India's Idea Cellular enables carrier billing for Windows Phone

It looks like Indian carrier Idea has enabled carrier billing for Windows Phone, which allows customers to purchase digital content from the Windows Phone Store with their phone balance. Several users on our forums have already confirmed that the option is now working for them, and if you're an Idea customer, head on over to the payment options on your phone to check if it is available for you.

Based on the discussion in the forums, it looks like Idea is the only carrier in the country that has the feature enabled. How many of you are interested in seeing carrier billing come to other cellular providers in the country? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Windows Central forums

Thanks Apurva for the heads up!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Wow! Finally something really amazing and new for idea users. :)
    Hope this comes to BSNL and Vodafone soon. :P
  • Vodafone has been a bitch to me, call drops and all those shit, so at least they should bring this to improve the experience.
  • It has happened with me too on Airtel. Its not just vodafone. This problem is with most of the networks. My calls drop, phone not reachable no network sometimes and more.
  • Word of advice : Call drops are due to 1) GSM "un available time slots" - means simply more user's in same cell tower area(Population of using phones). Well you should not experiance it in 3g mode because of CDMA technology. 2) Due to tall building. cannot be easly solved in months.  3) Other wireless devices could interfere wifi router, other phone's etc..,.  4) Speed of your travel(if your traveling more than 60kmph in 2G call drops) could also effect, but should be ok in CDMA or 3G.  or your phone antenna is not good enough to receive signals. Solution: Use 3G WCDMA could solve your problem. or simple hold your phone properly for good reception.   
  • actually all carriers in Mumbai have this call drop issue in the last few months for some reason itll show full signal etc but when you try to use data,make a call,text ,itll just give errors and call drop im on Idea 3G on my Lumia 720,airtel 3G on L820,vodafone 3g on nexus 5
  • I would love to see Vodafone supporting carrier billing and I am happy with their service. The problem is they have very bad coverage in many areas. Airtel is better in this matter but it's service is bad and internet packs are costly.
  • Sane thing here with Airtel. Data packages are expensive compared to other networks, plus coverage is poor too.
  • I have seen that Airtel and BSNL have best network coverage followed by Vodafone.
  • You are right
  • Call drops happen on every networks and due to congestion you also get cross calls. It matters how was the issue is resolved and I'm happy with the service provided by Vodafone and the offers I get with them. Happy being Vodafone customer for past 7 years.
  • Yes, I agree the customer service has been great, but I experience call drop every other time. And, I live in a metropolitan.
  • I am also a bsnl customer, i wish this come to it soon
  • Hey how how to use bsnl 3g on Lumia 730 ? Default apn or manual? I get H or E sign beside the network strength. But no internet.
  • Now this is great
  • Idea internet sucks
  • Come on dude, use 3g from idea, its fastest carrier ever know in india
  • Buying idea sim now
  • +620
  • Greaaaat.. Thanks to Modi
  • How is Modi responsibile for this?
  • Lol.... He was just being sarcastic
  • Modiji mentioned AndroidOne in one of his speech.
  • I missed his speech. What did he say about it?
  • modi is satyas cousin bro. pay in india
  • Idea internet lagaing to India ko na ullu banaing na......
  • Haha... Modi must have worked really hard for this.
  • Lol
  • This is great. Soon more carriers will bring this ability & then buying paid apps will be fun. :)
  • +Vodafone
  • You Indians need this. So many of you are always bitching about it, and rightly so.
  • And your from..?? Heaven..??
  • That honour killing is a historical and cultural thing present in both India and Pakistan. It should be brought to an end.
  • Mr.wam1q in entire world india is the peaceful country,... Don't make my hand itch, i will slap u until u agree this,,, :P
  • Nonsense.
  • It's peaceful if you're not a female, or of a lower caste.
  • And Mr. Wasp ye are from also heaven..??
  • Nope.
  • This is a tech site..Let's not flare up people on other issues..!! Agreed or want somethin bad..??
  • I have the right to say what I want to unless it doesn't hurt anybody. So I stand by what I have said. Nobody is going to be scared of your threats.
  • Ur words about india hurted me...
  • I am sorry, then.
  • You thing your US (or whatever country you are from is great?)
    Tell me more?
    It must be more developed but your country employs us Indians to run those companies that facilitate this development of yours. It's not true for only the US but for most western countries. Believe it or not. NASA has a very high (I think the highest proportion) proportion of employs who are Indians. Mind that, u ass.
    We Indians are one of the oldest civilizations of this world, we are one of the most diverse countries, we invented, arguably, mathematics, we invented, arguably, astronomy, we performed the first plastic surgery, we are those people who are still thriving after 200 years of colonialism. Colonialism done by you western countries. Whatever India is behind in is all because of you western asses who thought that it was your "responsibility" to civilize us. How can u all even think of that when u all are not civilized enough to respect another countries culture? Great people.
  • I said nothing bad about India. Nonetheless, for all the culture and history, the practice needs to stop. Don't be offended, all countries have historical and cultural problems. Some are more heinous than others.
  • Will you just shut up and go to sleep or have your breakfast or something?
  • Wow, what a retort from a retard.
  • Says one
  • Agreed. Indians are super-proud but they are reluctant to see and correct their historical/cultural problems.
  • "You Indians Need This" seeing this attitude of yours I think your culture might have developed but not you..!!
  • +1030 Malay Nice One Bro..!!
  • +920 dude.
  • " Whatever India is behind in is all because of you western asses" So westerners forced you to create child brides and the horrible caste system? Amazing!
  • Well said!
  • Do u even know India's history? How the westerns exploited India? How they took away India's resources?
    If they hadn't, in the present we would have a strong enough economy to compete with the US's and that economy would have helped Indians to build more schools, this boosting education which in return would have eradicated all these historical practices. After 200 years of colonialism and the state of Indian economy that the British left us in I think we have progressed a lot. A LOT LOT.
  • India able to compete with the US! Are you high? Obviously. Only Closest entity is the entire European union put together! Shit man, pick up a book.
  • So you mean we should respect the practice of "Suttee" or the Hindu "Caste system"? Unfair practices of any culture are not to be respected. The British did indeed "civilise" you Indians.
  • See
    Only some Indians are like that. Not all. I am from those who hates the caste system, who hates the sati (which is no longer present) practice, who hates female feticide, who hates India's education system, who hates how India is drowning in politics. So how can u say that "Indians" are historical criminals? There is a large percentage of Indians who don't believe in all this shit. How can u address all Indians? Btw, u know I am also a person who believes that the 26/11 attacks were not the doing of all Muslims but the work of those Muslims who wrongly interpreted Jihad.
    Don't blame me asshole. Go and talk to those Indians who believe in the historical practices, don't address all of us.
  • Though what you say is correct, but your name-calling doesn't help.
  • You deserve this name calling.
  • Good bless. That's all I can say if you think I deserve names. :)
  • Western countries are land of whores....
  • I am not from a Western country. ;)
  • And your momma is the queen.
  • I am Indian and I agree that the caste system and the such are a disgrace on this earth. But, your statement that the British "civilised" us is incorrect. They did no such thing. In fact, they weren't civilised themselves. Every country and culture has/had factors that is not very great. Do not attempt to single us out.
  • Of boy that escalated quickly
  • Shit! I had the balance but I activated internet with it.
  • Waiting for this here in Saudi Arabia
  • Keep waiting
  • Waiting for STC to do this. And they will In Shaa' Allah
  • In Sha'a Allah soon.
    STC announced this feature last week, Android is the first one to get it ... Hope Windows follows soon
  • Etisalat has this in the UAE.
  • Etisalat can be bitches mom uses a dual-sim android (sigh) and she kept the etisalat sim in the second slot for a few months without ever using it.....and then one fine day we receive a bill of AED 1021 X-(
  • You can try talking to them and see if they check the logs again.
  • I agree. When I happened to visit Dubai I took a SIM from them and activated data plan for 100AED and without I'm using the data I lost 80AED when I called their support they never helped me and was sarcastic in replying.
  • The thing is there is no other alternative operator. Du is lame and Etisalat is the only useable operator.
  • Me too!!!
    STC made it available for Android last week, hope Windows is up next
  • I thought this feature is exclusive for WP and Symbian
  • It used to be.
  • Yup but I need airtel
    . This ad d seriously sucks
  • +1
  • Still waaay better than Hunny Bunny XD
  • +2
  • Better than idea internet Jo lagaaving India ko no uloo banaaving......
  • Now a days In most of the colleges people study via internet only bro not by going to classes.  It is very innovative idea to make it as an Ad 
  • Aisa hai kya? Kyunki mere college me toh phone seize ho jata hai :-/
  • +DCRUST,MURTHAL Arra bhai to tu hi hain
  • aap RAHUL GANDHI hain 
  • Practically, yes. Camera Roll is the home for all my class notes :P :P
  • Camscanner FTW :-)
  • Hell yeah!!! :)
    And Office Lens too!
  • +1020
  • Damn
  • I had the billing option in Airtel for asphalt 8
  • Bro that is a free might be the in app purchases which is available in many Gameloft games.
  • That was for the IAP not for buying the game from the store.
  • For many other games too..!!
  • In- app purchases are possible because i made them once or twice on airtel.
  • No Idea. Get Idea!
  • I'm not able to buy anything .. I get an error
  • Hope Vodafone starts this soon..
  • +710
  • +630
  • +1020
  • Airtel needed!!
  • +1030
  • Hoping that it's Coming Soon (not Airtel, 1030)
  • Haha Lol..Waiting for the same..!!
  • Such as awesome way to welcome users to buy paid apps,but they should also bring in Vodafone
  • +Vodafone
  • An*
  • Bring tata Docomo too...
  • I have great need of this from TATA DoCoMo too
  • LOL You people still use DoCoMo
  • And ye still use a Nokia Lumia 710..!!
  • DoCoMo is a loser...
  • I am still using DOCOMO FROM LAST 4 YEARS... and didn't found any issue relating to Internet speed and costs or call costs.... It offers best network near my college and home
  • Bhai bahut zyada pareshan hoke maine last year DoCoMo ka SIM nikal ke phenk diya.
  • @Aman : India mein ek phone ko 3-4 saal use karna common baat hai bhai.
  • @TheFFK786 Jiss terh DroidOne bikk rahen hain..Toh 2-3 saal ho gaya hai ab..Lekin bhai kyuki ab WP 7.8 ka support bhi band ho gaya hai isliye kha..Aurr kuch nahi..!!
  • @Aman : Trying to add 20 to 710 (maybe after Feb 2015)
  • Nice choice bro..Hope ye get it soon..!!
  • Docomo? Their service sucks. If only I could convince my mom to give it up :(
  • +1
  • Docomo is the best when it comes to value for money data packs..i guzzle data because of Docomo's cheap rate and more data... You can't say the same for Airtel any other carrier... They all are shitty but at least Docomo doesn't charge a dime!
  • BSNL has cheaper data packs than Docomo and you also get good coverage, which Docomo doesn't provide. In Karnataka, BSNL provides 2GB of 3G data for a month for Rs. 251/-.
  • Tata Docomo sucks. Those Docomo people know only how to market and fleece customers, they don't know how to provide decent network coverage.
  • Come on Airtel.....
  • I hope this should also come on Reliance and Airtel soon
  • Me too
  • Airtel please please please! :'(
  • For over a year in Belgium already
  • Can't trust Indians to pay their bill.
  • Haha :p
  • Why not ?
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  • Ive read his comment too he made an Indian joke and you made a mom joke so I think its even now and I agree to stick to the comment, I didnt say anything about India I just said Belgium already has that for over a year
  • Am not saying anything to you..Just answering to your He's just joking'..!! What's an Indian joke BTW..Is that a common thing for ye..??
    It's not even yet..!! He made a remark about 1/6 of the world's population and I just for a single person..!!
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  • I said nothing wrong about Indians. Other than my joke about paying bills. So what?
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  • @peg leg, just tell us your country and we Indians will make great comments on your country : |
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  • +1 Sanjeet bro Looks like his kin is a lot famous on the internet then..!! :P :P
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  • Dude stop talking shit about people you dont know. 1 joke can be funny but stop calling people names India is the most important country for Lumia phones so go buy an Android and go talk shit on an Android forum
  • Mr. Montana, you did nothing wrong nor did I say you did. Have a nice day or night depending on your local.
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  • +930 Niceo boy
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  • +1 @Pratyush Nice one bro
  • I'm on your side Aman ;) +520 Remember me?
  • @rzkwp8 Ofcourse bro..!! No misunderstandings again..!! +520
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  • +520
  • +520
  • Aircel nd Vodafone please.. We need this
  • +710
  • LOL still using L710 :D
  • Haan bhai to kya hua?
  • Mere bhai pe bhi h ek L710 :P
  • Tu dono bhai toh nahi ho..??
  • Hum dono kya , tu bhi apna bhai hi to hain
  • Ofcourse bros..!! But I don't have a 710..!! :P :P
  • @Aman : Yes we are brothers. Pledge nahi yaad kya?? All the Indians are my brothers and sisters?
  • @TheFFK786 LOL Vo pledge abhi bhi yaad hai..!! Bhai agar thoda uppar wale comments mein help kardo..Anti-Indian remarks are there..!!
  • Ye lo bhai...! +800...still rocking one! :P
  • Ek aurr..!! BTW is this a girl..??
    @'RIA'+'NEXT'..?? Am confused a bit..!!
  • If she is girl then we aren't your(@rianext) bro :P
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  • Jaane do yaar...he wasn't really insulting us in the beginning...i think we might have taken it a little too sensitively...then things got aggressive and both sides messed up...:P
    I want no part in the argument...:D
  • We would have let him go away with this..But this is not the first time he's done that bro..He's insulting other from time to time..!!
  • Chhod na bhai ch**tiye apni ch**t mein ungli karke chillate rehte hain .... Let them shout .
  • True. I'm not upset. Just playing, perhaps a bit extreme? Accept my apologies?
  • Fellas please...rian= 'nair' inverted...ext= extreme...hope that clears it up.. :P
  • Bhai majak bhi nahi kar skte kya apne bhai k saath ab???
  • LOL So much into making a forum name..!! Nice one though..!!
  • Maine to mera purana Google username yahhan pe bhi use kar liya ..... Par wo google wala username banane ke liye kafi sochna pada tha ... To keep it unique.
  • LOL But seriously need your help up some comments..!! He has taken to gods now..!!
  • I said I was just playing.
  • @Peg: we accept the apology...but if this is your idea of playing, then clearly its beyond our comprehension what the humour was in all that you said...
    Perhaps you are used to taking pot shots at each other over in your country and take it all lightly...but we are from a different background and culture...there are things that are sensitive to us sometimes for the simple reason that the insult thrown at us may be true to some extent in our country and its something all of us are trying to denounce and have no hand in...
    So be careful what you joke about...this site has a lot of people from different backgrounds...not everyone will get your 'jokes'...
  • The guy is apologising now...let it go mate...there are other ppl reading this doesn't look good on us even if we started by defending ourselves...totally felt that the whole thing got outta control when I read that stuff...
  • It's been there for a long time
  • All the major carriers should follow this move. Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL we are waiting
  • This is really good news.... Airtel need to do.... Bcoz it's largest telecom operator in India....
  • Airtel and Vodafone needed!!!
  • Fantastic option for Indian users. This should be the way forward for the users who has not yet connected their cc or who is worried of connecting their cc. Wonderful alternative payment mode.
  • I connected my Visa DC, but MS doesn't seem to accept it at all
  • Credit cards buddy...
  • My Federal Bank VISA Debit card works just fine with Store!
  • Got Karnataka Bank. Tried everything, no luck.  
  • Sorry for you! I'm not sure why it didn't work, I thought all the visa credit/debit cards work. Have you tried contacting the bank?
  • Vodafone come on...
    Even idea did that!!
  • Yeah Vodafone should be the next one.
  • Indians rocking for the first time I saw.... I was bored with U.S carrier news everytime
  • I hope my country will support carrier billings very soon. much easier to support developer don't you think?
  • Hope airtel bring this using entropay for now but after 1 month if airtel don't bring this only idea cellular for me. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Bring it on Vodafone!!!
  • Lumias come with Vodafone internet offers when we go to buy new phones. But Vodafone is continuously ignoring WP. I asked them about Vodafone Music app for WP and they said that they even don't have any plans for it.
  • That's a sad news, bro :(
    I have a credit card but most of my friends don't (they're all on either Airtel or Vodafone). They always wanted carrier billing on WP.
    And sadly, most of the operators / carriers always have a negative aspect for Windows Phone no matter what.
  • Idea rocks!! Lucky me, having Idea. :)
  • K buddy but mere paas na Idea ka coverage achha hain na Vodafone ka. Tab bhi Vodafone leke fasa hua hun. Dusri jagahon pe Vf ka coverage achha hai.
  • Ya its showing
  • Buuuhuuu to other operators...!!
  • Time for portability :)
  • Airtel ?
  • I have already paid for apps via Reliance prepaid
  • How
  • Wow..... ..
  • This is what I want here in Philippines. Our carriers support billing like this on Android. Sucks that Globe doesn't support WP though they always sell WP phones.
  • What is 'wp phones'?????
  • WP phones = Windows Phone phones.... Technically the correct term... That is, until W10 hits. Then it'll be W10 for phones. :P
  • The name of the OS is "Windows Phone OS" and the phone is "Windows Phone". "Windows Phone phone" is wrong.
  • Really, English is most likely not his first language. Leave em alone.
  • BSNL sucks really :(
  • Wow..finally..
  • Airtel pleaseeeeeee
    Then I can just recharge my phone to buy MCPE on bday :D
  • Please Vodafone do this :(
  • Need BSNL !!! :( :(
  • Tata Docomo will do it.. They listen to their customers.. :)
  • Now when you have a dual sim windows phone why not get the other carrier sim simply for the second slot rather than waiting for it to come at your network operator.
  • Bad luck not on idea... Time to port in....
  • Time for Vodafone,DoCoMo and BSNL to come up with this facility :))
  • Good. Unfortunately Idea doesn't provide 3G network in Mumbai circle.
  • Wow! I'm switching to idea right away!
  • Airtel.... Make this happen fast....
  • Wait
    He needs a file explorer when we have files for free?
  • PFM is more than just a file browser. Its a full fledged FTP server as well. The best part is it allows seamless cut, copy & paste between the local file system and among different clouds. Try it for yourself. :)
  • Reliance had carrier billing feature way before
  • Exactly.. My friend made an in-app purchase through Reliance 3G months back...
  • It is for in app purchase not for apps or games purchase.
  • Good move IDEA... What an idea sirji...
  • Thats really a good option, i wish bsnl will soon bring this....
  • Superb!!
  • Saying India is the only country that has open the portal to pay WP digits with phone balance is not true. Things already happened in China several days ago, maybe even week before. People can pay for the digital content from WP Store with carrier CMCC.
  • I'm waiting to Harish to show us how to do this on an article he have to make for us.
    Because I'm on the US region with US English and US Store. I have Idea SIM, and I'm living on India having my Lumia 1520. What should I do to get this guys please help me?
  • Same problem here. :(
  • Which city you are living on bro?
    I'm at Saharanpur/UP WEST
  • Here how I got it 1. Change the region to India
    2. Change the Language to India (English) or Hindi
    Settings>Language>Add languages
    3. Get a GooD internet connection, then check for update under (Phone Update)
    Settings>Phone Update You will see an update for the Indian Language/region, download the update then restart the phone when it ask to. (it's about 10-15MB) After the restart go to the store and try to purchase anything, and try again and again until you see the idea icon. (I got it from the 2nd time)
  • As your Talktime balance is in ₹ not in $.
    Change your region back to India and restart your phone then move to store that's it.
  • Your are right bro. But I did what you said again and again, and I see the Indian rupees, but nothing, I don't see the idea payment. Please help me guys. Is it because I am living in Saharanpur/UP WEST, and not in Delhi or any other main city?
  • Here is how to do it
    1. Change the region to India
    2. Change the Language to India (English) or Hindi
    Settings>Language>Add languages
    3. Get a GooD internet connection, then check for update under (Phone Update)
    Settings>Phone Update You will see an update for the Indian Language/region, download the update then restart the phone when it ask to. (it's about 10-15MB) After the restart go to the store and try to purchase anything, and try again and again until you see the idea icon. (I got it from the 2nd time)
  • I suppose carrier billing is also available through Reliance. My friend made in-app purchase through his prepaid balance, over Reliance GSM 3G
  • Would greatly appreciate this feature if it comes to my country Nigeria, so many apps I would like to purchase
  • IDEA no ULLU banaving no ULLU banaving. Worst network but is giving good features
  • If Airtel gets it cool
  • I really want to see Airtel enable carrier billing for windows phone,I want to purchase many games, but can't because in India credit card penetration is so low we have debit cards more.
  • I always need this feature and was happy when microsoft told they are working with carriers all over the wold to incoporate carrier based billing for purchasing apps. But only Idea got it :(. India's most popular BSNL has to get it, and hope it will be real soon.. 
  • Want it in Tata DoCoMo
  • Off topic but can Microsoft Pakistan sign the same deal with Mobilink in Pakistan? Pretty please!
  • Hear! Off topic but anyway
  • Not reported by WC, so not true!
  • Completely different topic, but does anybody know why I am not getting Cortana anymore, here in India? And of course, my region is USA and I were using cortana before sometimes. But when I tried to activate it some days before, my phone seems to be completely forgotten about her (cortana). Any ideas??
  • Maybe you have to turn on Location as I think
  • Sorry, I've been bit busy. Anyway, thanks bro, I never thought of that. I will give it a try. :-)
  • I have heard somewhere,some days ago that Reliance is going to have carrier billings enabled very soon.
  • Upps !!I think it's already available through Reliance GSM.
  • Keep it up..
  • Finally!...i hope airtel follows soon
  • Airtel plz
  • Airtel needs this.. Soon. It will go well with it's current promotional schemes too.
  • Airtel please
  • If Airtel, I will buy 5$ apps every month
  • BSNL COME ON......
  • BSNL....pleaseee
  • Who does still have edge connection? 4G for the win!
  • +1520
  • Hoping for reliance and Airtel..
  • Hope Airtel bring this too. Will be interesting
  • would be cool to see it on MTN CYPRUS
  • Yeahhh
  • Aircel... Please do it!!!
  • DoCoMo......
  • I will stop piracy and buy all apps if it comes to Airtel as I don't have card.
  • Ppl @ Airtel are busy eating our, they don't have time for this :P;-)
  • I would really like to see other carriers enabling this feature especially Vodafone or aircel
  • Expect this to happen on other carrier ..because that would be great
  • Yeah..i hav got an idea
  • If is very useful
  • Vodafone where art thy? :P
  • This option should be enabled everywhere.
  • How?... I can't find this option to purchase app in my Lumia store
  • Here how to do 1. Change the region to India
    2. Change the Language to India (English) or Hindi
    Settings>Language>Add languages
    3. Get a GooD internet connection, then check for update under (Phone Update)
    Settings>Phone Update You will see an update for the Indian Language/region, download the update then restart the phone when it ask to. (it's about 10-15MB) After the restart go to the store and try to purchase anything, and try again and again until you see the idea icon. (I got it from the 2nd time)
  • This should be on every carrier in Africa and some part of Asia along with South America and remote places in Europe, Is should be a standard. Nice going I want it in Nigeria.
  • I'm not getting the Idea payment option
    I live in Saharanpur/ West UP
    Please Harish show us how to do this PLEASE
  • 1. Change the region to India
    2. Change the Language to India (English) or Hindi
    Settings>Language>Add languages
    3. Get a GooD internet connection, then check for update under (Phone Update)
    Settings>Phone Update You will see an update for the Indian Language/region, download the update then restart the phone when it ask to. (it's about 10-15MB) After the restart go to the store and try to purchase anything, and try again and again until you see the idea icon. (I got it from the 2nd time)
  • Wallet works absolutely fine for me. All purchases with VISA/MasterCard secure pay. But this is a welcome thing. BSNL wake up.
  • I used to use Idea as my service provider before porting to BSNL for 3G network (no Idea 3G in Karnataka) and cheaper call rates. Wish I hadn't done it now. :( Hopefully, carrier billing for Windows Phone is supported by BSNL soon.
  • Thanks WP central. Now this is what we wanted instead of the credit card option.Kudos Idea.And btw it is working.
  • Which city you are on bhai?
  • First of all make sure u have all the correct settings like Keyboard to English (India), Region to India, Language to English (India). Go to the store and hit buy option. Then if u dont see idea hit "Add or Switch payment option". Then select Idea. Now there's a catch. I was trying to purchase using my wifi internet connection. If u r doing the same then u will not be able to purchase successfully. U have to use idea internet for making the purchase then only u will be able to make the purchase successfully. I hope this helps
  • Aha. I was wondering what the heck is happening? Why is it not getting it through wifi? I tried through mobile internet & voila! It worked. Has Microsoft or Idea done this with a reason in mind?
  • great
  • Been to hell, your family is sitting at the edge of the streets panhandling. The payment they desire is sodomy.
  • Thanks for the reply...
    I am going to try it now
  • Welcome bro ;)
    Tell me if its worked with you or not bhai
  • Haha, i couldn't find a WiFi yet to update in my city. I think i have to visit Delhi once.
  • The phone didn't asked for a Wi-Fi with me, because the update it just 10-15MB
    It looks like you have more than just a language update.
    GooD Luck bhai BTW, which city you are living at?
  • It didn't ask, i assumed..
    I thought after update i ll have to install all the apps again(i have 221 on my lumia) and that could be expensive on cellular
    If its only 15 MB here we go
    Thanks a lot
    Btw i live in a town in bijnor district, UP
  • All apps will remain the same don't worry, it's not a major update, just a small update for localization
    I am living at Saharanpur/UP
    Welcome ;) bro
  • WANT!
  • Great move by Idea and Microsoft. I am about to buy new idea sim. Guys plz reply me if u r on idea and able to successfully purchase apps and games.
  • I have an idea prepaid SIM and I'm able to purchase via idea payment, then it cuts from my balance
  • Thanks dude.
  • Here how to pay via idea if you use US store
    1. Change the region to India
    2. Change the Language to India (English) or Hindi
    Settings>Language>Add languages
    3. Get a GooD internet connection, then check for update under (Phone Update)
    Settings>Phone Update You will see an update for the Indian Language/region, download the update then restart the phone when it ask to. (it's about 10-15MB) After the restart go to the store and try to purchase anything, and try again and again until you see the idea icon. (I got it from the 2nd time)
  • I use to use the US store, and after changing it to India's store, I couldn't pay via idea, then I got an update via Phone Update, after the update I'm able to pay via update