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Indonesian mobile operator Telkomsel releases official Windows Phone app

Indonesian mobile operator Telkomsel ( has released an official Windows Phone app. The app, much like other solutions from mobile operators in other regions, enables customers to activate Internet packages, reload and transfer balances, receive promotions and account notifications.


Should you be a post-paid customer, the app will enable you to obtain details related to billing, your general profile, service activation, email address and more. If you have an account with the mobile operator, we recommend you check out the official app.

You can download MyTelkomsel from the Windows Phone Store for free (region restricted). Thanks, PlayNow, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Now black is available for 820 n above in India
  • Black is available for Lumia 1020, 925 and 920 in Indonesia.
  • Indeed, it's here. I'm downloading right now in the morning. Too bad, no Wifi at my office, had to wait until I back home to continue. Finish it tonight, yeah.
  • Thanks bro... As soon as I read  this, I check my phone update. And I just finished updating Black. Glance 2.0 with notification works as advertised. Cooooool....!!! Checking other features...
  • I'm on Telkomsel and I have just known that the app exists from WPC...epic lol
  • is your friend buddy. I know this app just a minute ago.
  • How is wps selling in Indonesia?
  • We are catching up as far as i know, i notice more and more people adopt lumias.
  • Currently AFAIK 4 out of 850 of my colleagues are using WP, up from 1 last year, when I bought my 920 :-) that's 300% growth :D
  • The growth is steadily fast. More and more people jumped in to WP realm. Heck even my brothers are all WP users (me and two brothers, albeit one of them still using 7.8 ones).
  • And pricing compared to us?
  • I think lumias are cheaper here in Indonesia than in India. Must be the import tax. I had stayed in downtown Pune back then and cellphone price tag around my place was like Rs.500-1500 higher than in my country.
    In regards with Lumia sales, I think they're okay. I hear Lumia ringtone in public places more often recently. Number of app reviews on popular apps also significantly increasing. We're expecting 1320 to be released real soon. :)
  • Too bad the app doesn't adhere to Metro. But still, it's a very nice addition to the catalogue.
  • loh, ente nongol disini juga? lama ya gak ngobrol di tabpul. LOL
  • Buset dah
  • Wowthere are many indonesia people, saya juga orang indonesia :v
  • Hadir...
  • Ckakakaka...anjrit busted...ente sapa di tabpul masbror
  • wkwkkw...piss.. :D
  • There is an AirTel app for AirTel users in India...
  • Ok
  • That's nice to have, now I can use the app for checking my usage
  • Indosat is way better period :P
  • T-Sel network is a bit crowded in big cities and sometimes their 3.5G network response is downright slow in some areas. However, in some remote areas in eastern Indonesia, T-Sel is the only operator.
  • 3 is better and cheaper. And i always get H+ with MbakTri. Harga pelajar cyin :V
  • Good, now please take off the other junks from the Store, Telkomsel.
  • Much better compare to that telkomsel mobi thingy. All I need now is Bank Mandiri app, then my local day-to-day lifestyle needs would complete. BII is the only official local bank app, came to Store last week in case no one noticed (no reviews yet). Hopefully Bank Mandiri & BCA will catch up soon.
  • Couldn't agree more. Here, banking apps still doesn't see mobile app as a viable access for customers. If Bank Mandiri could join in, that would be a great deal for me :)
  • Wait, isn't there already "Bank Mandiri SMS" app? Or it isn't the kind that you want?
  • Current Mandiri app is not official. Is there actually somebody wanna use an unofficial app for banking? I won't. Moreover, it's just a wrapper of SMS Banking, not true Mobile Banking. And the last time I checked, it didn't work due to the outdated SMS format.
  • telkomsel keren ya, udah muncul appnya yang laen mana nih, jangan ampe kalah :)
  • Gimana kalau XL? XL satu" nya yang support pembayaran untuk apps juga kan? Ayo XL!
  • Indosat, tsel dan XL support payment. Tri ada BimaTri. Tinggal indosat nih
  • XL (Xlalu lambat)
  • Well, it is too late for Telkomsel, still Tri have a better Services in Indonesia
  • +1020
  • such new, but i didnt like the UI. Telkomsel always serve Slow connection Internet for phone.