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India's leading television show, Comedy Nights with Kapil, finally arrives on Windows Phone

Comedy Nights with Kapil (CNWK) is an Indian sketch comedy show that features celebrity guests in a talk show format. Conceptualized and anchored by Kapil Sharma, the popular stand-up comic from India, it is one of the leading television shows in India across genres.

While there has been a CNWK app for iOS and Android for a while, the app has finally made it to the Windows Phone Store. The app is one stop destination for fans of Kapil Sharma or the show and allows you to catch up on all missed episodes and engage around your favorite show.

Comedy Nights with Kapil

The app features complete past episodes of the show and a timeline with exclusive images with polls and contests. It's a great way to follow the show and the team behind the scenes – a real treat for the fans. The app packs in a section featuring the popular characters from the show. Users can follow their favorite characters and catch their exclusive bytes.

There's also a chat section which allows fans to chat with the cast and other fans. It's a little clumsy to chat in a linear, public chat with little context, but fans engage nonetheless, with chat stickers based on the show's characters.

Judging from the show's popularity and the pop culture recall of the show's characters and punchlines, a lot of Windows Phone users in India will be excited to have the official CNWK app on their phones. It's not just focused on the show, but complimented by great, fun content with a social aspect to it. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

QR: Comedy Nights with Kapil

  • Yesssssss
    Baabaji ka thullu..... ;)
  • Aeee Damad Jiee
  • Wow !!
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  • Welcome back Abhishek!
    Where were you dude?
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  • At least , Indian Devs are not forgetting WP
  • Nyt
  • We got Babaji ka thullu wala app. (not complaining)
  • Okay I hate this show now. It used to be great, now its just stupid double meaning jokes.
  • Up vote
  • Be happy Just for the sake of windows phone platform!
  • You are thoughtful.
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • Wow! Indian Devs! Windows platform supporters!! They put the app on when the show just got too old and flop! But still we cheer! #alwayshappywp users!
  • This ^ ^. Happy for the platform though.
  • yea, the show is no longer funny, just filled with some stupid jokes...
  • Long time, Abby. Were you on sabbatical? :P
  • Great..... Really nice show.
  • Where is Daniel?
  • Vacation.
  • Anybody else having crash issues?
  • Yes, but when login with FB. Otherwise fine.
  • No new indian app release=no baxi's app= new article from baxi
  • I know there's a Pakistani show just like this, but with the same 3 people on every time. Any guesses?
  • I want jabardasth show... A Telugu one...
  • Check the EtvIndiaTelugu page on YouTube.
  • I Love Comedy Nights with Kapil show , As this is the one show I rather watch it over and over. But On windows phone, I am kinda not good enough to watch it. As this doesn't provide you watch in HD, while other video quality seems to me not good enough to watch my fav show. Thinking to give it a shot.
  • "Finally arrives", LOL. Yeah, this is what Windows Phone was missing! /s
  • ^^ This. +1520
  • No we need Mosquitoes Repellent App to complete Windows Phone App Store .
  • Of course! /s\ & /not s\
  • Comedy Nights with Kapil is one of the most popular shows in India with highest ratings across hundreds of channels and programs, you won't understand the importance sitting in another country on your high horse!!
  • And it is also the worst. Sexist, peurile jokes, regularly offending women, transgenders and all. And along with the obnoxious Siddhu. Yeah this is the 'best' show indeed.
  • It is the highest rated show and gets the highest TV ratings and audience in a large market like India and this is what matters in the end, your personal perference on sexuality and morality will not define the kind of jokes people make or like.   Also, you are not able to handle this mild Kapil, hope you don't come across AIB or Russel Peters otherwise you will be offended to death :)
  • Haha. You didn't understand my point one bit. The fact that something like this faces no objection from the moral police while a show like AIB does was my point. It conforms to our patriarchal mindset and sexist attitudes. And you seriously compared Russell Peters to this ? He who tries breaking stereotypes in almost every show of his, and calls out such attitudes as exemplified by the show! I m sorry but you dont seem to have a discerning perspective. :/
  • LMAO, you are again going on your patriarchal, sexist, homophobia bullshit drivel instead of understanding my point which i have clearly detailed in the above comments if you cared to read instead of peddling your sexual, political ,emotional agendas here.
    The fact is that Comedy Nights with Kapil is amongst the highest rated shows in the third largest television market in the world with highest TRP's and consequently popularity and mindshare. So , the release of this app helps windows ecosystem in a massive way.
    And regarding your political, sexual and emotional agenda here, lets get this straight, AIB and Russell Peters peddle much more racist, sexist and homophobic jokes but the only reason they are considered jokes and not offensive by the so called intelligentsia is that they are in English and Kapil is in Hindi, i watch all the three as comedy medium and enjoy all three of them. 
    If some people don't like any show then they are free to switch off the TV or change channels/websites instead of labelling others with names just because you don't feel they align with your agendas or thinking.
    If anybody thinks any program is too  offensive, then there are legal ways to complain about online stuff and TV stuff can be complained much more easily by emails to broadcasters complaint forum.
  • Windows phone should be renamed "India Phone" ,, It's all about India, or "when in India"
  • If Windows phone doesn't take off in India or China, it will have a very tough time surviving as a platform.
  • Oh Mr. What is your problem? If you don't like to read article about India, don't read it. Its your problem not windows centrals. When any India related article come, you dumb are also comes to put your nose on it.
  • It's my right to post, what I'm thinking. Its my opinion. You have to understand, what I'm saying, and then reply. I said only right things. All microsoft does , it's only for india. And Dumb is only you !
  • Your comment proves what you are? And dumb is you if you think what you said right.
    Microsoft care about India because they are not dumb like you. Apple did not care because apple already have the market of USA. And we also don't care about apple.
  • If you don't like India related articles, don't read it. That's simple. But your behaviour proves you never use your brain
  • Lol your logic -_- I've seen so many people using iPhones in India so they should change thier name too ?? Right ?? xD
  • :D Apple supports India as much, as microsoft ?
  • What you expect man ... Windows phones are great success in India so if they support India then I don't find this wrong xD but that doesn't mean people other than India won't use wp :)
  • You can conclude it from Microsofts 3% Marketshare ;)
  • In India, 10 wp compared with 50 android and 1 iphone
  • Here in Armenia ther are 1 people using Wp in addition to 150 android or iPhone users,, and it's everywhere
  • Hahahah really?
  • Yea,,Seriously
  • ful khile hay gulshan gulshan...
  • Here same burger coast to coast...very boring!...but in India every hundred meters food, dress, culture everything changes... is so facinating.. loved my few years in India...
  • That's great to know, Paul. Hope you'll visit again soon.
  • Finally.... Video playing problem...
  • How about Kapil Sharma rousting the show AIB....
  • We need more India related articles. Abhishek you missed some new releases of banking apps
  • Which new banking apps came in?
  • U-mobile(union bank of India), all mobile(Allahabad bank), IndusMobile
  • SBI has two apps - Freedom and Plus. We have only the Freedom app. It works but can definitely use some overhaul.
  • Awesome!!!
  • Here Windows has a good brand name. And Nokia is always a trusted brand. So you see this ❤ to windows.
  • Shagun ki pappi dedho isko !! App gap lessening at least so far as Indian apps are concerned.
  • Wow finally Kapil arrives on wp ... Lol :)
  • There are SO MANY "Comedy Nights" knock-offs in the store, took me a while to find it without using the link here.
  • Nice, will make a lot of folks happy.