Image and specs of HTC Eternity revealed?

HTCInside has posted what appear to be a snapshot and specs of the HTC Eternity, one of the new phones rumored to arrive this fall from the Taiwanese manufacturer.  Along with sporting a whopping 4.7-inch WVGA Super LCD screen, this Mango monster will allegedly pack the following features:

  • 1.5GHz single-core processor
  • 8MP camera with dual-LED flash and 720p video
  • 1.3MP front-facing camera
  • 16GB of storage
  • DLNA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • 1650mAh battery

The 1.5GHz processor exceeds the current Microsoft WP7 requirements, which only include 1GHz and 800MHz chips.  This could either be a sign of new hardware requirements to come, or the Eternity's spec sheet is incorrect.  With or without the pumped-up CPU, the HTC Eternity sounds like quite the powerhouse.  As with all leaks, we need to take it with a grain of salt, but it's a exciting prospect nonetheless.

Source: HTCInside; Via: PocketNow

Seth Brodeur
  • That huge screen, extra camera, and faster processor would be mighty tempting. I'm trying to hold out for dual core processors before I upgrade, but that might be another year off, so we'll see.
  • I think dual-core processors will likely find support in a later WP7 update. To prevent fragmentation they will keep it single-core optimized until enough manufacturers build the right stuff.
  • Why does this have to "either be a sign of new hardware requirements to come, or the Eternity's spec sheet is incorrect." Aren't those MINIMUM requirements provided by Microsoft? I'd be very happy to see manufacturers begin going above and beyond the baseline...
  • Exactly, Microsoft's requirements only set minimal specs.
  • They meant the hardware support that wp7 has in place, otherwise even if the manufacturer wants to, they can't do it if the OS itself doesn't support new CPUs
  • Come on HTC change the design once in a while.
  • 16GB? Even Dell beats that currently, everything else on this is Meh, wouldnt trade what I have now for this.
  • yeah i was really expecting something better
  • There's absolutely nothing interesting about this phone.
  • Definitely need that larger battery.
  • Which will be just as bad as current HTC ones because of the increased power requirements of the larger screen...
  • Two cameras is great, especially an 8 MP camera with dual LED flash. Nice, fast processor.I like everything BUT the 4.7 inch screen. Isn't that just too big? I can't imagine trying to fit something that size into my pocket.
  • It would be great for people who watch a lot of movies or play a lot of games on their phone.
  • Yuck. I'll take the Sea Ray, please.
  • Too big, and it's an HTC. Will wait for Nokia.
  • Those specs look exactly like the ones that a site said Samsung would use a upcoming phone. *side eye*
  • Don't knock it, the variety can only benefit the platform, besides may work well for games and movies
  • I have yet to purchase a WP7 device (got a free LG Optimus 7 at PDC), but I might be tempted to buy that one. It's missing one of the key specs on my wishlist:-front facing camera-dual core processorSo, I think I'll hold out until I see one with the latter.
  • Please explain why you feel the need for a dual core? I am a long time tech (20 years in the Navy working Electronics and telecom) and nothing I have seen yet in mobile devices tells me a dual core is needed, period. You are not going to running a 10,000 line spreadsheet and try to watch a video on your 4.7" screen.I keep saying this: More cores=More power consumption=shorter battery life. It's a fact of physics that can not be changed. and then your running a LCD screen which is a battery drain too. If the code is tight and optimized for the hardware, you can get fantastic performance with less specs. (lower specs=lower cost)
  • I'm not buying another single core WP7 phone either.Firstly, dual cores are just the next iteration of the Snapdragon. They're here already on Android phones like the Evo 3D. They have much better GPUs and use *less* power than the single core chips. Yes, the dual cores use less power, look it up.To find out why dual-core is needed on WP7, try downloading some of the more recent XBox Live games like Sonic, or maybe an app like IM+. Phones are multitasking now, and doing things with Speech like TTS and voice recognition.
  • Wow, such an innovative design.I am astonished.HTC = boring
  • Anyway, I need 32GB storage minimum.I will wait for the Nokia :)
  • I'd buy it, 4.3" screens are in the past now I guess?
  • 4.7 Wow.. My wish list 4.5 slcd...dual camerA!!! Damn imagined this thing on SKYPE... NETFLIX,XBOX,ZUNE...I DONT SEE PEOPLE NOT FALLING FOE THIS....
  • You know, the more I see of HTC hardware, not impressed with HTC so much. I have the Trophy, only because I am on Verizon and NEEDED to get away from my previous phone and WANTED WP7, so I jumped. But I bought it considering it a throwaway when I see something that makes me drool. A bad quality camera is not made better by more MP. Is the sensor and optics DRASTICALLY improved? 32GB should be bare min. Nothing special about the screen other than it's a tiny LCD monitor. psst.. my Trophy has an even smaller LCD monitor. It's not even Super LCD. Look elsewhere if you are looking for ground breaking or leading tech, HTC is a off the shelf tech company. Do they do ANY significant R&D into new technologies? Decent products but nothing special.
  • I am a huge HTC fan, but i completely agree their designs have gotten stale as of late.Im kindda exicited about this phone, not for the phone it self but the fact that it will drive other OEM's to start producing phones with similar specs.I think this phone has great potential, im not sure about how i feel about that huge screen but everything else looks fantastic. Although a big screen is good for gaming and movie use. Now im not a techie, but doesnt pixel density suffer with a huge screen?I cant wait for a front facing camera, i voice chat with family all the time, so it really is useful to me. The biggest plus is a 1.5 processor. The thing i love about WP7 is how great the code is optimized. It runs like butter on a 1gz processor, so the 50% boost will certainly making things even faster with mango on board. (currently one of my biggest gripes with older iphones). I suggest you guys dont jump onto the dual-core hype, those android jackasses dont realize how poorly thier OS is coded and the only reason those phones have dual cores is to make the OS bearable. I finally got a chance to play with a WP7 yesterday (focus) and i was blown away by its performance. SO much smoother the the iphone and galaxy S displayed right next to it
  • Atitdd- nice name by the way. :)anyway, we semi agree on HTC and Semi don't, but that is not the reason for the reply, you asked if pixel density suffers. Not at this scale, a lot of people still run desktops in that resolution (or one close). So going from 3.8 to 4.7 does not affect density significantly enough for the naked human eye to detect.