PC market shows first growth in 5 years, IDC reports

According to the latest report from analysts at IDC, the PC market saw an uptick in the first quarter of 2017, showing its first signs of growth in five years with a modest 0.6 percent increase in year-over-year shipments.

2016 marked the fifth straight year of declining PC shipments worldwide

According to the latest numbers from Gartner and IDC, PC shipments were down for the fifth consecutive year in 2016.

Smartphones are dead, part IV: The numbers speak for themselves

Smartphones have evolved into mini PCs. As Microsoft moves in the direction of an all-in-one PC, Apple and Google have remained publicly focused on a traditional smartphone model. The numbers are in. The space is evolving and smartphones are dead.

Microsoft's Windows Phone may not be popular, but it is persistent even in 2015

Windows Phone may be struggling, but despite the lack of flagships and the app-gap, it holds on despite the odds.The latest numbers from AdDuplex and IDC show that budget phones like the Lumia 640 are keeping Redmond in the mobile game even in 2015.

Is it time for a reclassification of what a 'PC' really is?

We reexamine what should and should not be called a "PC."

This week, the research firms Gartner and IDC revealed their estimates for PC shipment number for the fourth quarter of 2014. The two companies disagreed on their overall numbers. Gartner claimed that PC shipments grew by 1% year-to-year in the last quarter. However, IDC said that shipments went down 2.3% during the fourth quarter.

What got our attention, however, was how each firm defined what a 'PC' is. Both Gartner and IDC said that desktops and notebooks running on Windows and Mac are considered PCs. However, they differ when it comes to other form factors and even operating systems.

Gartner reports PC shipments went up in Q4 2014, but IDC says otherwise

Both the Gartner and IDC research firms have submitted their PC shipment numbers for the fourth quarter of 2014, but this time they appear to be in a disagreement. Gartner says that worldwide shipments of PCs went up by 1% during the final quarter of 2014, while IDC counters that with a 2.4% decline.

PC shipments decline slightly in Q3 2014 as industry may be recovering

Research firms IDC and Gartner reported this week that worldwide PC shipments declined again but this time the drop was lower than expect, in a possible sign that the PC hardware industry could be recovering.

IDC claims Windows Phone's worldwide market share drops to 2.5 percent

Research firm IDC has posted its quarterly report on the worldwide smartphone market, and according to its numbers, the share of phones that used Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system went down from 3.4 percent in the second quarter of 2013 to just 2.5 percent in the same time period of 2014.

IDC predicts Windows Phone will grow market share to 6.4 percent by 2018

Research firm IDC loves numbers, especially when it comes to smartphone marketshare and shipments. Today we've got some numbers from the IDC that paint a forecast for the future of Windows Phone. Growth is in the cards for Windows Phone, while the future of BlackBerry is dicey.

IDC – Windows Phone sees 91% surge for 2013 shipments, now second most popular OS in Brazil

Windows Phone continues its ascent in the global smartphone race, at least according to shipment numbers released by IDC. While the increase in global market share continues for Microsoft’s mobile OS, perhaps the more interesting story is in individual markets.

IDC’s new numbers show that Windows Phone “posted the largest increase for both the quarter (46.7%) and the year (90.9%)” when compared to iOS and Android. That’s down from Q3, where shipments were pegged at 156%, but is line with year-end performance. The take away is that Microsoft has nearly doubled their growth.

Likewise, Nokia’s dominance of the Windows Phone market is confirmed again at that 90% number, which has had multiple corroborations at this point.

Nokia’s market share in India grows to 5% in Q3 2013; positive signs for further growth

As the India smartphone market overall grew by 229% year over year (YoY) in the third quarter of 2013, Nokia's Lumia range of devices continued to show a growth trajectory and garnered close to 5% market share. In the mobile phone market in India, Nokia is on the second spot, close on the heels of market leader – Samsung. This latest data coincides with the continued strong growth in India for Windows Phone.

Gartner also picks Windows Phone as the winner of last quarter

The last few months have been pretty good for the Windows Phone ecosystem. There have been some great devices announced by Nokia and other OEMs, more and more popular apps coming to the Windows Phone Store, and more than one research agency testifying the growth.

A couple of days back, we posted about the latest IDC report which pegged the year-over-year growth of Windows Phone for the third quarter of 2013 to 156%.

IDC: Windows Phone experiences 156% jump in handsets shipped for Q3 2013

Windows Phone moved 9.3 million handsets in the third quarter of 2013, according to a report from the IDC. That’s an increase of 156% for the same period year-over-year. Nokia was responsbile for 93.2% of those shipped. 

The current status of Windows Phone’s market share is always interesting. We’ve never really received solid numbers from Microsoft, instead we rely on third-party data from market researchers and analysts. We’ve seen some recent data from comScore, Kantar, and Strategy Analytics. Now we’re getting some new data from IDC. The big takeaway? Windows Phone saw shipments grow 156% year-over-year for the third quarter. Details below.

Windows Phone maintains second position in India for third consecutive quarter

According to the IDC, Microsoft is still doing well in one of the largest and most important emerging markets, India. Latest figures have Windows Phone at a 5.4% market share, giving Microsoft’s mobile OS a ranking of second most popular OS in that country, ahead of the iPhone and BlackBerry.

This will be the third-consecutive quarter that Windows Phone has held that position in India, meaning this is not a variance.

IDC: Bright future for Windows Phone with 10 percent of the global smartphone market by 2017

The latest predictions from the analysts at IDC see steady growth for Windows Phone, picking up 10% of the global market share by 2017

Windows Phone is on the up, even if not everyone agrees. Microsoft and Nokia have been working hard to build market share in multiple markets, including the all-important US. Recent data collected by Kantar Worldpanel claims increasing sales for Windows Phone, especially in emerging markets like Mexico. But the bigger picture of market share is a different story since numbers are relative.

IDC has released its predictions for how it sees the smartphone market to be shaped in 2017, putting Windows Phone comfortably in third and closing the gap on Apple's iOS.

IDC shows fiery Windows Phone growth in Vietnam, looking to challenge Android with a 119% YoY increase

IDC has released data showing an increase in smartphone shipments in Q2 2013 in Vietnam. 32.7 percent of total mobile phone shipments were smartphones, up from just 14.7 percent in Q2 2012. The good news here for Windows Phone is not only are we looking at a larger market for OEMs to take advantage of, but the platform has increased its share of the smartphone market in the region by a fair amount.

IDC: Windows Phone is the second most popular mobile platform in Latin America

Depending on who you ask, Windows Phone claims anywhere from 3 to 6% of the global smartphone market. Of course it can vary from region to region. We also know that devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 are helping fuel growth in emerging markets. Which is why it’s not too surprising to find out that Windows Phone is now the number two most popular operating system in Latin America.

Shipments of Windows Phone up 77% for the year; solidifies global third-ranking

Some good news today for Windows Phone as the latest numbers, based on device shipments from earlier this year, have revealed a steady increase for the third place operating system.

According to the IDC’s latest numbers, Windows Phone has seen a surge of 77% year over year for device shipments (8.7M in 2013 versus 4.9M for 2012). With those numbers, Windows Phone has increased from 3.1% market share to a modest 3.7%. While iOS and Android still dominate with 13.2% and 79.3% market share respectively, Windows Phone maintains the largest year over year increase.

This is the second report from the IDC this year that has shown strong YoY growth for Windows Phone and the second report from the IDC to claim its third place ranking, globally. However, while that 77% year over year change is impressive, it is down from the 150% year over year growth measuring back in February. Some of that though can probably be attributed to a downswing in general sales of technology as the global economy continues to stagnate.

IDC report shows 13.9% decline in PC shipments, but doesn’t show an accurate outlook

There’s a report going around the web from the IDC about PC shipments from the first quarter of 2013. The overall outlook is rather gloomy – PC shipments were down 13.9% from the same period a year ago. A bit worse than the forecast of a negative 7.7% decline. What’s this mean for Windows 8 and the PC market going forward?

Which countries is Windows Phone outselling the iPhone?

The other day the web went a little wild over news that Windows Phone was outselling iPhones in seven countries. Crazy right? Whether or not the iPhone is king in terms of marketshare is irrelevant, it’s the bar that any OEM or OS wants to beat. So where did Windows Phone beat out the iPhone?