IM+ Gets Major Update to v6


If you're already a user of the popular instant messaging app IM+, you may have been notified of a "major" update last night.  Upon downloading it seems the Shape Sevices guys have bumped it to v6.0.1.  (Read Tim's earlier review for WM Standard)

In short, they overhauled the graphics, added buddy icon support (finally), Facebook chat (in addition to MySpace) and a new feature whereby you can sign off but IM+ will keep you logged in, then when an IM comes in for you, they forward it as an email aka 'Push IM'.  Interesting. The Today plugin also got a bit of graphics sharpening, though no major changes.

So far I'm liking the new look and added features, though for $39.95 it is mighty pricey for an IM program.  On the other hand, free upgrades sweeten the deal a bit.  Unforuntaltey, there is no sign of any "speech to text" feature as was reported for BlackBerry.  Sigh.  Maybe later?

Phil Nickinson

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