Ink Calendar lets you scribble your next appointment right on your Windows 10 screen

Occasionally, someone creates an app so intuitive that you wonder why Microsoft didn't do it first. Ink Calendar from JoeFinApps first this category and as its name implies it's a straight up calendar app for Windows Ink.

Costing $2.99 with a 14-day free trial Ink Calendar is simple and yet well done. The app runs on PC, Mobile, Holographic, and Hub with a pen, mouse cursor, or just touch-drawing.

Ink Calendar with light theme and some options.

Ink Calendar with light theme and some options.

Launching the app, you jump right to the current month. From there, you just use the standard Windows Ink toolbar with a pen, highlighter, eraser, undo, and touch/mouse drawing options. A full-screen button lets the app stretch its legs for a more immersive experience.

For settings, there are light and dark themes, an option to customize your background image (which gets a nice translucency effect when behind the calendar) and the ability to add a margin to the bottom of the calendar for notes. There is even the ability to set "draw with cursor and touch by default," which is ideal for non-touch PCs or Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Various settings found in Ink Calendar let you add customization.

Various settings found in Ink Calendar let you add customization.

Unfortunately, the calendar does not hook into your Microsoft Account, which would be cool for importing your existing dates. As is, Ink Calendar is a standalone system, but you can at least share or print the schedule.

While not for everyone, I could envisage a wall-mounted PC in the kitchen with Ink Calendar running, perfect for the modern family. Maybe someday Microsoft will make something similar if it goes ahead with its Home Hub plans.

Download from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'll be surprised if Microsoft doesn't incorporate this idea within the next year.  p.s. I've been hoping for a home-hub family computer for a few years now. Maybe something in the 24" range, in a 16:10 or 3:2 aspect ratio that supports touch, inking and voice input; and have it on an articulating arm mount in the kitchen. It would show a family calendar or the day's agenda, along with the weather and maybe a little photos tile that rotates through recent pictures; or have a live tile interface that supports extra large tiles designed for viewing from 6-10 feet rather than 2-3 feet.
  • The only pen that I have is for my 12" HP 2-in-1 but that screen is a little small to read at a distance.  But I suppose I could connect it to a larger screen for remote viewing.  Either way, it looks interesting.
  • This is one of those times when you hear of a new app, try it, and use it forever.. This app is great, and it just replaced my calendar importing into OneNote for work... Perfect! Exactly what I needed!!!!!!!!
  • Home hub would be nice.  But I cant even get my kids to use the outlook account I created for them.  My wife and kids use the iPhone.  Noone wants to share a calendar.  No matter how much I try they see no benefit in sharing info that helps with the logistics of running a family.
  • 'There is even the ability to set "draw with cursor and touch by default," which is ideal for ... Windows 10 Mobile devices.' Isn't that a terrible sentence to have to write? We still don't have pen support on Windows Mobile. At least we still haven't got it back. Had it in Pocket PCs and WM the first time. Stylus support at least, HWR, etc. I'll be surprised if we ever get it back. Just amazes me that MS can't see the value in a notepad sized device (a phone) with pen support and OneNote. Imagine pulling out your Lumia, clicking the top of your 'Surface Pen', and jotting a note in OneNote, or Sticky Notes.
  • Hey, InkCalendar developer here. I really appreciate this post! Also just fyi I'm planning on syncing the calendars, and eventually adding calendar integration. Finishing up on the ability to cut/copy/paste ink right now. I should be pushing that update this week! If anyone has any questions/comments hit me up on twitter @TheJoeFin