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Microsoft's Windows Phone may not be popular, but it is persistent even in 2015

Microsoft's summer of 2015 is nothing too exciting considering the software company is "in between" OS releases and trying just to maintain their sliver of the mobile market. Still, if there is one bit of silver lining, it is that their Lumia 640 appears to be filling in the gaps until later this fall.

The latest numbers from AdDuplex reflect a 2.4 percent increase in the Lumia 640's U.S. Windows Phone market share over last month. In the States, this brings the Lumia 640 to a surprising 11.2 percent of all active Windows Phones. Considering that IDC's latest numbers show that Microsoft is still hanging on to their low 2.6 percent in the overall smartphone market (including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry), it is safe to say the Lumia 640 is the phone is responsible for that.

I am, perhaps, taking a rosy view of the market here. With Windows Phones hovering just below 3 percent of the smartphone pie, it is hard to see any good news. However, when you take into account all the negative press, the app-gap controversy and the lack of any substantial flagship story for well over a year now, it is rather remarkable that the bottom has not yet fallen out for Microsoft.

What to expect from Microsoft's Windows 10 devices event in NYC

As a counterpoint, take a look at BlackBerry. The struggling smartphone OS and phone maker has dropped every single quarter from 4.9 percent in Q2 2012 to just a dismal 0.3 percent in Q2 2015. In the same timeframe, Microsoft has changed from 3.1 percent to 2.6, a number that is almost unchanging when you take into account margins of error.

While Windows Phone cannot be described as popular I think resilient is an appropriate term.

The good news is devices like the Lumia 640, and Lumia 640 XL are keeping Microsoft afloat. This extension may be just long enough for them to get their Windows 10 Mobile OS to market with two high-profile devices – the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. How Microsoft proceeds from November on is surely going to be very interesting.

Canada likes the Lumia 830

The September report from AdDuplex also mentions intra-Windows Phones market share for Canada. These numbers are the first look at Canada's Windows Phone story in ten months and with it comes some interesting bits.

The Lumia 830 is up 8.9 percent to account for 12.4 percent of all Windows Phones there. Likewise, the Lumia 635 – also a popular budget phone – is up 7.3 percent making up a sizable 17.7 percent of all Canadian Windows Phones. These increases, of course, come at the expense of their higher-end phones like the Lumia 1020, Lumia 920 and Samsung's ATIV S.

Microsoft's Windows Phone story in Canada has always been a tough sell. Like the U.S., many consumers are reliant upon carriers supplying the devices and in the regard, Microsoft has struggled for significant pickup. How that all changes with Windows 10 Mobile and the new Lumia flagships remain to be seen.

Conversely, it is expected that Microsoft will be in a better position to direct-sell to customers their new hardware, which should have universal LTE radios for all users.

About AdDuplex

The numbers from AdDuplex are collected through their in-app advertising that is prevalent in over 5,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store. That data serve as an important metric within the Windows Phone ecosystem. The full AdDuplex report for September will be posted tomorrow, September 25 on

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • What includes 'Other'... Symbian? Fire? what else?
  • "Other" OSs? Yeah. Symbian, Fire, MeeGo, Ubuntu, Tizen, Sailfish, Nokia X platform etc. The only thing I'm not sure is if Cyanogen is counted as part of Android or part of "Others".
  • Cyanogen is counted in Android coz it is an Android OS. Also reports claims that Cyanogen has already more users than Windows and Blackberry combined.
  • .....and report is wrong because Cyanogen has about 50 million users while windows phone has more than 80 million users. Last five quarters alone Microsoft has sold about 42.5 million windows phone device
  • But someone could flash Cyanogen on any Android with an unlocked bootloader. The phone wouldn't have to be sold running Cyanogen. Also, how many of those Windows Phones are still in use and not in a drawer? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Most are still in use look at adduplex as they sample phones in use... look at all the ?20 phones still in the top ten and they are 2 years old.  
  • Looking at the table data, it looks like Android has no competition. It's MSFT's ego to drain money in windows 10 for mobile. 
  • Those 80% Android phones are paying Microsoft money to exist ... So I doubt it hurts Microsoft too much.
  • exactly ... when android is paying ... why burn the cash by keeping windows 10 for mobile running. just get the cash and enjoy
  • It's not ego, it's necessity. They need devices in all categories for their strategy to work. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Three screens are still important for Microsoft and will continue to be until the hedge fund guys find a way to take over. Then its bye bye to WP and Xbox.
  • Windows Phone Yeah Xbox Nah.
  • @ASPDEV For universal apps and the continuum.  It's like Android is funding window phone. No harm in that.
  • The money that Microsoft makes off of Android patents has no relevance to Windows Phones success or profits.
  • Can you explain... I'm missing something. Why does android pay Microsoft money?
  • In every Android phone, MS takes 1$ as a MS patents profit
  • When i got my Lumia 920 end of 2012, i remember reading here that WP will be more 10% of the market in couple of years. Now we are talking about how "resilient" it's been. I'm pretty sure Microsoft did the same miscalculation.
  • Thanks bro! I didn't know that there are these many mobile OSs exists!!! 
  • Nokia X was just a really heavy Android skin, wasn't it?
  • Yes. It is Android and included in Android Not another operating system
  • webOS! :D
  • Blackberry is often lumped in as other these days.
  • Any link for India?
  • There's more to the world than just India. Shorter answer: no change.
  • Yeah I know that...but seeing this data, L730 was popular when I have data last time. Thanks anyway. I will find it.
  • Please post the link when you find it. It would be good to see numbers in India. I hear and also noticed that quite good number of people use windows phone. It would good to see what's India's contiribution to the whole world!
  • And in italy Too...altough it was because of the nokia brand. Microsoft means nothing to the same very old lol lady that got a Nokia smartphone (wp7/8) and now needs to buy a new one and can't find a new Nokia. She will end on a samsung lagdroid because that is some brand she heard of, or better an iPhone....
  • That's a dangerous thing to say on this website.
  • Why Daniel why ? He just asked a question and surely is not a troller. Certainly someone is frustrated here 
  • He's clearly just being sarcastic about the fact that everyone here complains about the US-only contests and articles by saying "there's more to the world than just the US". I complained about that once, so to Daniel: I see what you did there LOL
  • Here is the India in his last report, I just wanted to know how India is helping wp's growth!
  • Soon you will find out.
    How India can change the fate of MS :)
  • I doubt that selling a bunch of 535's can change the fate of MS.
  • You wouldn't be saying that if a "bunch" was actually 80 million. Or even half that. Or even a quarter of that.
  • Keep dreaming... or smoking... or whatever it is you do over there.
  • I don't know why you become so much angry! I was just curious to know that what India is doing here when it comes to windows phones, and I also remember that last time you posted data about windows phones market shares, India's report was there. Canada was not in contest that time. So be cool Daniel.
  • Seems like he's having a relapse.
  • on a separate note... the IDC show the QoQ drops for others APPL 20% MS 4% but thats leading up to new releases for both and IDC are reporting "sales" in the market.
  • If you go to the slideshow, there is one there...check their site. =[
  • Bottom of the article is the info you are looking for.
  • Persistence pays!
  • Agree!
  • Steve jobs was persistent so he could position himself for the next big thing
  • Im curious about Brazil
  • It is a nice country, you should visit some time! ;-P On a serious note, it is, according to Kantar, at about 5.9% - at least its higher than iOS.
  • I like Brazil nuts especially when covered in chocolate.
  • If 950 and 950 will be as ugly as their renders I doubt wp will grow
  • You need to let this go.
  • Perhaps if you focussed on other areas of the world, then the news wouldn't have to be so gloomy.
    European market share is much better...and we also aren't constrained by the poor support that US mobile carriers demonstrate
  • Well companies don't make money off of market share. They make money from actual units sold. Microsoft more Windows phone/Mobile devices in the US, than any other country. Posted from this here device.
  • I agree Daniel, it must be tiring always hearing the people you write amazing articles for incessantly complain about a render that was never supposed to be awe-inspiring. Keep up the quality work, some of us appreciate it!
  • Agreed. On that note, have you seen the leaks for the upcoming Google Nexus 5x? I'm curious to see how the press feels about the design, as it looks quite similar to the Lumia 950.
  • Surprisingly the Nexus 5x does indeed look similar to the Lumia 950. Only difference is that it will be praised while everyone bashes the Lumia 950.
  • Beat me to it haha
  • No one has ever thought the Nexus phones looked high end. They were always budget flagships. I don't see that changing with this new line up.  Looking like a Nexus or having a Nexus look like your flagship is nothing to brag about.
  • Except for the whole fact that the Nexus line tends to run better since they are usually running base Android. And also are generally praised by the media. Not to mention that they are considered by Google to be the flagship Android device, but nah nevermind all of that.  
  • It won't stop until we see them. And maybe even after :( ugh.
  • Microsoft could make a phone with lasers and people would complain.
  • Lol
  • I believe in You SIR
  • Yes renders and leaks are not always true. Have patience!
  • I don't think the look of the phones is going to be the primary determinant of WP growth.
  • Beg to differ. Sadly, this seems to be the #1 criteria these days.
  • Put a pretty cover on it. Look at the front of the phone, not the back. When you are with other peopole, look at them and talk to them. Even they will not be looking at the back of your phone.
  • I rather have a phone (950XL) that has newest biometric technology (retina scanner), supports Continuum, has USB-Type C on a fast OS, supports Pureview camera tech, and supports a Surface Pro 3 Pen. Than a iPhone 6S or an iPhone 6S +, here is why: 1) Your iPhone is using tech from Nokia, which Microsoft purchased for $7 billion. These workers which joined Apple betrayed and have very poor professional ethic, they should have kept working for Microsoft 2) Your iPhone does not support a Pen, your Apple Pencil is only supported on a iPad pro which is a copy of Surface Pro 3. Call me when the Pen is supported on Apple iPhone, I doubt it will be in less than 1 year. 3) Your iPhone does not support Continuum, all it has is Apple Air Play, a limited tech which does not mirror all your phone, only selected apps. Microsoft is going to show specially with the 950XL why it is the best phone in the market, even better than a Galaxy Note 5, which will show that build materials and design are not as important as the device itself.
  • LOL + dreamer
  • 2) And Lumia has a Pen/Pencil?
  • Lumia 950 won't, but 950XL will support a Pen.
  • Willing to bet (and certainly hope so) seeing as MS bought ntrig for this exact reason.
  • Hahaha this made my day. 1) Apple is probably paying these people more to work for them. You would take more money if you were in that situation too. People should NEVER stay loyal to a company. The moment they are in trouble, they kick you to the curve. 2) No Microsoft phones support stylus input either. 3) All those features are for techy people. The regular Joe doesn't care about that. You don't gain market share by selling to techy people. 4) The regular Joe does not buy a phone solely based on features. They primarily buy it based on looks.  It's OK to like Microsoft. I like them too. But there is no reason to set the bar low. After all, you are paying them with your hard earned money to buy a premium product that should be comparable to other premium products. And if the renders of 950XL are true, then it leaves a lot to be desired. When it comes to PC, Microsoft is the best. But not for phones.
  • A lot of Nokia employees didn't abandon Microsoft, they were fired after the acquisition. Strange thing is how they didn't have a non compete clause or legal agreement saying that Nokia owned their inventions and they couldn't take them to a competitor, such as Living Images. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It wouldn't be fair to hold them to a non-compete clause if they were laid off, and didn't quit voluntarily. They deserve to work someplace where they can use their talents. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If that came to MS under the lumia specific patents then its a MS patent.... So apple could use and under their negoitiated agreement work it out later without a court case or being blocked. convenient for apple
  • Well, I like your can-do attitude!
  • Airplay only supports certain apps yes. IOS can us screen mirroring though to display any screen, I use it regularly. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Although I'm really hoping for a Surface Phone, the renders look similar to the 640 and 640xl in style. Both of those phones don't look impressive in renders but have a very nice feel and look in the hand. It shouldn't be long before you can judge in person. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They're fine. I want a Surface phone as much as the next person but honestly, the phones look fine and even better, they have some smokin' hardware. Most WP users aren't as vain as iPhone users. If the argument over what is best is looks then it's a pointless and shallow argument.
  • A nice slimmer render of the 920 would be very nice
  • Hell yes!
  • It is my understanding that the Windows Phone is doing much better overall in non North American countries, percentage wise? I understand all the doom and gloom stories, as it is not taking off here in the US as one would hope. But Microsoft is a global company, and if it is successful in other countries, to the point of profit, they will not stop. Any chance you could do a detailed report and analysis on global success. I am interested in the results, but I want you to do all the work! :)
  • Windows phone's *global* market share is 3% as well.   In China, one of the most important markets for growth, it dropped from 2% to less than half of 1%.
  • Helped out by the Chinese Government demonizing Microsoft at every turn. One might conclude Microsoft doesn't know who to bribe in China.
  • I hope windows 10 mobile make a change!☺
  • Why would W10 make any difference ? No compelling features on typical phones and still Apps not arriving. So no change to the long slow Windows Phone decline.
  • Well the hope is that apps WILL arrive.
  • You should maybe catch up on coming features on both hardware and software
  • I think the low market share is justified considering the options people have nowadays in the smartphone market. However, the negative press that windows phones get is just absurd. Most reviews start off by stating that the phone's have great build quality and amazing cameras and end up by telling people not to buy the phone because of the app gap.
  • Well, apps are hugely important...
    For example, I was going to buy a Xiaomi Yi camera. However, there is no Windows Phone app!
    There are countless other examples where the app gap hurts! I was going to get a Freedom Pop sim - however, there is no FP app for making calls/texts using their service...
    I still love WP...but it would be foolish to say the app gap isn't a HUGE issue.
  • It is a huge issue, no doubt, but different people have different needs. For me, I'm happy with windows phone. For me, the camera and the display is important along with good performance. I get that with my Lumia. I don't think it's right to completely bash windows phone based on that.
  • Well good for you, but to the other 99% of the population Apps are critical to their Smartphone experience, and hence why Windows Phone failed.
  • A smartphone without apps is.....a feature phone, pretty much.
  • But that's the reality. I can't tell anyone to buy WP, because I KNOW they will be irritated and frustrated with the lack of apps. I am a WP fan and don't mind, but even I get annoyed at that. How would someone that was always used to having any app available coming from Android react? I feel like I'd do them a disservice by telling them to get a WP, at least now when Android 5.1 is out and is actually excellent.
  • Please think beyond India. Most of the time these days, Popularity of a product in India is directly proportional to popularity of the same product in US/Europe. So think beyond it. 
  • Daniel, it's not that Canada likes 830, it's the only thing close to a flagship that we've seen since the 1020. We didn't get the 930 or the 1520
  • ^ This is most likely why the 640 is the most popular Windows phone at the moment. It's the highest caliber WP available so far this year with no other options.
  • Its also the only windows phone you see anywhere nowadays in Canada. I literally don't see any other windows phone in stores
  • Thats true even bell/rogers has dropped their low end nokia's but kept this besides telus carrying it
  • Bingo.
  • I shipped my L1520 from Hong Kong to Canada because I loved it soo much. Deeply miss the LTE speeds tho on my Bell network :/
  • Should have picked the 938 variant. I got mine from a place in Alberta and am enjoying all that LTE goodness.
  • Well it is cheaper now after all
  • Hang on to your L1020. Microsoft has apparently given to on their commitment to make a worthy successor to it.
  • If they would release their Windows Phones to every single carrier instead of having one carrier get this phone, this carrier gets that other phone, etc. They could grow their fan base greatly. Not all of us can afford to switch to an expensive carrier, so by offering the same phone across the board, Windows Phones will have a bigger impact in the market....Just my thoughts anyway
  • I agree with your thoughts.
  • It isn't MS's fault that they cannot get their phones on every carrier.
  • In the end WP problem in US and Canada is all about carriers. It really is unbelivable that you have become so carrier dependant. Look at how much phone diversity we have in Europe where WE choose what we like, not the carriers. Not meant to provoke, but it is really sad to see WP not having success in its own country and its neighbour country :(
  • Canada carrier situation is way worse than US. It's a damn cartel!
  • Totally really sucks over here...if you are lucky maybe...maybe you will find one WP among the three hundred models...and to make things worst at the windows store only a few are unlock
  • And how is that any different than the situation in the States? Here there cartel has been given carte blanche to bribe any politician or judge they like, so guess what, the cartels rule.
  • We have fewer players with a tighter grip on the market. We pay more for plans our carriers are less innovative.
  • it is their fault. they are accepting that carrier behavior. we in europe have much more freedom when it comes to phones, contracts, quality services and so on
  • Yep, the average american would have a stroke if they had to buy a phone outright so they are more than happy to bow and scrape to the carrier for their phones.
  • I'm willing to put up with a little BS to keep the carrier subsidies, admittedly. It might cost a few $ more, in the end, but oh well. I probably wouldn't be buying Flagships right now if I had to drop the $ upfront. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • And this is why we have horrible carriers. If people would stop putting up with the BS here in the US then it would force the carriers to actually innovate and change pricing. It's already kind of starting with the rise of the MVNOs (sounds like a bad movie...), such as Cricket. Same AT&T service for $35/month - unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and unlimited data (2.5gb of LTE and then drops to slower speeds which just so happens to be the fastest speed that I ever got on Sprint). You just have to purchase your phone outright. So picked up the phone I always wanted, the Lumia 1020 AT&T unlocked, from eBay for $180 and I save hundreds if not thousands a year (depending on plan and phone if I went with AT&T).
  • A lot of the US carrier issues stemmed from competition and the various carriers not adhering to a single standard (GSM, CDMA) or frequency so you haven't been able to just buy any phone and take it where you want.  you need a phone that works on specific networks, hence giving them power.  With global LTE that is starting to change and thankfully people are getting tired of this very issue as well so it's starting to shift.  How far we'll see.
  • Except in order to use volte or lte-a it or their chosen flavor of tap2pay seems like its the same BS UMA requires a carrier branded rom with the requisite certificates
  • It's not always up to the consumer. Europe tighter knit which allowed for more carrier presence. Plus regulation is better. Not the case in Canada and not really up to the consumer
  • There are still phone subsidies in europe, but they call them financing plans. The end result is the same, you pay off your phone over time. Those millions of Europeans lining up to buy iPhones aren't paying up front for them.
  • Yet almost any phone is now unlocked, you can use any phone with any carrier, in Italy and in many countries where I have friends. So in the end who cares about financial plans you just have to keep the carrier but you can change the phone and sell it and pay the remaining rates.
  • Hope the new phones come with attractive specs like 640 had
  • The 640 is just a cheap phone. That's it don't think it has any thing to do with WP. My shop is next to a metro pcs store and always run specials on those phones but per area rep if metro pcs they always come back and turn to android....almost always
  • Conversely, there are plenty of cheap Androids that could have decimated Windows Phone in the US. However, this is not the case as WP's marketshare has basically held steady for the last few years. It's more than it's just cheap. It is that there are people who truly want a Windows Phone over a cheap Android one.
  • If I had to, I'd take a 640XL to replace an aging ICON over the 735...luckily, I picked up an ICON last week when Microsoft had them back for a one day sale! Refreshed battery baby!
  • Bought a mugen power case for my icon was worth it. if you buy directly from the manufacturer its tax free but may take awhile(month & a half) because of their process of not ordering x amount of batteries from their suppliers in order to insure full capacity
  • It sucks that the 930/Icon needs a power case to get by.
  • It doesn't, don't spread false info please.
  • The 640 is a very nice phone for the money. The reason it sells isn't so much as it's cheap as it provides an excellent Value compared to buying a phone even double or tripple the cost. I think Microsoft has hit a perfect combination for a phone that hits the top of the entry level variety and I highly recommend this phone for people that are looking for a good experience at a reasonable price..
  • At Euro 160 for the 640 XL DS (HSDPA), it hits the sweet spot for my company. It can be given out to all function levels. Apps aren't an issue, because we make our own and we don't want our staff to be occupied by useless flappy bird apps anyways. The 950 will be perfect for management.
    Main issue is availability. I needed 114 units in Ukraine, but in this country of 45 million people they could only deliver 23 within 10 days. Had to import from France. They had the 4G version which is nicer.
    And we also hope for better integration/manageability once Win Mobile 10 is launched.
  • Define "just a cheap phone".
  • Still waiting for T-MO to get the 640XL.
  • Considering that they no longer carry the 640, I doubt that T-Mobile USA will ever get the 640XL. I really wonder whether they have given up on Windows phones entirely, or are just waiting for the next generation of devices like the 950/xl and the rumored 550 (which seems very similar the 640).
  • For Canada, the 830 and 635 get those numbers because of availability. They were the only recent Windows phones to be offered here. The 930, 1520, 640/XL and so on were never offered. If fact, the 830 is the only phone being offered now and only at 1 carrier. And, I have my doubts that we'll be seeing the 950/xl up here. I'm guessing that Canada is one of the markets that MS will be dropping.  
  • Is it that Microsoft is dropping out of the Canadian market or is it that Canadian carriers aren't willing to carry the phones?
  • If I'm right, MS dropping out the market will be largely due to lack of support from the carriers. Other reasons of course. It they do offer the phones up here, I'd suspect it will be direct from the MS store online.
  • Both ways. In product management you don't wanna have surplus stock. Its both money consuming for inventory for carrier side and for Microsoft from development side because they would then have to create units with special branding and custom ROM's.
  • The carriers also don't want to sell products that have high return rates. I know that Dan mentioned Windows Phones have a higher return rate than that of other platforms. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You'd better be wrong about that. I need a new phone and am waiting for the 950.
  • Actually the big three have it but bell like rogers dropped the low end nokia's when they got it
  • I enjoy the exclusivity! So long as Windows phone survives I will buy them. From a purely selfish point of view, I don't care if the adoption level exceeds a few per cent. It works great for me and I get an almost perverse pleasure in going against the herd. Many here seem to be on windows in spite of a long list of failings (perceived in the most part rather than real). I am happy with 8.1 and look forward to the polished fins version if 10 with anticipation. Long live the underdog!!!!
  • Great post!!
  • " It works great for me and I get an almost perverse pleasure in going against the herd."
    Haha I agree, and I think at this point people like us are the only ones left, except those who just needed the cheapest name brand phone they could get. Think different!
  • Wow, still a strong showing of the Lumia 710 in Canada!
  • Plus it is modestly popular (i.e. over 10%) in several other markets. :)  
  • I want Microsoft to do what Motorola is doing with the Moto X Pure Edition in the US. Sell directly to consumers with universal LTE radios. Microsoft would be able to market the Lumias themselves and sell them via Microsoft Stores and Best Buy stores. Just like the iPhone the carriers have the option to carry the Lumias. Microsoft should undercut the competition with a similar pricing strategy that Moto and Nexus have done initially. An upgrade program similar to Apple would be nice too for those who want to buy the phone unlocked.
  • "Universal LTE radios"? What does that mean?
  • The phone has all of the lte frequencies around the world.
  • What about Europe?
  • Windows Phone...Die Hard!!!!!!
  • Pleeeeaae include universal ratios
  • Radios.
  • Just 2.6%
  • Great microsoft is really working hard. Atleast windows phone users must give appreciatation.
  • Im curious about Europe, I've been seeing Windows Phones on my way to school.
  • In Europe it's at 8-11% share depending on the country. Also the app availability is better
  • Speaking of Canada,Windows-phone can no longer be found on Rogers's and its sub brand Fido's websites. I noticed a few days ago that if you went to the wp page there was no phones in it. Now that wp page is gone.
  • Lol cant even loginto myrogers site said down for maintenance since the beginning of this month even on w7
  • Putting the numbers together from your two articles this morning, that means 4 of every 3,000 smartphones are running Windows 10 Mobile.  That is not yet much of an impact.   
  • I blame that 2.6% marketshare due to the McLaren cancellation. That metal phone looked really good, with same amazing 40 megapixel raw photos from the Lumia 1020 and better quality. I'm wondering if the Nokia engineering team has responsibility on abandoning this project when they went to work for Apple. It's time to move on, Microsoft may not have the best camera engineers of the world, but they were pioneers with a Pen technology on tablets like the one on the Surface 3 Pro, they also have great state in the art retina scanner authentication technology which is much more advanced than fingerprint tech from Apple or Samsung. I wish the best for the Lumia 950 and 950XL official releases.
  • Look at those charts again. Windows Phone market volume are driven by the low end, not by so called 'flagships' . Its a fanboy delusion that a flagship phone would charges Windows Phone fortunes.
  • The Mclaren had the same senzor as the 1520/930. And the engineering team didn't move to Apple. The manager in charge of quality control for all Lumia camera went to work for Apple. At least one of the 2 guys who came up with the Pureview concept stayed at Ms( transefered to Redmond). The r&d team, actual people who took the concepts and made them work stayed at Nokia in the new Technologies division
  • Thanks for this valuable info, at least now we know 1 guy is in Microsoft, which makes me think that a Lumia 1020 sucessor, or the 1050 is coming in 2016.  This is great news!
  • Android phones are beating Microsoft to the gate with retina scanners:
  • After venting my frustrations after seeing the renders of the 950 and 950xl. I decided I'm still going to stay with wp long as can. If I really don't like the flagships when they're officially released, I might just get the 640xl. Wp has always been enough for me, I just really want wp or win10 mobile to do well, and be a success. That's why I get frustrated sometimes.
  • It's ok man... Let it out. Im right there with you
  • True. I'd given up and was planning to go to iOS. Wanted to check the 6S Plus out at the weekend... But I just don't think I can ever be an Apple sheep. I see people walking round with cases that have circle cut outs just to show the Apple logo. Its sad. I use a Win10 laptop for my business every day and still think it has a chance on mobile. Microsoft really need to sort out the missing Heavyweight Apps though like snapchat, Clans and Game of War.
  • I wish MS reads your comment and see how loyal their customers really are.
  • Verizon's L735 not registering individually. Is it a bad phone or are they hidden away in the storeroom? Anyone here have one?
  • The Lumia Icon never registered either. I just assume Verizon isn't sell a lot of them.
  • Windows phone rockss
  • If MS had released a flagship earlier this year, things would have been little better. That is the strong reason many switched to ios or android once their contracts were over. Now iphone 6s has been released which would sure make things even worse. still many are hoping and patiently waiting for the new flagship. hope the long wait would end on 6th oct. better not delay any longer.the speed at which MS is moving in the mobile market is I would say "dead slow" for such a pioneering company as MS. MS can defenitly do better than that in mobile market. it has all the potency.I dont understand what really holds them back while other companies are able to regularly release new phones.
  • Make matters worse then hearing that upcoming phones are being shipped with wm10tp its worrying that we'll have another platform half-finished
  • I'm in the USA myself. It is beyond me why people still get their phones under contract. True. It is more cash up front. However, I always pay less overall and can then take my phone to any of the now highly competitive GSM carriers. Maybe if we paid cash for our phones we would (truly) value them a little more. No arguments from the people telling me that I have more money than them - just more patience. I saved up the cash before I made the purchase
  • Most phone subsidy contracts are already gone, in favor of phone leasing plans like AT&T's NEXT, T-Mobile's Jump plan or the new Apple Upgrade Program. On all these plans, you pay a fee every single month, and you get a new phone every year.
  • Yes, and you can pay off the phone in full later if you want to. HOWEVER, those phones are, as far as I know, still locked to the carrier. So in reality the difference is miniscule between them and the contract phones.
  • I have a lumia 640 myself. Just hope windows 10 mobile succeeds. Cant wait to use those transparent live tiles!
  • I mean they could have released a standard flagship phone SOMETIME this year OR LAST YEAR and guaranteed themselves some market share.
  • Don't cause any amusement because windows phone won't be successful because if aren't able to sell the high ends on Chile and other countries so won't really be even 2nd OS moving down to the IOS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hopefully the Lumia 950 and 950 XL Flagships increase the ever falling market share of Windows Phones.
  • In USA only you mean in Chile isn't sold any flagship, how Microsoft wants make popular to windows phone if don't care a damn by some countries Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes. You are true. Microsoft Windows phone ate not popular in any category of development.
  • Thank God that there is no carrier problem here in India. We have option to choose from wide varieties of devices. I don't understand why Americans opt for carriers and what is the advantage? Can anybody explain it to me? 
  • Because are the only authorized retailers in many countries even in Chile only by carrier can get an new phone, is cheaper in some cases but the phone is country blocked and only can operate in the country even with change sim card other operator Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol that'll be the only way we'll get features like volte/lte-a tap to pay as they've made these features proprietary thru branded roms
  • In India you guys buy ultra cheap phones. If you had subsidies that let you buy $700 dollar phones with no money down, you'd all be doing it.
  • Even here in the U.S., the high end phones are so expensive that the carriers are selling the phones to individual customers like cars with leasing options and installment payment plans. So many people are buying beyond what they need.  The phone/status merry-go-round will come to a screeching halt sooner or later.
  • That's not the picture you just depicted. Atleast we are not frustrated by nuisance created by carriers and we also don't wait for the them to make the handset available so that we can buy them..Sorry for my bad english...
  • Actually that's not true, most people in Asia live within their means, unlike the people from the US. And the rest of the world is not silly enough to get conned into taking a contract where you have to pay much higher over a period of two years rather than buying the phone outright.
  • With the new windows 10 and the flagships that are coming out, MS should stop competing with android and ios. I have observed trend well enough to realise that the switch from users are insignificant. For all that IOS is trying to make android users switch, the impact has not really done much. MS should focus on productivity and channel their efforts towards businesses - big and small, offering better solutions than android and ios, that is what has always kept windows alive. The most compelling reason why people switch is apps. If android and ios apps adoption improves on windows phone, they will all be on the same level, but platforms don't really make people switch, its the way the phone makes you feel. MS should focus the OS on making people feel more productive.
  • I agree that at this point, getting users to switch to Windows phones from iOS or Android is a fantasy.  Not that it doesn't happen, but it's on the margins, and largely for people who don't use a lot of apps-----hence the negative feedback loop with developers shunning the Windows platform.  
  • Nok 1520.... Best phone on the market!
  • Why do we never see the actual number of actual WP devices? Or any other OS for that matter? All we have are guesses based on sales or whatever. For example, in the article there's a sentence that says:  
    In the States, this brings the Lumia 640 to a surprising 11.2 percent of all active Windows Phones.
    OK, cool, but how many is that in real numbers? In the last couple weeks I've seen active numbers stated as anywhere from 40 million to 80 million. I'm pretty sure that 80 million is high, because WP came on the market 5 years ago, and recently hit 100 million cumulative sales. Based on the quoted sentence, somebody somewhere knows the real number. Where is it?
  • Windows phones are getting popular / increase in sales coz people want to try something different and cheap rather than same old cheap android phones....
    And when people find out that "different" wasn't that good they migrate... So it brings us back to same equation... So I don't think Microsoft will have a gain in sales and will have same sales no.s till everyone has tried and migrated...and for now only w10 can save it (which is not going that good)
    And if W10 fails then no one can save WP ... At least not till ms comes with a huge overhaul in the os with w10.1 or w12(ms they like to skip no.s) ...
  • But how many activations are by country, never Microsoft have told us that, only have told about how much is sold Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Later finds an poor app store and goes back to their respective platforms where they abandoned, are so fuzzy Microsoft what windows mobile needs is promotion in all the world and also push to developers to leverage their apps and lure new developers , the enterprise channel would only purchase one time and that isn't the best idea the only one which renew each year their phone are the consumer market not the enterprise market where in certain cases even new employees gets the phone of the past fired guy even. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Windows phones are getting popular / increase in sales coz people want to try something different " Windows phone dropped below 3% market share this past year, I'd hardly call that "getting popular."
  • Well from what I noticed its getting good attention here in India...and the no.s are good too...
  • One can only hope that MS new leader can be as persistent. I have my doubts.
  • It's on its way to being the best offering on the market. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel, I wish you would have touched on yearly sales as well.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that total WP sales are increasing year-over-year.  So even if MS isn't keeping pace with the rest of the market, the number of WP users continue to grow.
  • Nice!
  • But the important thing is what other OEMs bring to the market, I mean Samsung, htc, xiaomi, not yes's or any other local brand.
  • An xiaomi with w10 would be great Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Much more interesting, and importantly, if IOS is only on 13% (I.e only 5x WP user base) why the hell does the Tech industry, especially in the USA continue to believe that the world revolves around Cupertino.
  • Because of the make up of those consumers. It's similar to advertising; higher income consumers have more value to developers, advertisers, and third party accessory manufacturers, than a greater amount of people buying mid range Androids or budget Windows devices. In addition, iOS' share in the U.S. is higher than 13%, which reflects the global market share. In the U.S., iPhone market share is 30%, down from 40% earlier.
  • Don't forget that those numbers are also "shares of sales in the quarter,"  not overall installed based (which for Apple in the US is somwhere above 40%).
  • .
  • Because Apple products are status symbol, even if are poor but have an iPhone your image projected to everywhere is pretty different Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because they sell accessories like hotcakes, integrate into cars, speakers, you name it. They release new flagship models every year like clockwork, and have an established and upscale user base. None of which applies to WP.
  • I went from a 920 to a 640 and have not experienced any downsides. If anything the battery is better.
    If Microsoft want to secure a better market share focus on battery capacity
  • Battery capacity is the least of WP's problems. I don't think it's even consideration for 75%+ of smartphone buyers. The iPhone 6 has a tiny non-removable battery and it doesn't seem to affect their sales. 
  • I wonder what developers will motivate or attract to develop for the platform? 
  • Hundreds of millions of users, rather than tens of millions.
  • What does this mean? Desktop and mobile users? But considering that most mobile apps were created with mobile in mind or even make most sense on a phone, this will not increase the developers chances really. 
  • Pretty gloomy outlook, hard to think that even with win mobile10 that they are going to come close to bridging the gap in the short to mid term.
  • I wonder why developers are responsible with development in IOS and android, never have taken off an app without have a new version, the past year in windows phone WhatsApp was absent by 2 weeks in the store and now here suite is absent in windows store. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does anyone have the actual number of 640's sold in the US market to date, broken down by carrier would be interesting.
  • No thanks to the idiots at T-Mobile. :/
  • 3% ish is still a lot of units. Shame there is not a simple five or six units for WP10 so its easier to sell to more people. Also Dumb sales assistants not selling them due to the app gap. Never experienced one my self.
  • The strategy of survive of Microsoft is so fuzzy and desperated windows mobile 10 doesn't offer anything new that android or IOS has only comes to leverage the ecosystem my only question is what innovation besides continum will offer Microsoft Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lumia 530 is an abominable device. Lumia 640 is at least 10X better!
  • The 530 I think was an disaster, is an asha with windows phone but the camera is awful if was intended to be the 520 successor why not better waited to put the 535 and done even their products line up is bipolar, how come the 640 is like the 830 but without BSI sensor and is equivalent to an lumia 820 no idea why this wreck on the portfolio Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have an orange 640 and use it as my main phone. Even though I also have a wonderful 1020.
  • "wait guys.....2016 will be the year of windows phone.....न हुआ तो भी अपन use करते रहेंगे Lumia....इससे बेहतरीन OS तो मैंने अभी तक देखा नही।"
  • Don't understand the symbols Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Notice how lumia 1020 is still holding up... the lumia 1030 would sold tons... 930 was a waste of time
  • It is interesting that the Nokia Lumia 520/521 (fyi for those who may not be aware, the 520 and 521 are the same phone, different carriers, slightly different form factor) still accounts for the second largest group of WP users at 12.1%, even more than the Microsoft Lumia 640. The 520 from AT&T and the 521 from T-Mobile were released back in mid-2013! It would have been interesting to see the seperate breakout of 640 and the 640 XL. I'm expecting to see $50-$60 deals for the 640 this holiday shopping season so the 640 user base should finally catch and surpass the 520/521. I'd probably get a 640 XL to replace my not-for-phone-use 520 if it dropped to $100-$120 levels. Probably won't drop that much though.
  • You call it resilience, I call it treading water. 
  • ...treading water for three years straight! lol, that is resilience.
  • Calling it 'resilient' is pure rose-colored glasses talk, as you alluded.  I'd be more curious to hear your opinion of the situation over a beer, where I bet you'd be much more pragmatic about it.
  • Bad marketing, slow response to market needs, snail speed of development is the reason why WM is bleeding.
    MS always fails in marketing of WM, pls see how Samsung is promoting its wireless charging feature like they are the first who introduced this feature, most of the people don't know that nokia/MS has this feature since long.
    About Living images, we were only discussing, analysing, and busy removing bugs.....and has launched it as its their innovation.
    WM10 or few high end handsets won't turn around wm market. Its Microsoft policies which gonna change the scenario. I feel MS has more models than iPhone....but they are doing well. So number of models or new OS doesn't make any difference.....
    either do it through mass (like android) or do it with class (iOS).....WM doesn't have any of this.....
    Here in India, ms is promoting OneNote, onedrive, word, excell as key feature of WM and Samsung is promoting quick charge and wireless charging. Motorola is promoting good battery, water resistance, camera......i wonder, how many people buy a phone for OneNote, onedrive or for MS office feature.....
  • Nice to see the Lumia 830 have a presence in Canada, though I oddly haven't seen any myself yet...
  • One of Microsoft problems is that they dont have a show and tell approach when you go into walmart, the carriers, etc Apple and even Samsung has beautiful displays and ppl just overall interested in their products. Microsoft needs that in each retailer, they need better marketing, they need more than just their history to pull them through. They need showcase and good ass marketing
  • Like best buy? At my local WalMart Microsoft's presence is small except Xbox while Apple's and Samsung's is big.
  • The best selling Windows Phone (635) has a share of 0.75% of the US market. The most recent flagships on the US market (almost two years old by now and no longer sold), the 1520 and Lumia, have 0.075% and <0.05% (generously) of the US market, respectively. Considering that, I think it's amazing that WP has been hanging on at even the level they currently are.    
  • Apps. That is what Windows phone needs to be successful. No kid is ever going to get a windows phone without snachat and key games like clash of clans. Missing key apps, almost all the ones that people need, are not available on windows phone.
  • Yup, someone needs to drop some big money and talent on the universal app story
  • Apps. That is what Windows phone needs to be successful. No kid is ever going to get a windows phone without snachat and key games like clash of clans. Missing key apps, almost all the ones that people need, are not available on windows phone. B
  • I see people with a phone like the Lumia 640 and ask them "what made you purchase it?" They all say "I broke my iPhone. I needed a phone right away and this was a cheap phone to hold me over." However, a sale is a sale.
  • " it is rather remarkable that the bottom has not yet fallen out for Microsoft".
    Even Daniel expects the bottom to fall out for Microsoft. Wow!
  • WP is a forever sinking Titanic...
  • Not sure how the 640 is doing so well given that you can't even buy the T-Mobile version at Microsoft's own online store. They sure don't make it easy to love.
  • You're welcome, Microsoft. Swapped my house/backup phone from an old iPhone 4 to an L640 last month to complement the L830 in my pocket.
  • Here's what I want to know: Since Continuum seems to be one of the "flagship features" they hope will differentiate WP10 from other OS's, what hardware will be available to support it? For example, are there any portable, battery powered bluetooth (or otherwise connectible wirelessly) monitors they can point to? There are plenty of bluetooth keyboards, which is all well and good, but without accessories at reasonable prices for these phones, continuum is going to look downright irrelevant.
  • I bought a lumia 640 as a back up, its really great phone at price. The os is great fluid no lag. but I still have to switch back to android for apps. app gaps are still a lot. apps might be available but with less features. no great email client, no good and fully functional chatting apps. I love windows phone and always prefer to give peek to wp. but I cannot recommend somebody to buy wp unless that person wants to do jist phone...regular email....its fact... and may hurt windows phone fans
  • "3.1 to 2.6 when you take into account margins of error?"
  • So basically Android if hero!
  • Being a fan I never recommend windows to my friend because I survive but other will always blame Nokia and Os.
  • Same is here. I bought a phone for my aunty as gift she liked the phone but kind of feel bad when I saw her she couldn't do video call with Viber and Viber goes offline so many times ...and other app issue. She uses prayer time and no app is close to android. I just bought her moto g and now she is super happy and Lumia 640 is sitting around. The problem of wp is that fans aren't seeing it's problem...
  • When i got my Lumia 920 end of 2012, i remember reading here that WP will be more 10% of the market in couple of years. Now we are talking about how "resilient" it's been. I'm pretty sure Microsoft did the same miscalculation
  • The 640/XL are keeping MS afloat until the 950/XL come along? I don't think either of those phones are going to sell well unfortunately.
  • You think Windows Phone is resilient? Well then, we have to give an honorary mention to Linux as well then, since it has been staying at 2% market share for 20 years and counting!
  • Linux has a huge market share as a server OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What Microsoft could do is make Apple shareholders, an offer for takeover.
    Then integrate the entire offering and offer the best of iOS and Windows to the combined user base.
    Ok stop dreaming now.
  • If someone can point me to a Canadian smartphone market breakdown, I'd love to see it. While interesting, I don't think those Ad-Duplex numbers are all that accurate with regards to Canada.  It looks like it's based off of model numbers.  I notice there are none of the unlocked Non-Lumias being sold through the MS store direct in Canada (BLU, Yezz, Acer, etc).  And the 640 has actually started to show up more and more since AT&T started unlocking them for free. 
  • 1, Features taken for granted in one country may be a must in other countries for a buyer on choosing a handset. 2, Internet in some countries is very expensive and not free, so if the handset depend heavily on internet, it becomes less useful in these countries which doesn't have readily available free or cheap internet. 3, Majority of handset users do not precipitate in these forums or surveys, some just buy a handset because of its looks, some because of its features or the manufacturer. (an FM radio may be an unnecessary feature in US because you can live stream any channel but in some other countries, the radio stations are not on internet as no one can afford to live stream). 4, Here a bigger battery is a seller as the phone would require a re-charge after a longer period of usage, no complains of weight. 5, Was any survey done in other countries e.g. Kenya, SA or any other country besides US or UK? - Having a Microsoft representative walking in street asking what users consider 'a must feature' for each phone to have before he/she buys. And i wonder, Is Cortana in Android also going to depend on changing Region for one to have her??????
  • Negative press is more of an excuse..
  • I agree with muvi. MS should survey. Actually they don't know what people want. Without it they can never success. I have been waiting for background download for two year when I bought 520. Till now they not added.
  • I wish I saw a list of features that windowPhone need to be urgently added for surviving in specific country from all of you.
  • I just wish that MS would stop limiting their phone market. To make it more accessible to people, they should open it up to MOST if not ALL network. I don't like the fact that I can only buy certain phones like the ICON from Verizon. 
  • I wish there was more 'advertising to the masses'. WP has fallen short compared to Android and iOS there. Ask all of your family and friends, or maybe a poll somewhere asking if people remember seeing a mobile phone ad recently, and which phone it was for. Also ask what feature(s) do they remember from the ads they saw. WP will be low on the list. / MS should also educate Enterprise. My former employer blocked Windows Phone, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 claiming they do not support device encryption and pin EAS policies. Hello? Exchange ActiveSync policies, a part of a Microsoft product, is not supported by their own phones and client OSes?!? Yes, IT admjns are misinformed badly on all of it. (the reality is that mail on Windows 8 needed a patch that came out in 2012, which only affected Win 8.0, and could be marked as mandatory via SCCM to fix, but instead, they chose to simply block everything with "windows" and a version number of 8.0 and higher instead - and this is a MS partner. When your key partner companies are misinformed, imagine non partners being 10x worse). IMO, Marketing and Education is a key area that should be invested in if MS wants to get ahead.
  • Exactly. Those have always been the Achilles heels for Windows Phone.
  • Love these past predictions: Windows Phone overtakes IOS in 2014 Windows and Android tie for marketshare in 2016