Images of reported Microsoft feature phone prototype leaked

Images of a reported feature phone prototype with the Microsoft branding have made their way onto the internet, a few days after Microsoft announced it was selling its feature phone business to a subsidiary of Foxconn for $350 million.

The images come from an account on the Badiu Chinese social network (via NPU) with the RM-1182 number. If these images are not faked (and we have no confirmation either way), it does seem interesting as Microsoft did have the rights to continue making feature phones with the old Nokia branding for a number of years before this week's sale announcement was revealed. However, with that sale, it would appear this prototype unit will not enter full production.

As we reported, Microsoft has now given up those Nokia branding rights to HMD, who will use them for a line of smartphones and tablets in addition to the continued sale of feature phones with the Nokia name.

John Callaham
  • If it willcosts 20-40$ i will take 5...
  • I'd rather have 5 Lumia 640s at $30 each.
  • Me too but my brother wants a n immortal phone.He bought a new every year nokia or some others cause he broke them all the time. ...
  • This is not a retail outlet, stop discussing your buying needs!
  • Ah?? Posted from my NoteBook.
    Keep Calm Because P.A.O.K. you are...
  • Just kidding! :)
  • Να τος ο Ελληνας. Ακομη και στο Windows central θα βρεις καποιον.
  • Καλα ρε 3:30 γραφεις σχολια?.Ειμαστε πολλοι παντως εδω να ξερεις.Εγω τα τελευταια 2 περιπου χρονια ξερω πανω απο 5 που γραφουν. ...
  • Sure thing, comment section sheriff.
  • Ok, the mayor is here now. Everybody relax!
  • Looks likes a 950 on the ugliness. ROLFMAO
  • I don't think my 950 is all that ugly with a Mozo back on it.
  • Parents of ugly children tend to not notice as much as the rest of us.
  • I don't go around judging the appearance of children, and... I'm not the parent of a phone.
  • I thought the LG G5 was ugly when I owned it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The only redeeming thing about my 950 is that it DOESN'T have a Mozo case on it. They're way too expensive, the branding is too big, and the leather/metal stuff is hideous.
  • It comes down to personal taste. I have the black and at least for me, it adds to the 950's appearance. It's also in a clear gel case, so the Mozo brand is just about invisible.
  • yeah, and it's an absurd $50+ that just isn't able to be defended. It's crazt-high pricing. I'd rather stick with what I can get for under $10, when that is the alternative for a "premium" brand that just isn't being reasonable. My $8 case from Amazon has protected my 950 perfectly so far (including when I dropped it onto hard flooring last week, which broke the corner of the case, but left the phone 100% unscathed), and my $4 one kept my Lumia 920 clean for 3+ years. From what I've seen, those added costs are really just about appearance, rather than legitimate protection or quality. $50 for a rubber back is nuts.
  • Cost me $37 for the back cover, $8 for the gel case. Since you don't like them, don't buy one. Just because that is your preference does not mean it should be everyone's preference. That is why alternative options exist.
  • I don't agree with buying a back case for $50 but I do agree with your point that it is your damned right to have that choice. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've got a similar setup for my 950.  The Black Leather Mozo with an Orzly FlexiCase over it.   "The more I look at it, The more I like it.  I do think it's good.  The fact is.. No matter how closely I study it  No matter how I take it apart  No matter how I break it down  It remains consistant.  I wish you were here to see it. I like it."
  • I have a brown leather cover with a transparent ultra slim gel case.
    You know the looks of a super modern leather sofa covered with a ridiculous plastic cover? It's awful!!
    However, the mozo doesn't offer any protection, and I really want my 950 to withstand dropping it to the floor (already happened so thank god...).
    Anybody with an idea what kind of cover protects AND let's the mozo look good?
  • Lol the day MS left carriers is the day they stopped paying accessories manufactures for these phones
  • But they don't cost $50+, I paid like $35 for mine, shipped. While that is still more than the norm, these backs do include real leather (or wood), QI/PMA coil and NFC antenna.
  • I'm speaking more to the polycarbonate ones. You can find them for under $50, but the from-Mozo prices are in Euros, and covert to north of $50. There's something to be added for special materials like wood and leather (though I still think $50+ is high), but when the plastic is the same price as those "premium" materials, it comes off as little more than brand-specific price gouging.
  • Why in the world should you need an expensive case to change the 'Appearance' of your flagship
  • Because it was available, I liked it, and bought it.  
  • Mostly because they're aesthetically boring phones.
  • Good on him. It's his money. I don't like the choice he made either but who are you to tell him that he can't? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where in any of these comments did someone suggest one SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED to make these purchases? I see statements questioning the pricing and the reasoning, but not once do I see anyone say that making these purchases should be illegal, or anything close to it. And, unsurprisingly, I see the diehards who don't enjoy civial, thoughtful discussion voting down comments for simply trying to engage in coversation. It's adorable the way these people will mock Apple users for their fanaticism, but won't bother to hold their brands of preference to any real standards.
  • If you go back to when you first replied, I said it was personal preference. You persisted, saying it was ridiculous and could not be justified. Well, my purchase is justified... by me. Enjoy your phone your way. So too will I.
  • None of what you said is my saying that the purchases shouldn't be allowed. That you bought it doesn't mean the price is justified, against the build costs. I still don't get why the world is so afraid of criticism. The whole "if you don't like it, don't buy it" response is so tired and useless. I'm not goign to ask your permission to enjoy my phone, nor am I going to grant permission to you. You can say "enjoy your phone your way," but that's not some moral trump card of the discussion. You don't need to justify your purchase to validate yourself, really. Instead, if you don't agree with my criticism, that's fine. If my argument is flawed, point it out. Otherwise, either add something to the discussion or don't bother replying. I'd rather not get an e-mail with useless junk replies. I'd rather they involve intelligent discussion.
  • Can you point out where I said you said such purchases shouldn't be allowed? I'd also love to see where I was 'sensitive' to criticism. I expressed an opinion I didn't believe the phones are ugly and that we all have our preferences.
  • You screwed up Kool Keith. Just bow out and move on
  • 950 is not at all ugly. It is just understating. I like that quite much. I do not want some golden phone with sparkling diamonds on it. It is light, functional and very comfortable to hold and use. With a mozo cover it gets nicer looking for those who like it (i do like both)
  • Well put. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Lumia 950's design, there's just nothing particularly right either. It doesn't look like a phone worth $500.
  • I felt that way when I held a prototype of the 950, but since picking up my own it's definitely a huge improvement. The design grew on me and now I prefer it over my old 930, but I still prefer the 950 XL design. When the original cover gets a bit worn or I get bored with black I'll pick up a Mozo cover to replace it. Never been a fan of phones you need to protect, but replaceable covers are great, all in I'm very happy with the phone so far after using as a daily driver for a few months. Posted from my Lumia 950
  • And what exactly does a phone worth $500 look like? It's more what you can do with it than what it looks like, imo. The only thing a rose gold phone says to me is that they ran out of functional ideas.
  • Colors are a good thing to have choice of but it's pink, damn it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What's wrong with pink lmao
    Posted via the WC App for W10M on Lumia 730
  • Couldn't have said it better myself, Fuchur84. I have a black one and rock the Ghostek case. Best case for 950XL bar none. $20. 950/xl owners should looku into it if u haven't already. EBay is cheapest coz ship is free unless u have amazon prime. Cheers.
  • This? Not a huge fan, but okay for a casual bumper case.
  • That's right. The LG G5 is an ugly phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Old school! Nice!
  • I'd sell that portion of the business too.
  • It was the part of the business having any value. Windows phones business has negative value. As with all liquidations, valuable parts are sold and the rest, well soon we know.
  • Looks like my old nokia 3110c..
    posted from amazing Lumia 950
  • Lol yeah. I miss its earphones.
  • Is this the surface phone??
  • Pfft lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android... I'm sorry
  • ROTFL.....LOL
  • You know what? That could actually be the case...
  • Hahahaha
  • Looks a lot llike my old Sony Ericson Walkman phone
  • Omg Sony Ericsson.You are too old my friend. :) ...
  • The Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is still one of my favorite designs... I'm old... thanks, man. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • oh,i still have the k810i,x8,x10,Arc S and the best phone I got was the idou with amazing camera.
    We getting old :)
  • NO
  • Relax mate
  • YES. I still have the thing.
  • I had two Sony Ericsons back in the day :D A K320i and a W200i. And I loved both :3 Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • I had a K300, W300 and a W580i, loved them all as well. Sent from a shiny electronic rectangle.
  • Well this is interesting. Would buy it in a heart beat just for the sake of it
  • Ditching the Nokia branding for Lumia's was one of the many stupid errors Microsoft have made. To have even contemplated the same with their feature phones shows how clueless Microsoft are in the mobile space.
    Nokia - a trusted phone brand
    Microsoft - a nothing phone brand.
  • It was just transitory lisence, MS had to ditch the brand. Then again they could have bought rights for longer lisence similarly to feature phones lisence.
  • It looks exactly like Nokia 230. Maybe it's just a rebranding or just a fake
  • Nokia 230 has got a bigger screen, this looks closer to Nokia 301, just with a chamfered edge
  • Looks almost exactly like a Nokia 301
  • What a mess - this Nokia sale!
  • That picture....thought I was looking at a mobile phone from 2003!
  • Don't destroy the Nokia brand by selling it's rights off. Dumb as hell.
  • According to Daniel Rubino in one of his comments on another news, Windows central is not focused on feature phones news. So how come ? :)
  • No, but they are focused on Microsoft news, which this article is.
  • So maybe you should also remind Daniel about that :)
  • i can see it's dual sim.
  • When I first look at the picture, I saw the nokia branding for just an instant.
  • This is the future of Windows mobile... Lol
  • Thank God they cancelled it.
  • Photo as fake as my gas gun.
  • Nobody actually buys these anymore, do they? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Walter White does.
  • Yeah, drug dealers... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Considering Microsoft sold, last quarter, 15 million of these Nokia-branded feature phones against only 2 million Lumias... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • According to Gartner that gives Windows phones hefty 0.7% market share. And of those 95% are lumias meaning that soon, when no more lumias, market share will be 0.0x%
  • My family has couple of those as backup phones. My friend just got 2 for her and her sister as backup phones.
  • As a microsoft fan, i like this, pls go on sale.
  • What is that cover image!?!? I thought this was April fools in may...
  • This is an early version of the new Surface Phone.
  • Everyone who bashed Nokia for selling out need to re think, the end result is Nokia ended up with a huge lump of $$ saving their bacon in the process, and MS finished up with 3/5ths of fk all.
  • It is beautiful!!!!
  • did we just time warp back to 1990? O.o
  • I wish a 3G version of the 130 released to America, that's a cute little phone...
  • My first phone was the Sony Ericsson T100, followed by the SE T230 ! I think I still might have them lying somewhere..The T100 cost me a good 150 dollars back in 2003
  • Whenever I see T100, I can't shake off Arnold Schwarzenegger of my mind and his Terminator vision.
  • Wow, even better looking than the 950
  • Terrible phone, $10 bargain bin at post office no doubt. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fascinating "news."  I've coughed up things more interesting than this. 
  • Crap
  • What the OS use on that phone?
  • S30 series (a variation of Symbian)
  • S30/40 are not Symbian based.
  • I think Microsoft has no restriction on making feature phone with their branding. They just sold Nokia branding. But I don't think they will do so.
  • why is everyone talking about how ugly the 950 is, this article is not about the 950 at all..
  • I'd sell a company that makes phones like this too. ASAP.