don't bother making apps :(
    And another thing they base the number of Windows Phones' is how many downloads the Ruter app has, an app only useful in Oslo. Wish everyone here would download that one ;)
  • You can still detect it's a phone when in Desktop mode (the user agent has 'WPDesktop' at the end which the actual desktop doesn't have. But whether these counters actually use it is another matter. These particular figures are actually going by sales, not overall market share. So they won't be using statistics like browsers. However other ways of detecting overall market share is the ad networks; there is one that's featured on this ste quite often. It's still not 100% accurate -- it doesn't count the users who loathe apps with ads, which I suspect could be a lot of WP users -- but it's generally a good cross-section.
  • Just wish those counters will become more accurate so that the excuse of "not enough traffic by Windows phone" will vaporize...
  • Real conclusion is Android growing more than the total market, iOS marketshare down big time and Windows Phone grows about the same rate as the total market.
  • Brasil we are counting on you, we want everyone going to see the world cup to be amazed by these new devices :D Lumias that is :P
  • I know three people with a wp here in Holland, sadly two of those three absolutely hate it and will be switching sooner or later, other than those three people I have NEVER seen a wp over here.
    It makes me really sad because I don't want ms to start ignoring my country because there isn't much growth :(
    (not to mention Holland is really small)
  • To me, there's only just the lack of manufacturer interest to blame for. Even Nokia! and MS seems not to care.
    Finally WP supports quad-cores and in 4 months time we only get ONE (1520) quad-core smartphone??? Oh come on...
    I don't really care about speed, to me a 920 is fast enough but most people feels they are buying a budget phone when there are plenty of quad-core phones out there... Considering MS could have warned his partners at least 6 months ago, It's a shame to see almost half a year of real growth getting wasted... I hope 2014 is the year everything changes, although...
  • The only gripe I have with WP8 is the glacial development. If MS doesn't get 8.1 out of the door before June, growth is going to suffer big time.
  • Agree, theres just no excuse for it. The features in WP 8.1 shouldve been in WP7 - MS has no one to blame but itself for that failure.
  • Have you seen the leaked changelog? that's no picnic, it takes time...
  • So speed things up by bypassing carrier approval.
  • Oh yeah baby❕❕❕❕❕❕
  • That is just one more reason to bring games to the forth biggest mobile phone market in the world... :)
  • BlackBerry?
  • Obviously there's a ways to go, especially in key markets like the US and China, but its good to see WP is headed in the right direction. 10% market share is an important threshold, and as more markets hit that, growth will continue but at a faster clip. The changes 8.1 will be bringing will help quit a bit.
  • I wonder how long will Apple shareholders allow the company to ignore "emerging" markets.
    WP growth in places like Brasil and India are more due to the fact that most people can't afford Apple devices. The day Apple stops being snobbish, things might get ugly for WP and even for Android at a certain level.
    So Microsoft should push harder in those poorer countries now before either people get the money or Apple shifts strategy. That way they secure those people and they'll be less tempted to switch to Apple. That said, WP might keep growing but will not reach the 10% barrier anytime soon. Unless something makes Android and iOS disappear.
  • Apple doesn't have a reason to care about cheap phones. They make a lot of money per phone. With the cheaper phones, the amount of profit per handset can be pretty small. Apple also likes the reputation of being a premium device. They lose some of that if they focus on emerging markets. They'll be fine even if they lose market share because they make so much in profit.
  • "Apple doesn't have a reason to care about cheap phones. They make a lot of money per phone. With the cheaper phones, the amount of profit per handset can be pretty small."   Just so you know, this is the exact attitude which brought a once dominant phone maker to the brink of extinction..
  • The day Apple stop being snobbish is the day they are no longer Apple.
  • What we need now is WP 8.1 and growth will kick start at a more reasonable rate. Most of my friends do have all they need in terms of apps on this platform in Africa, save BBM. They only want things to run smoothly with notification center and better battery life to jump ship. Nokia support here is great but it takes forever for Nokia to make them available as they are released. I personally don't like it when Lumia 1020 just became available about the time it's becoming "old school" in other continents cos of the Lumia 1520 and 1320 devices.
  • Thats because they didnt count my 1020 and 1520 that I bought in US LOL, otherwise it would be bigger !!!      
  • Graphics says Q42014 - Thats impossible! haha
  • I would like to try WP, but they are still missing too many features and apps for me.  I won't detail my specific reasons, but I think a lot of people are in my boat.  It takes more than a slick OS to succeed in this market.  Could I live with the shortcomings?  I suppose so.  I do like the 928 and Icon quite a lot.  But as a whole the WP package isn't compelling enough for me to bother.  Microsoft has continually dropped the ball with adding features and functionality, and I see no reason to expect them to improve anytime soon. Oh well, Android it is, again.  I'll see what they manage to do by 2016 I guess.
  • What kind of apps/features?
  • Not naming any missing features strikes me as being a little trollish.
  • No, naming the specifics of what I don't like and then arguing about those specifics and their value would be trolling.  Or calling someone a troll without adding anything constructive.  Look, it doesn't work for me right now, OK?  If it does for you, that's great, I'm here because I still have interest in WP, not to rain on anybody's parade.  But there is little arguing that Microsoft has been very slow in adding features that Android and iOS users have been taking for granted for some time now.  And the smaller app store and closed ecosystem doesn't help.   That is my opinion on why WP continues to struggle to gain market share.  If you have other ideas on why they are struggling to gain a meaningful market share that don't involve some sort of OEM or carrier conspiracy, by all means, share them.   
  • Numbers would look quite different when you take out the US. It's the only stronghold (left) for iOS and also these numbers are probably skewed as they include other iOS devices like iPod and iPad.. (and possibly the same for Android).   So as far as phones go I am pretty sure the number are very much different.
  • I am seeing more Windows 8 phones in Ontario. Yay!
  • Good thing nokia/windows phone did was perfecting the camera from word go now they just worried about apps and the ease of the software, Samsung are playing catch up of the 1020 camera technology
  • They should advertise the shit out of this at the world cup
  • The truth is that these numbers reflects photography niche market, geeks, parents and grandparents seeking for a phone, not a smartphone but can't find any these days. Overall people in Brazil DON'T KNOW what WP is, and when they do is usualy cuz a friend has and they know what it is just to mock him around. WP is a joke here, and these numbers, if true, says nothing about its real popularity. I just see iphones everywhere among richer people and low-end Androids among lower income people.
  • Or maybe you are completely wrong. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • "Posted via the WPC App for Android!" looks so wrong here.
  • Tell Verizon to hurry up and release the icon then :-) I'm stuck with my note 3 until then. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I'm Brazilian and I can say that you must live in a f* bubble of mental disorder. On the best, you're a troll.
  • with windows phone 8.1 OS tends to improve and grow and grow ... The data are real where I walk here in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil observe people using windows phone on the bus, shopping, bars, beach, novels, shows, my neighbor and even my sister bought one these days .. kkkk ... 620
  • See ? No need Android or Google in Nokia !! Only with WP Nokia is win market share!!
  • Am starting to see people with windows phones around my co worker has a lumia 920 and many others have the lumia 520
  • Cool :-)
  • There are 4 of us in my apartment at school and Windows Phones outnumber the iPhone 3 to 1 :P
  • Br?
  • Yes sir BR :-)
  • HUE! =D   Gibe Windows Phone plox! ;)
  • WP has already reached enough on the Apps count just continue growing it. We need to have more OEMs to make devices with WP OSs specially in the low end side. When ordinary people learned to use WP, they are the one who will upgrade in the future to the higher end devices of WP, then that is the start of WP getting bigger chunk in the overall market. Get LG and Motorola, HTC, Huawei, and even Samsung to produce WP devices. Give them special rate on licenses and a little freedom on customization without compromising the WP's security features. When these happens, 10% is very low target for 2017.
  • Yeah ! We can see daily in the streets of Brazil that WP is getting bigger everyday. Customers in Brazil always loved Nokia and Iphone is losing ground mostly due to its high prices and small screens. Of course, brazilian love Lumia's colourful ways.
  • Sorry, but here in Brazil Lumia is anything but colourful. Nokia neglects the market here, only black and white Lumias, no accessories whatsoever and delays (I have a friend waiting for the 1520 to be released here). I had to wait and pay more just because I wanted a yellow 1020, and that's the only non-B&W Lumia I have ever seen.
  • proud to be part :) go wp
  • Good to see WP doing good outside of the US, maybe the platform can stay viable. I default an Android guy...but I've been happily on WP for well over a year now.
  • Honestly, among my 8+ closer friends I'm the only one sporting a WP phone. Oh, my friend's dad also has one. :P I'm brazilian btw. But I can see how WP can have a relatively good selling point here... iPhones are extremely expensive due to import taxes and "luxury taxes". It's basically a luxury item here, as much as a Prada bag or jewelry or something. Just for basis of comparison - an iPhone 5S 16Gb, that same one that on the US store is going for 200 bucks, in the brazilian Apple store it's sold at 2800 reais, which is about 1172 usds. Yes, it is this expensive. And then, providers usually either have older models, or charge almost the full price for them (same price as the brazilian app store), or will only sell them attached to very expensive data plans... one provider, for instance, has it the low low price of 1800 reais (753 usds) but you have to get it with a data plan that will cost you 290 reais (121 usds) monthly. Another one I looked still didn't have 5S, and the other had it at full price. So, there are tons of people with iPhones in Brazil that will never show up in statistics simply because they got it in the grey market (read contraband iPhones), or they got it during trips to other countries. It's a commong occurance. Of course, people could get WP and Android phones in the same way, so there's no telling on how the true statistics of phone ownership really is in Brazil. But iPhones being as popular as they are, I'd guess that the official statistics can be quite deceiving. One thing I know to be true for Brazil is that several providers are getting WP phones, the cheaper models, and selling them or even giving them for users of the more expensive data plans. On physical stores, I always see at least a couple of models of WP phones on display. Android and Apple still dominates the displays, but they are there. I've yet to see a Lumia 1020 on display though. They sell it in the official brazilian Nokia website (which is where I got mine), but I've never seen it on display anywhere.
  • Exactly. The main issues for the Brazilian Market (im a Brazilian too) are the taxes, causes by the extremely strong corruption and protectionism that extort many of the companies fighting for our Market. Iphones are a status gadget here, purely in luxury. Our Market is far from being a comparision meter to world Sales.
  • Here in Brazil, windows phones are being displayed in a lot of outdoors, also in tv commercials, soup opera and movies. WP is really growing up here.
  • This is making me think more and more that Windows Phone is never going to be the biggest player, maybe not even the second, as Microsoft (and Google) gotta be aware and cautious of the marketing Monster called TIZEN, close to the walls and ready to attack... We gotta be realist, as much as we like the OS... And as already said, it will be difficult to the Nokia buyout change anything... Apple can be overtaken, but thats not enough for a victory in this War...
  • I kinda like how wp is. you know they're trying so hard to catch up and thats a good thing, that way we can see improvements faster more updates fixes. And slowly i think mayor developers will create for this platform given if ms makes it easy for them to create.
  • For an instance, I thought IDC meant "I don't care."
  • I'm so glad people are turning their eyes to WP now. I had my mum buy a 620 and my friend a 520, which got lost, but now she's buying a 720 to replace it - she digs WP thanks to me. I have yet to see more WP on the streets where I live, though...
    Things are getting better, nonetheless.
  • Hang in there WP, it'll take some time, but people will eventually realize the WP is the best on the market. If developers get on board, it's lights out for everyone else, just keep working on them. We need Clash of Clans, lol.
  • in argentina I have only seen 2 other lumias, the problem is people here like to follow US trends, meaning the iPhone is a favorite and second is Samsung galaxy. Of course the iPhone sales are lowered because of the price. I've also seen a few motorolas. However A LOT of people still have their old blackberries. I wonder, what will they migrate to? Seeing as holders here have mostly Samsung, they'll probably go that way. Unless they throw a huge ad campaign like the one last year, when the entire city was full of Lumia 620 and then 920 ads.
  • OEMs is the only key to success. because OEMs can deliver most cheapest windows phone. Now You can buy Cheapest Android tablets and phones with dual core and 8GB of phone memory in just $20 to $25 dollar outside US mostly Asians and European countries. Sorry for my bad English..
  • I'm not liking that decrease. But anything is good.
  • Im hoping the brazil sucess will happen here in indonesia :)
  • That would be great
  • Yeah, I'm brazilian and I'm really happy whit this. But still, the most part of the people here just know Android and iOS... Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Microsoft will rise from the ashes in 2014 like a Phoenix! Half the kids in my school got Win RT Tablets from christmas with gaming and office 2013   skype rules!
  • It's good to see the growth in Windows. Hopefully we will see the growth of Windows Phone be close to another 100% over the next year. I think Windows Phone can easily get up to averaging twice what it is now. Windows Phone will be fine. Once 8.1 comes out and more apps continue to come out, the really won't be may reasons for people to say WP can't match up to the other platforms.  Much of this is on Microsoft. I still think they need another no-contract phone other than the 520 variants. Google has a lot of cheap phones you can get on just about every carrier. They need a no contract phone in the 150-199 range. Also, they need to market it even more and make sure more Windows Phone are seen in the hands of people who are popular in pop culture. Finally, there doesn't need to be a carrier out there who doesn't have a couple Windows Phones in the inventory(another reason for more than one no-contract phone). I don't care if it's rinky dink wireless. All these low-cost carriers and re-sellers like Boost, Virgin, Cricket, C-Spire, and the governement assistance have nothing but Android phones. They're like liquor stores. You can't turn a corner without seeing a place with an Android sign out front. Windows Phone needs to be a player there. 
  • I think Ms is doing a good job at being different from the others smartphones. Yes they have a little catch up to do in terms of features here and there, but mostly I love the new OS for its coolness and the way it works. I thinkn we should keep on being active on the forums, because Ms is listening to the suggestions we make. Let them make the best Microsoft phones this year, with WP 8.1, and let's continue to use them. Poeple are curious when they see nice and different things. I prefer being an original than follow the herd!
  • Lo Curioso es ver como es que en America Latina es la que realmente esta impulsando Windows Phone junto con la India. y sin embargo es en America Latina donde mas se tardan en llegar los nuevos dispositivos (Aunque esto es en General para Todo)... Sin embargo en este ultimo año yo vi aca en mi Pais ( Guatemala ) un crecimiento muy bueno, de 20 amigos ya van 5 o 6 que se han cambiado a WP8, no solo por lo facil, sino por lo varato y por las App de las Camaras esto es bueno. Me alegra ver como ni Lumia 920 practicamente se burla en TODO a un S3 incluso en algunas y muchas cosas en el S4 y otros dispositivos android (aunque en Guatemala aun es muy Usada la Blackberry).   Vamos para Adelante WP8, NO me Arrepiento de haberte Escogido.
  • Awesome news. Posted via the WPC App for Android!