Images of reported Microsoft feature phone prototype leaked

Images of a reported feature phone prototype with the Microsoft branding have made their way onto the internet, a few days after Microsoft announced it was selling its feature phone business to a subsidiary of Foxconn for $350 million.

The images come from an account on the Badiu Chinese social network (via NPU) with the RM-1182 number. If these images are not faked (and we have no confirmation either way), it does seem interesting as Microsoft did have the rights to continue making feature phones with the old Nokia branding for a number of years before this week's sale announcement was revealed. However, with that sale, it would appear this prototype unit will not enter full production.

As we reported, Microsoft has now given up those Nokia branding rights to HMD, who will use them for a line of smartphones and tablets in addition to the continued sale of feature phones with the Nokia name.

John Callaham