IM+ now sports a free version

If you're among the IM+ users who purchased the app back when it was released with a price tag of $9.99, you were kicking yourself at the price drop to $4.99 that came soon after. Now prepare to kick yourself on another part of your body as SHAPE Services has just brought in a free (ad-supported) version of IM+.

The main app, which continues to set new buyers back $4.99, has been given a new title of IM+ Pro with the only noticeable difference between the two versions is being the placement of adverts - functionality appears to be fully implemented in the free offering. To get the free version, grab the link here in the Marketplace.

Source: Windows Phone Metro  Thanks to the many who tipped us on this!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • These guys really know the right order in which to go about these things...
  • LOL, so they should have started off free, then 4.99, then 9.99. I'm sure that move would have been popular.
  • What use of getting this app and changing prices? and now free due to having advertisement has i will go for free and advertisement dont bother me. Or just stick to what Mango has facebook, messenger live and text.
  • Well, it looks like push notifications don't work in the free version. No big deal. Sounds like they don't work very well in the paid version.
  • Update: Been having some problems with other push notifications not appearing, too, and I think I found the culprit. I uninstalled IM+, did a soft reset of my phone, and then reinstalled with all the same settings. When I tried turning on push notifications for the app, I was greeted with the same error message. This time, I went into the AlphaJax game and turned off push notifications in there. I had problems a couple months ago where after I installed that game, I got no notifications from any app. Did a hard reset and everything was working again, but push notifications for some apps have been a little hit or miss.When I went back into IM+ (which loaded much faster than my first installation), I turned on the "keep me online" option and enabled push notifications and got no error message this time. I exited the app and sent a couple messages (one from Facebook and another from Skype). After about a minute, I received both messages.Judging by complaints and concerns from others on AlphaJax's support page (and I think I saw some on the Microsoft Answers forum), I had feeling that the AlphaJax push notifications were messing things up. However, the game developer assured everyone that there was nothing wrong with the push notifications. After this trial-error-solution situation, I think AlphaJax is the culprit for my push notifications not working properly.
  • Hm it seems to be v1.2 now. Only changes i noticed this far, are some detailed descriptions on push/tile/connect settings.
  • Works fine for me in the paid version. But if MS adds a few more IM networks, it'll be useless then.
  • Did they get the thing to work? I got so mad that I paid for the app that barely worked (with MSN Messenger and Facebook) I just installed the Mango beta and was done with it. Which BTW - is fantastic.
  • I don't know about you guys, but I'll be waiting for Super IM++ Pro Ultimate Edition to come out before I download this =)
  • The free version is working perfectly fine for me. Push & Toast notifications worked instantly, I received an IM less than a minute after setting up my account and everything came through. Since Facebook is the only account I have to sync with this, I'll just use it until Mango comes.
  • bought it 2 days ago. got it specifically for the GTalk and pop notifications. didnt work. still isnt working. now its free. these are the reasons myself and others use programs like installous on the iphone. eventually there wil be something like that for windowsphone 7. and I have no problem with that.
  • I'm gonna hold out until they pay me to install the app, to avoid having to kick myself for installing the free version. ;)
  • I paid $10 and I dont care tbh, developers have a right to earn something for the time they invest.Push notifications work fine of me in this and every other app, there are certain locations where push is dodgy and MS acknowledged this has been fixed in Mango.
  • I am using the Mango beta as well as purchased the app when it came out for $10. I was fine with paying the price because I use aim a lot to talk to my friends. It made me a little frustrated when they dropped the price but I just tried out the free version and it actually Resumes to the App. I have been using the paid one and if you hit the home button and try to go back, it crashes to the homescreen. When using this new ad supported version...that doesnt happen...(same accounts).wtf? Not a good way to show your customers appreciation.
  • Finally gonna try it. Let's see what's the big deal about it =)
  • Can't get push notifications to work. I see them enabled on the settings page. Wonder if it has to do with my phone. Kik messenger push notifications doesn't work on my phone either. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  • Had problems with push notifications on several apps, and I had to do a hard reset to fix it. :(Bad solution, but it worked.
  • +8Downloaded my free APP today, love great on my SSF ( samsung focus) with NODO....useing the Facebook chat app for right now
  • Can't find the free one in Australia. Has it been pulled?
  • About fine on my HD7 with Mango, but i have just one comment - it's supposed to be a free, ad-supported version right ? Can't see any ads though. Not that i'm complaining, just wanted to share this ;-)