Instagram sharing app Instagraph gets priced, available later today for Windows Phone 8

The wait is over. Instagraph, the unofficial Instagram posting client for Windows Phone 8, will be available to be downloaded in the Store within the next 12-24 hours as it has now been published.

The app does have a nominal price of $2.49 with no free trial  to help support the server investment by the developers. Currently, only Windows Phone 8 is supported but Venetasoft do plan on bringing Windows Phone 7.x backing in the future (see the FAQ printed below). In addition, at least initially users will only be able to upload 3 photos a day to Instagram via the service in order to ensure that capacity is not overrun, resulting in extraordinary upload times. That number will be increased as more servers are brought online in the coming weeks.

While the status of an official Instagram app for Windows Phone remains elusive, Windows Phone 8 fans will now be able to post to their pre-existing Instagram accounts using the Instagraph client. Later, the developers plan to support Instagram account-creation through the app directly.

Instagraph Instagram client for Windows Phone 8

The service works by indirectly posting your photos to Instagram via Azure servers, bypassing Instagram’s locked-down API access. Surprisingly, the method they use does not violate Instagram’s terms-of-service, meaning we do not expect this to be “shut down” any time soon (neither do the developers who have a lot riding on this financially, in addition to their reputation).

The app itself, as we detailed in our mini-review, does not allow one to browse or even directly edit their Instagram pics (there are numerous third party apps that already do this on Windows Phone). Instead, it serves merely as a conduit to post to Instagram natively from a Windows Phone 8 device.

The app is powered by Aviary photo editor, which is not the same filter as Instagram but in many ways better (more filters, more editing options) and let’s be honest, it’s not too hard to mimic Instagram’s look.

A full FAQ has also been posted about Instagraph, which should go far in answering some user concerns of the app and service. Keep in mind, this is version 1.0, meaning this is only the beginning.

Regarding versions for Windows Phone 7.x users and more, we can share the following:

  • WP7 version is near to being sent to certification
  • WinRT version has exited beta release
  • WP8 and WP7 new versions with the Registration feature (WinRT will have it at initial release)
  • All their (other) Apps are free for a week

We'll update this story when the link is live for the app, though it should not be too much longer now (due to concerns of being overwhelmed, the developers are being extra cautious about hyping the release too much).



Why it is not official Instagram?

  • Well, we cannot do anything about it 
  • We asked them to release a WP version, as we are WP users and enthusiasts too, then we asked for the complete API set, but without success, so we felt abandoned and started working on Instagraph.

Why is it not possible to create a new Instagram via Instagraph ?

  • Instagram accounts can only be created directly from iOS and Android devices currently, due to Instagram access restrictions.
  • The next Instagraph update adds this feature for WP devices.

Why is it not possible to see post or comment ?

  • Instagraph in its first releases will only cover important features missing from other Instagram Apps. You can use other beautiful Apps such as WPGram and Metrogram for this, or even the web browser. Once installed, Instagraph is integrated into the "share" and "edit" menus, so it is super easy to share pictures from other sources or Apps too.

Will a WP7 version be available?

  • Yes, and a WinRT version is en-route too

Does Instagraph use Instagram API?

  • No.
  • We don't spoof, sniff, alter or "hack" Instagram calls to their web services in any way.
  • Nor have we emulated, reverse engineered, disassembled or altered any Instagram App on iOS or on Android.
  • Instagraph is completely compliant with Instagram terms and policies, as we did it legally.

Why do we need to enter username and password on settings page, and not on classic oath web page?

  •  Instagraph does not use Instagram API,so direct Oath authentication is not needed.

Is privacy preserved?

  • Your data is HTTPS encrypted, all network communications between apps and services are SSL secured.
  • We delete an image immediately after being successfully submitted to Instagram.

Have you been helped/supported/funded by Microsoft or Nokia to build this App?

  • No, Microsoft only certified it to prove Instagraph is legal, secure, and it does not violate your privacy.
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Neato
  • Yup! The developers must be geniuses for actually finding a way. Can't wait to grab this app!
  • I Love the way WP8 lets apps feel like add ons , imagine using Metrogram and then sharing your picture using this app , its amazing and it kind of feels like the N9 settings back in the day where apps became amazing new settings in a way.
  • Nope.
    Venetasoft loses no damn reputation because no one outside of WP enthusiasts will remember that name. Microsoft loses reputation for looking like idiots with this app being pushed on the forefront. Shame on WPCentral for acting as advertising for this overpromising, underdelivering app.
  • Wow man 3 photos a day.....for that price
  • Azure servers are not cheap. Each upload will cost them, The devs need to lock/limit this, at least until they can analyze and see. I don't see them making money by only charging 2.49. Be happy they aren't charging a subscription fee.
  • I would rather have that so i can upload unlimited but i understand its a work around. So we will see
  • If you dont kill Azure Servers today, or Instagram does not (physically) kill us, this limit will be removed very soon :)
  • Okay so it will be worth 2 dollars
  • How often do you upload more than that anyway? Il be surprised if I upload more than 3 a week.
  • Well since i just made an account and it has no photos i would want to upload more first day
  • I have no problem with 3 photos a day, but I really hope they but this notice in bold in the app summary or something, otherwise I can see lots of 1 star reviews happening.
  • I agree. I'll pass and just keep using my tab 2 to upload as much as I want for free. I can wait for a free official app. Thanks to the devs for this but at this price, with such limited capabilities, I'll pass.
  • I find it amazing people find $2.49 expensive when devs spend so much time on these things. I appreciate the upload limit or reduced functionality being a reason to not be interested though
  • Id gladly pay 2 something to help out with servers. That being said since i will be helping out i should get unlimited uploads
  • It's all relative since other OSes get unlimited uploads for free.
  • The limitations the full APP has is something i would expect from a trial version of the app not a full version. But i guess its better then nothing and $2.49 is something i can live with.
  • I also hate paying for a work around and then have the official app come out....then it was a total waste of money
  • Its not a waste of money. The devs found a way despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Support talented devs who support the platform you use is a very positive thing and really is the type of support other devs look at when deciding to support a smaller platform.
  • I bought it
  • I don't mind paying for good apps and games, seriously. I prefer that over having ads destroy the look and feel by eating up too much screen real estate. But paying for a 3rd party service, which could be broken any minute by Hipstergram themselves and which doesn't yet offer more than uploading images altered with a web based photo editing service? No thanks.
  • Ditto.
  • Did you not read this. After getting instagraph, you'll be able to upload using other third party apps like wpgram. I think it's a fair deal
  • I did read that. Still doesn't change a thing about the fact that Instagraph itself doesn't offer browsing, commenting and so on, thus renders it useless as a full Instagram app. I wouldn't mind that if the app ran for 0.99 or something, but when I have to pay 2.49, I expect it to be complete.
  • TOS of Instagram is going to be changed in 3-2-1
  • Hit the nail on the head. It doesn't appear that Instagraph has any future protection from TOS changes.
  • Instagram is FREE... no thanks
  • Given the choice between having nothing and this, you're choosing nothing, which is fine. I'm grateful for having the choice now, which I think some of you should at least consider. If it were able to have been done for free, it certainly would have. All blame here though goes to Instagram, not creative third-party devs trying to meet user demand. This is how the Windows Phone community tries to overcome obstacles, it should be a point of celebration even if everyone doesn't see the personal value in it. /rant
  • There should be no end to this rant sir. This is one of the reasons I came to WP. The creativity and drive of the developers makes it what it is. I feel that being along for the ride and sharing in the development of some great things is what makes this platform worth it for me. Even if you don't use instagram you should support these devs, insane amounts of time and money must've been dumped into this.
  • I'm choosing to not use it because it does not use OAuth.
  • It's not like he was blaming the third party developer, so don't see why a rant is needed. Some of us don't see the value in paying $2.49 for an app that doesn't even offer the full features, I am one of them. The developers have done a good job, but I think I'll wait for the official app.
  • The rant is needed to clarify it in general. We should all be happy about this release, its kind of a victory.
  • 2.50?? You cheap ass.
  • lol these people just complain complain haha.. I will buy the app for sure even thou i don't have a instagram acct and i don't even use instagram haha.. thinking out of the box is the reason i will support these developers.
  • "Later today" could not come fast enought!!!!
  • Why we have to pay, and iOS and Android users get for FREE? The REAL Instagram?
    I’m not complaining about the price of the APP, I value the work of the DEVs. I bought a lot of APPs. LOTS
    I use Windows Phone since the beginning, I fight for the platform
    BUT I want the REAL Instagram. We want :)
    Daniel you are right. This is a Windows Phone community and we have the obligation of not allowing the WP to be always the last one receiving the APPs and having to pay for an APP that does what Istagram does.
    Why do we always end up not getting the best? We have the best OS so we want the APPs like Istagram to be available NOW and Free like in the other platforms.  :D YES WE CAN
  • 100% Agree with Daniel. I will be buying this app just so I can support a developer that is this dedicate to WP. I will be checking out their other apps as well. I mean think about the other things you are willing to spend $2.49 a day for! ( Red Bull, Starbucks, Taco Bell Etc.)
  • I’m not complaining about the price of the APP, I value the work of the DEVs...
  • Exactly. People piss and moan all day then talented devs step up and provide a solution with the intent to CONTINUE improving the experience. I don't even own a WP8 device yet but i'm still going to purchase it for a few of my friends who do. Support these devs and others like them is how the WP platform will drive developer adoption. That will benefit us all.
  • the instagraph solution is AMAZING, but i want to tell you what i though the minute i knew its not free (im not saying it should be), but as a buyer i though what if instagram shows up in the store anytime soon, i would get this feeling as if i lost, and to make a purchase a person must feel that he/she gained, just saying. :)
    btw i have a WP7.8 soo :( ill buy it when its out :P
  • I don't see it that way, exactly. It's like when I bought Rowi, then the official Twitter app was updated to support several of the same features. I have both at my disposal now. I don't regret the purchase.
    Similarly, if I bought Instagraph, then an official app came out, again I'd have both. And I might find that one has features or UI that I prefer over the other. And we may find that the Instagraph developers have more frequent updates and a more enjoyable experience overall, should an official app ever come out for it to be compared to...
  • Why don't you invest tons of your time writing an app?  Then you'll really appreciate hearing random dickbags tell you it should be free.
  • Seriously 2.50 guys for something 80% of us have been dying to get? I think its well worth it and u guys should quite complaining. Sorrie not everything in this world can be free like the government wants u to believe lol jk but seriously get over it. And show some suporrt for these guys.
  • Yeah but in some countries other than the states I can tell yo it is allot of money 5Aud and in NZ its nearing 7bucks!! for example for an app only allowing for 3 photos per day and no full UI I mean how hard can it be to create a full propper ui?! I mean metrogram did it.... Wpgram did it..? /rant
  • Maybe becuz they wanted to get this app out as soon as possible with functionalitys windows phone currently doesn't have then work on that kinda stuff later. At least that's what it sounded like in there question and answer part of this article.
  • Dying to get? So you're currently on your deathbed? 80% is a lofty estimate; overestimated for sure.
  • Oo please its a figure of speech get over yourself. And when I say 80% I'm mean the people on windows phone who actually have and use instagram not people who want to try it for the first time. And actually everyone I know who owns a windows phone wants the app and are willing to pay for it. And I know quite a few people wit WP's.
  • Maybe some of us don't want to pay for it? It doesn't make us cheap, nor does it mean we don't want to support the developers. But have you actually thought about the fact that we don't want to pay $2.49 for something we may not use as much? Just cuz it's the first instagram app does not mean we need to go out there and pay for it.
  • Not quite impressed. Sorry.
  • Not too bad. Devs need to be paid too. 2.50 isn't big money.
  • WP7!
  • Oh boy! Now I can get an app to show off my lunch to the world!
  • Why not be more creative than that?
  • Some people just don't get sarcastic remarks.
  • Of course I did.
    Those kind of jokes are just old, so I decided to act like a prick.
  • Cool story bro
  • $2.49 for three photos a day?? Well.. Hey, its a start right? Thank you, Venetasoft!!
  • Yeah, the 3 photos a day is a temporary limitation until they can better gauge user demand and adjust their servers. It's unfortunate but due to their system, it has to be that way in order to ensure some order.
  • Daniel if enough people download this app do you think it will help Instagram official app come to WP?
  • Yes, I think it will bring a lot of attention to the issue and cause, for the good.
  • Cool. I will get it for my nephew who just got a L820 my fiancée and my self. Sad but most of her family won't make the jump to WP tell Instageam is available.
  • However, once the official Instagram app comes out, what happens to all the infrastructure that Venetasoft invested in, the Azure servers? Instagraph will instantly be dead. =(
  • That does suck but at the same time that's the risk venetasoft is taking. As I said I am supporting them by getting it for two others and myself.
  • Dont you think in the end when Instagram does come to wp and this app is forever forgotten people will feel like this was a fruitless investment...kinda like buying a wp7? Just like windows phone 8, Instagram will come out and the money people spent will feel wasted? I get its cool but they are building something that Instagram is gonna make obsolete..
  • If $2.49 will be missed then you have no business having a smartphone. Also if Instagram comes to WP sooner than later we will get more market share as a lot of kids will not make the jump without their beloved Instagram.
  • It's not just about the money we spend but also the investment the developer is making just to fall into obscurity I is my point.
  • Quality over quantity. :)
  • Now "Cinemagram" :D
  • oh dear god another one........
  • There is also vine, which is available to WP iirc.
  • I thing Vine is iOS only. At least its not in the windows phone 8 store that I can find.
  • Nokia's Cinemagraph does that.
  • Brain cylinder it will be "about the social aspects" lol
  • Why not :) ?
  • Because its just something else we will be overlooked on lol
  • +1 :)
  • btw venetasoft thanks for all your hard work!! super appreciated. i will be buying this app to support you guys.
  • Good thing for Bing rewards!
  • This
  • Heck yea! I've got 10$ with Instagraph's name on it! Thanks Bing!
  • not free? No thanks, lomogram works fine.
  • They are spending money on servers in order to implement this, it would be silly to expect it to be free.
  • Lomogram, while a nice filter app, does not post to Instagram and therefore is not equivalent to Instagraph.
  • Ok how do we sign up if we dont have ios or android? Online?
  • You don't have friends with ios or android phones? Borrow, create, sign out, give it back. Easy
  • Download bluestacks on your pc, download instagram, sign up.
  • MIght as well just use that to post too :P
  • "$2.49 with no free trial" LOL They sure know how to milk money out of teens obcessed with Instagram.
  • Really, like maybe two cartons of milks worth.
  • How is 2.49 a lot??? LOL
    And given that they spend money to maintain servers for the app to work, I don't see how they could do otherwise. if it becomes popular, I guess they might lower it...
    Now, given the "politics" behind those things (Instagram not available for WP), this "loophole" might be closed once the app attract their attention, no?  :-)
  • If you can afford a wp8 device, you can afford $2.49 for this app.
  • Just because one can afford to give up $2.49 doesn't mean that one would choose to give it away to something they feel isn't worth their $2.49!
  • I was intrigued when this app idea first broke the scene, but honestly I think im gonna hold off, mostly because I can just upload photos from my SkyDrive from my 3rd Gen iPod touch, but also the possibility of the official instagram app coming next month
  • I still don't understand why Instagram doesn't let people create accounts online. They pretty much alienate anyone that's not on the iOS or Android bandwagon.
  • Control.
  • Yeah, but still, just because of that I don't feel like even trying to open an account with them due to the hoops needed to jump. I guess coming from Symbian to WP8 I just don't see the appeal in so many useless apps apple-users feel they need. Oh well. Still, it's nice that an alternative was developed for WP8.
  • Controling their servers load is important
  • At this point they are big enough to allow external users to setup accounts and follow others online as well. I just hate how companies single out users only because they don't user iOS or Android.
  • Instagram should just make a app for wp8 and stop being like google.. what is so difficult to make a app. so many 3rd party developer offer to make it free for them, but they just don't care and ignore all the users using wp8 just like what google is doing.
  • agreed. i think it is foolish for instagram to exclude a community, even when MSFT is willing to pay developers for their app. They definitely have the capacity on their servers and the man power to build an app for WP (both 7.x & 8.x) and you would think FB would encourage it considering MSFT has a stake in FB. This proves the innovation and ingenuity the WP community has. I would rather give my $ to an indie dev anyway. Plus even if instagram did release an official app, i wouldn't be surprised that it would be buggy and they wouldn't give the app proper updates and fixes. I trust indie devs to be properly maintain their apps.
  • Vine does the same thing. Putting insane limitations on devices is the new hot trend.
  • i completely agree with lita_g, i hate the fact that devs dont see the bigger picture that is people want to use their applications...
  • Nope I was all for buying it until I saw 3 photos a day...
  • Release it now.!! I'll purchase it right away to support the devs.!! ;)
  • I gotta say I'm not a huge fan of the price and 3 uploads a day. But the uploads will change later. As far as the price goes I'm ok with paying $2.50 to support the WP8 platform and show instagram that we do care. Also, all this work by these devs is pretty impressive. I have no problem giving a tiny $2.50 of my money to support these devs that clearly care about the platform
  • Wow. $2.49. Now way would I ever pay such an extravagant amount of money. How in the world will I pay my bills? :-\
    It should though have a try base. But then no one would buy it. I don't use instragram but its only $2.49. Geez. Can't win from losing. They know they gonna get slammed with upload that could crash their servers. Iono I'm more understanding. I'll buy it just so I can support the funding to expand and don't even use instagram. Smh
  • I'll gladly pay for this work of genius. Sticking it to the InstaMan!
  • Lol Instaman ...
  • Lol
  • Haha, same here. I want to buy it twice.
  • I approve. This is a nice eff you to Instagram/Facebook for not bringing the app to WP8. $2.49 is perfectly reasonable.
  • Wait a second, I need to provide this totally unknown company (at least I have never heard of it, no idea of its track record) my Instagram credentials? Come on...
    At least it supports the theory of virtual Android phones running on Azure. This must however be super inefficient and cost  a silly amount of CPU time and memory.
  • Can't put better than this. Handing over password is *not* safe unless you're obsessed with Instagram. At least, be aware of the risks before providing passwords in a 3rd party app.
    They themselves might be harmless but not sure whether they store your passwords in their server or it gets stored in your phone.
  • Cost is not that much of a prohibitive thing but 3 uploads/day will be hard for many.
    Personally, I don't use Instagram so don't care for the moment. Will try Instagram when there is an official app.
  • Evidently "3" is the average photos Instagram users share per day, so it has some bearing on reality. Of course user preference will vary (I'm like maybe 1 every two or three days myself).
  • Agreed. But many will find the limit just prohibitive for the sake of it even though they might not even upload a single photo.  It's psychological rather than in real life. Something like imagining a random day when they attend a party and need to upload more than 3 photos or something like that.
  • We want the program to be free :(
  • And they want to be paid for their hard work, creativity and risk. I don't understand why people expect free stuff. You want a free instragram app, go harass Instagram, or better yet, commit your own time and money to an app that can replace it and see if you'll give it away for free.
  • How about I just patiently wait for the official "free" app?
  • That's certainly a good alternative and one I'm going to be taking, however this is not an official Instragram app, so why would someone expect it to be free? A dev came up with a very smart approach to the issue at hand, put up time and resources to develop an app and get Azures running and people expect it to be free of charge. I think if everyone, complaining right now, were in the position of this dev would charge for this app, unless they had an alternative way to monetize it (which I doubt these guys do) and be rewarded for their hard work and the risks they took.
  • you're free to do it. that's the beauty of having a choice.
  • Are people really this impoverished? If you can afford a pricey smartphone you can afford a few bucks to put some apps on it. 
    This is getting really tedious.  I have friends (unmarried software engineers with disposable income) who have some kind of moral objection to paying for any apps on their phones, so they have Androids where they can sideload all the pirated apps they like.  These things aren't expensive. 
  • You still don't get it do you? It's not about the cost of the app. There's a chance a free official app will be out soon, so why should I pay for this when I can just wait? I'm completely fine with waiting.
  • I need to pay for a service that everyone else gets for free........but wait there's more, I can only upload 3 pictures a day lol....i appreciate the effort but seriously gtfo of here with that bullshit.
  • Three a day is fine. They need to pay for their servers. I don't see a big deal about the price. How many pictures do you want to upload anyway. What's so great about the pictures you take?
  • who said you "need" to do anything? Since you can't upload pictures to instagram from your phone right now, you can just keep on keeping on until something comes out.
  • So you waited for like forever for a way to post pictures on Instagram...and then you get a solution and you be a jerk about it? The truth is, Instagram can come up with an official app and charge $5 for it. What are you gonna do, buy an iPhone instead so you'll download it for free? You could buy a wp8 and you can't spend $2 on an app?
  • I don't know. Maybe if there were some sort of guarantee Instagram wasn't going to release their own free app in the next 60 I'd feel it's worth it. Decisions, decisions....
  • Same here. I'll wait a couple of months then decide. Maybe the free official app will be out by then. If not I'll consider it, if the 3 pic limitations are gone & it gets a price drop.
  • Dude you pay more for the tissues you spank it into. Suck it up. I guarantee you expect a paycheck after working all week right? What the hell do you think these guys do with all their time?
  • Suck up their tissues?! :O
  • That made me LOL
  • Lol. I'm not saying it isn't worth it. Just not worth it to me right now. And I get free tissues!
  • I don't mind paying for it but is there gonna be an update from the developer to ever support liking, commenting and browsing? I understand that I can just download another app but it'd be neat if I could just pay for this app and use it for all my instagram needs
  • This is version 1.0, there is always more to add.
  • I'd like venesoft to come forward and commit to it though
  • My sides...
  • Come out with an app that can upload to Instagram and charge for it. Gotta say this is a great idea. They are gonna get thousands of dollars for sure l.
  • Go on...
  • "Microsoft only certified it to prove Instagraph is legal, secure, and it does not violate your privacy"
    Is this a true statement?  Does Microsoft really make such assurances as part of their app cerification?  Seems hard to believe.  Isn't there server infrastructure here that's outside of Microsoft's reach but is key to the overall system being legal, secure, and not violating your privacy?
  • You're talking about every app store. I trust MS 100x more than Google.
  • This isn't about trusting MS, it's about trusting the app developer.  When they make false claims like this, I think it detracts from their credibility.  Unless there really is some way that statement makes sense in a useful way...?
  • Still not out
  • Meh.
  • $2.49 sounds fair ... Especially After all the hard work the devs put into this .
    Android Launchers costs more than that ! Yeah , 3 pictures a day kinda sucks , but that's only temporary !
  • I keep saying what's so important that you need to upload more then three pictures a day? This seems temporary anyway.
  • Three meals a day, three photos a day!
  • Looooooooool +111111111111111111
    Or one for lunch, one for the Starbucks coffee & one as a backup lol
  • Agreed ! I had Instgram on my Atrix for over 6 months ... I only uploaded 1 picture !
    I still have it in my Xoom , a few weeks ago I was board so I uploaded a few pictures & that's it
  • I apparently made an account when I had an iPhone...annnd...I never even posted a profile
    I'll still be supporting the Devs tho.
  • I cannot fathom people complaining about the price and limitations after bitching all this time for Instagram. Can't make you people happy, ever.
  • Shocked? Same BS different OS.
  • People will always find something to complain about.
  • I can't afford this, out..
    Ok im kidding, but hesitant to invest in this app assuming that there will be connectivity issues in the future. Although it states you guys dont expect it to happen. 
  • For 2.49, why not just buy it and be part of the rise of this app. Im getting a WP8 this weekend I'm going to buy it.
  • Because im not going to buy an app just to buy an app no matter the cost. 
    I've bought plenty of apps that i use all the time so i supported developers, but if instagram ever comes out out, this app is gone.  Also, the app is new and there are going to be issues so might as well wait to make sure the experience is solid. 
  • Well, I guess I'll buy it anyway, but if they don't increase the cap in the next few days I'll be very, very disappointed and I'll write them a very very angry email... ^^
  • So why are there a bunch of users defending this app against those who don't wish to pay for it? Last I checked, it's our choice, we live without the service if we don't want to pay for it and that's our opinion. Just because developers have done a good job in bringing the upload functionality for instagram does not make it an automatic okay for us to pay for the app. This isn't a rant.
  • weird what is this ^
  • Because Instagram must be one of the biggest "must have" apps that has been missing on the WP-platform for way too long.
    On top of that we know that MS and probably Nokia has been trying to negotiate with Instagram-devs for a looong time but without success, they just keep giving them the finger.
    Now we get some really clever devs that figure out a way to do this despite Instagrams discouraging behaviour and people complain about about 2 freakin dollars?
    Man, if you care about this platform buy the app even if you wont use it. Support these devs that seems to be really driven and give Instagram, Apple and Google (or who ever it is that is insisting on putting sticks in the WP-wheel) the middle finger they deserve.
  • No one is forcing people to buy it. Some people are just annoyed with others whining about lack of an instagram app and now there is a solution and people are whining that they have to pay for it. The expectation that everything has to be free is wrong. I understand if this was an official app that is for free everywhere except the Windows platform, but this a 3rd party app; there are no charities here, one way or the other the devs have to make a living. 
  • This app is not going to make instagram make an app for WP. They are either already developing one, or they are not.
  • Did I say that it will?
  • I wait for Instagram, thx dev. I don't like to pay.
  • Some people like good things and pay for them. Not just this app, this isn't Android.
  • I agreehangxiang32401. And you're right zunokoo this isn't android and I still don't like to pay. So what's your point? We SHOULD pay because we're not on android. There's no logic to that statement you made.
  • You pay for good apps. (not debating this is good or not) it goes beyond this app. I've paid for a lot. And I enjoyed them.
  • 2.50 is chump change. I'm glad to support these devs to keep me held over until/if an official app is released.
  • Seriously everyone is acting like 2.50 is going to ruin them, I spent $10 on that geocaching app that's now free. (btw you could only look up three geocaches a day) did that app do bad, no.
  • @rikster81<------shameless promotion, on onther note 3 uploads is perfectly fine for me
  • You can bet the devs will get cease and decease letter within a month. There's no way instagram is gonna let another co. profit off their service like this. Not saying I agree. I'm actually glad that a 3rd party is doing what instagram should've done. Still instagram is gonna shut them down one way or another.
  • easiest way is for facebook to release a wp8 app themselves.
  • FB won't even release a solid FB app, they won't give us instagram.
  • Now this is a legitimate concern instead of whining about a $2.50 tag.
  • That worries me too although the article says I shouldn't be.
  • Eh
  • Sold!.....on NOT buying it!
  • They should have made it a pay per picture deal.
  • They did, its .83 a picture for the first day then it's free. What's bad about that?
  • They're not making enough money that way. They should 10 cents a pic and rake in the dough.
  • Well played.
  • I'm going to get this just to support the dev for supporting the platform. I'll be using it but I'm not really a huge fan of instagram.However I do want the app to be available for WP users
  • I commend the devs on the work and effort. But I agree with a few others about the price. I will continue to use Skydrive and my old SG3 and iPad to upload to Instagram for free. I respect why they need to charge. It makes perfect since. But I don't need it that bad when I can still use the real service for free. Great work Venetasoft. I do hope it works out for y'all. Keep up the great work.
  • Perfectly explained, crashfire. I agree.
  • Not actually too fussed about Instagram, but i hope now the developers have put so much into it that it all pays off. Also hope Instagram don't turn around and just sort an app out of spite.
  • Well, its a nice Job by the Devs that they found a workaround but i dont know how successful this is with having so much limitations still. They get an A for effort, and probably the next updates make this better.
  • photoplay FTW!
  • Indeed!
  • Fhotoroom!
  • The funny in all this is that pictures on instragram probably end up on facebook anyway, i guess people just want the instagram tag when they share it to facebook. 
    Shared to instragram via instagraph on your facebook feeds. 
  • Many of my friends barely use facebook anymore, they just upload to instagram.
  • and i can say the opposite. 
  • Hell nah. I'll post from my Kindle Fire HD. People always want to charge. This ain't worth no 250
  • Some of us don't have an iPod iPad kindle or android. Some if us just have a windows phone.
  • For you guys then, this makes sense. But for any of us with an android tablet, or an iPad, etc. this makes absolutely no sense.
  • There won't be an official instagram app for WP for a while and if and when the app is released, it will be a vzw exclusive to began with.
  • No, if anything it will be a WP8 exclusive. Possibly a Nokia exclusive. But even that would be doubtful.
  • The official Instagram app is coming in May or June - May 7, according to my calculations.
  • Drop them sources son.
  • I couldn't post my comment because it had too many links, but here you go:
  • he also thought the real instagram was the one posted on April Fools day, I don't believe him at all
  • Obviously, it was a joke, if it's this tweet you're referring to: twitter DOT com/anontechleaks/status/318535567346397185
  • I'm shocked at how many people are complaining about the cost. Do you realize how much it costs to provide services for this kind of stuff? And how much effort? Lets say a dev can make $100 per hour(pretty average for a good one) and he spent 300 hours making it(probably more), that's $30k. So they need to sell 12 copies BEFORE server costs. You own a $300 or more smartphone, pay $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and complain about $2.50?! Tisk.
  • I agree with you. I don't care about 2.59, its a good app, there's a YouTube app for the same price people pay for that, and I don't think they realize its free. There's a lot of bad apps out there. This isn't a bad app. How often do you want to upload more then three pictures a day too. It makes you question, do I really want to share this? What's good about it, maybe then people will stop posting so many pointless self pics.
  • I think I'll complain about a $2.50 app and then go buy a couple two liter bottles of Mt. Dew and then urinate my $2.50 away 45 minutes later.
    Seriously, if you want it, dig through your couch cushions and buy it. Most of us will waste $2.50 today without thinking about it.
  • Its crazy how cheap people are.
  • this site needs a like/upvote button. You sir would be getting one from me if there was!
  • As much as I want an Instagram app, I'm not paying for one that has limits. I'll just build a bridge, get over it, not use Instagram and upload my photos to Facebook and twitter, job done. Only thing I can see that Instagram does over fb and twit is filters, which other apps can do for free and then post to fb and twitter
  • Sweeet!
    But am I the only one who loves PhotoPlay?  I think it's excellent! The UI is slick and has cool photo editing effects.  Sure it's not super popular yet, but with the right marketing, it could gain quite a following.
    Also, things I learned from this app, lots of russians use Windows Phone.
  • I like the looks and functionality of photoplay problem is I can only find Russians using it (not that that a bad thing), and no one locally is using it and certainly none of my friends (damd iPhone lovers) so that kind of defeats the social aspect of it.
  • what about the price in the UK? £1.99?
  • Honestly, for as limited as it is I'm ok with paying for it because it sends a message. At the moment we have reason to believe the official version is on its way but even if it isn't when Instagram or any other developer who has chosen to actively snub WP sees people forking out real money for unofficial alternatives to their apps, they might finally get it through their heads that they can't just play the "ignore it and it will go away" card.
  • lol
  • I'd rather pay $10 for a version w/o a cap tho. It wouldn't be fun waiting 3h or something for a pic to be uploaded tho.... =)
  • Thank you ventesoft for supporting Windows phone community.
  • Important correction to the article - Microsoft does not certify the legality of any apps in Store!
  • This.
  • Photoplay just received a minor update to 1.0.1
    I would use it if it had better filters and a nicer looking vignette effect. it's a bit clumsy compared to what instagram offers.
  • I think its good enough not different in editing photo.
  • well, despite I don't agree that it's good enough (yet) I believe it will improve over the next few months. I can't believe users can't save the edited pictures to the phone library? or am I missing something?
  • Look on the menus in the posting process. Photoplay has specifically stated you can't save other's photos due to copyright concerns, but they allow you to save your own.
  • got it.
  • Here's a screenshot of where it is:!3425&authkey=!AFR...
  • I don't understand why price is a big deal. Also three pics a day is fair, it makes you question, is this picture worth uploading. And its only .83 a day for a picture then it's free. Who knows what the future hold for this app, I know I'm going to buy it this weekend. (currently not on a WP8). It's only in version 1.0
  • So now all Instagram Devs have to do is license their API to windows phone and not make an official app because ppl are going to buy something that should be free.
  • instagram is a free app and paying 2.5$ for a client is truly non-sense. this is abuse of bona fide, period.
  • Instagram is a free app, yes... on other platforms. But this is InstaGRAPH, the only app on WP able to post to Instagram.
    You're saying the developers hard work is worth nothing.. now this is truly non-sense.
    Perhaps you would prefer they hadn't bothered and continue to use your non-existent free app?
  • How about you spend some time, resources and money to make an app and in return get nothing. How bout you go to work for a whole week and get no money in return... Instagram pays their developers to develop the apps for other platforms so they are able to offer it for free. These guys aren't paid by Instagram. $2.50 is pocket change anyways so to being so cheap.
  • While i applaud the efforts to get a workaround in place, i find it unfortunate that it comes down to this.
    Paying $2.49 for an app that limits 3 photos. ...Totally understandable, but not amused.  I rather just use Photoplay in the meantime
  • too expensive to only be able to upload three photos
  • So it's either Instagraph or the premium McWrap...
    not yet? =)
  • To quote Scary Movie "Some people are so GHETTO." It is less than 3 bucks to be able to do something that users want to do that Insta/FB won't allow for whatever reason. I am not sure if any of you sell phones, I run a Best Buy Mobile, and the fact that after tomorrow we can say "yes, you can upload to Instagram with this phone" is great and will help sell more Windows Phones. Can't wait. PS - follow me on Twitter and Insta if you feel so inclined. Mostly tech, gaming, philosophy and civil rights posts. @_mikeburns
  • Photoplay FTW :))
  • +1000000
  • I think this will backfire and will make the chances of the official instagram app coming to windows phone less
  • quite the opposite if anything
  • That's what I think as well.
    But I am gonna be honest, I will probably give this a whirl. And I am fine with the three photos a day. I went weeks sometimes not posting anything to Instagram. So its not that big of a deal. 
  • Bing rewards, if you're not using it you should, I have a balance, and will gadly give it to these guys, they seem to have earned it, but they haven't earned 5 stars on a review until I see it, and it works.
  • Subscription service probably on the way after the analysis gives them an idea on what to charge
  • Why should we have to pay to upload to something that is free?  I'm also not going to pay for something that will be shut down in a matter of weeks if not days.  No way this is legal.  If the devs need money for server upkeep, fine, but that also tells me that they won't be able to afford proper counsel once the pricey facebook lawyers come a knockin....
  • The point that many have and will miss is that the app adds share to Instagram using instagraph to Windows Phone apps, so you can share direct from the OEM Photos app and then view and comment using one of the other Instagram apps that already exist in the Windows Phone Store.
    This functionality alone would be enough for me.
  • This is a testiment  how awesome the WP community is. Developers like this one are the reason why I love WP. This will def be an app I will purchase once its available for 7.x. I hope Microsoft is watching and realizing how much effort the community puts into the platform. I believe the developer will build this app to be a beautiful instagram app. It makes me wonder why indie/small develops build beautiful apps compared to those bigger named develops. The best part is the constant updates the devs create versus the big develops. I am very excited to see how this app grows. I guarantee the instagram team is watching and they should let this go and not block it if they actually do that, or build  an official app. I would rather give my money and web traffic to the indie guys instead of the greedy big guys.
  • Seriously, it's a couple of dollars.  I'm quite sure a lot of people here waste FAR more than that on overpriced food/drinks at movies, restaurants and the like.  Hats off to the devs for making this available.  Going to give it a go.
  • Haha cheapasses. U guys act like u live in North Korea. Take your kids money from their piggy bank if u have to. I'm buying to support, I have no instagram account.
  • Cool story, bro.
  • Nope..not nearly worth it. ( Also, thankfully this is not reddit so I wont get downvoted to oblivion thankfully)
  • The 3 photo limit is only to start. They want to make sure their process won't collapse under the deluge. Once the verify the robustness they expect to increase that. Small moves ('Contact' reference).
  • I for one will be buying this App, even though I dont have an Instragram account and won't be able to use any of the features until the account creation gets added at a later date.
    I don't even like Instragram to be honest, I've never been into destroying a perfectly good photograph with a filter.
    But I've developed 2 small App's for WP myself and because of the understand of the hard work thats required I'll support the cause.
    Also anything to take the hype off Instragram at this stage, they've had there chance to deliver an Official App.
    So all props and credit to Instragraph
  • +1
  • you do understand that you DO NOT have to mess the pictures up with filters, right?
    95% of my pictures have no filter, I am perfectly happy with the way the pictures look from my  camera =)
  • I will buy it to support the devs and the platform.
  • If you dont want to pay $2.50 out of your own pocket, just use bing rewards  to earn points to either buy a $1.25 promo code (for a 50% discount towards this) or earn points to redeem a $5.00 promo code and there you go.
  • Who cares
  • The 200 commenters above you?
  • That is not true. Most of the "200" comments above are against it.
  • Guys' come on! Keep cool!
    The limit is maybe tomorrow removed! Depends on user number and Insta servers!!
    Don't misunderstand everything! It's version 1.0! This is the first step!
    The Windows Phone 7.x is coming soon! so u have so wait..
    lets support the devs!
    Instagraph or nothing...what is better? I think Instagraph!
    *Sorry for my bad english*
  • I will get it when it¿s available but the initial 3 photos limit is too little. They should capped the daily uploads to 5 at least. People like me who are not using Instagram right now will try to upload more than that the first few days.
    I think the official client is coming sooner rater than later, but Instagraph can help us use Instagram to see if it's worthy or not of our photo uploads.
  • I have no issues paying $2.50 for this app. Thank you developers for getting this out!
  • I'm paying anyway))thumps up to the developers)
  • I think it's a nice start! Key word is start. Since it is rather limited they should definitely offer a trial, I wouldn't mind if it was just a 3 photo or 1 day trial but it is needed. Imho $2.50 is a pretty penny in the long run. I guestimate 10,000 will buy this app totaling $25,000. I definitely think the devs should get paid but not that much for so few features. And yes I know more features are coming. I did also look into Azure servers and Microsoft is offering 90 day no obligation no cost trial, but even after that it shouldn't be that much as the devs said the photos get deleted off the servers once uploaded. Just my $0.02.
  • I don't think it is the number of features that is important, it is the difficulty in implementing them. Uploading photos to Instagram was a difficult problem that probably required a fair amount of research, implementation on the server side, and testing. Regarding Azure servers, it is the bandwidth that is going to hurt them not the storage. If you assume a user uploads 3 3 meg pictures a day for a month, that is ~300 megs of bandwidth per user (or it might even be double that, as they need to receive the picture and then send it along to Instagram) per month.
  • Look how much is a programmer salary. Look how much a designers makes a month. And see if $25.000 splitted for company profit and salaries make the cut.
    The azure 90 days no obligation and for free comes with limits and is made so devs can make apps and test not for production. And the costs then depend on the workload. And if they would make a trial people would for sure come look use their server resources with uploads and not pay as it is too much. It's better they did not make a trial.
  • $2.49?  I'll gladly pay and use it even if one day zuckerberg himself shuts it down.  Is software worth nothing these days?  How much did you pay for that L920?
  • Pay for an app to upload to a universally free service? Without even allowing us to comment ot browse pictures?
    This guys must be out of their mind, no thanks. Ill wait for the official app... Meanwhile Photoplay is excellent.
  • Seriously??????????? If an iphone user was reading this they would laugh there head off at wp users. Im waiting for an official app and in the meantime im using instagram on my iphone where i can do as i like with no work arounds. It ain't the money i see it pointless. Not gonna support a developer for the sake of just aving it on my wp8
  • +1
  • It works both ways. Many here are not going to get an iPhone and use iOS just to have instagram.
  • I don't even care about Instagram but I will buy the app so the developer gets kudos for accomplishing what many have said was impossible. I love it when the community comes together and greats quality apps.
  • Wow... think about the security implications here...
    I'm not giving my password to them.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • Yeah, WP users are total simpletons, lol, they are so thirsty for apps that they even pay for backwater apps, lol.
    Not me, I want official Instagram, free, like everyone else.
    Plus, Nokia is constantly spamming #2instawithlove, you really think they would be using Instagram's registered trademark back and forth if they werent already knowing that the app is under development? Open your eyes ppl
  • I know right...
  • Like all WP8 apps, expensive
  • Its $2.50 for folks willing to do a app that many want. I will gladly pay for that.
  • no free trial is a bitch, i dont like when devs are after the easy money... :(
  • Just work a couple of extra minutes at your job and u just earned an extra $2.50
  • You make $75 per hour? Well done. ;)
  • Ok a couple can actually mean more than two minutes! LMAO!
  • Started off as a lemon tart, then my phone went and made it art!
  • Hey, you can rhyme
  • All I want to say is F Instagram for not working with Microsoft to bring that damn app on the platform. Props to these devs who made Instagraph
  • It always surprises me when people are mad that Instagram doesn't develop an app for WP.  With iOS & Android they have the majority of mobile users covered.  I bet even on BB10 users can sideload the Android app, so what mobile OS other then WP isn't covered?  Why should Instagram & FB care about helping a few percent of the total worldwide mobile market?
  • Considering how much my coffee cost this morning, i think i can pony up the $2.50 for this. Amazed at how much people complain about anything over FREE. This takes resources people.
  • Photoplay is better
  • This is the BIG app Joe B from MS was tweeting about???? What a joke
  • No.
  • No, this is like much more than instagram. It's our win as a userbase against who consider us a minority. But such a resourceful minority. HAIL WP8.
  • No that was Temple Run and that was weeks ago
  • Wasn't that Pandora?
  • who cares. Let the bashing begin.
  •  don't even know what this app does but now maybe people will shut up about it! ;)
  • Do you guys know whats funny? Probably the server is emulating an Android device, so all our uploads will count as Android uploads and therefore only reinforce their position on the market, while diminishing ours.
    This should be clarified!
  • Read the article.
  • jajaja, is this April's Fools?  you actually have to pay for an unofficial app with limited functionality and restricted to 3 uploads per day?  ohh and no free trial... that is just hilarious.
  • you people know how this is working right?  your are giving away your Instagram password to the developers, thier server will then log into the official Instragram page with your credentials and submit the upload.  If somebody hacks into their server you password is gone.
  • With a price for a service that free anywhere else, and a limit. I think I'll wait until they can improve their limit, I know they have reason to create this. I'm still really glad someone made it all possible, I'm not against it at all. I think i'll wait unitl the limit improve or my hope for an offical app runs out. Maybe this will finally show developers that the people for apps are their, whether those people are creating them or using these 3rd party app.
  • Maybe I'll make a picture posting app and I'll call it "InstaGramGraph#2InstaWithLoveJusgrammFreeLomoGram". Has that been taken yet?
  • Alright guys, let's make these guys some money so Instagram fill finally make an official app for WP!
  • They wont. They will think they have even more android customers and turn their back to wp8. Didnt you realised they are using and android server? Insta will think you have an android phone...
  • I hope that was sarcasm.
  • Maybe it's just me but im not paying for a knockoff app.
  • I know it's 2.49. But it isn't worth it, even if they have to charge you. I'll wait and see if an official app comes for free.
  • I'll buy it in a month if it is still standing.
  • The wait is over. Except it's not...
  • I think ill wait tbh, I was heavily anticipating this app aswell
  • Looks like it is live on the web version of the Windows Phone Store:
  • Just tried for the 4th time, and it's now queued. There is also upload history screen in the app that shows you about how long it should be in the queue. Mine has said "1 minute" for several minutes now. Their servers may not be fully running yet.
    EDIT: Took about 4-5 minutes to go from the queue to posted. We'll see how this goes because I was probably one of the first to download the app. I imagine hundres of people will be downloading shortly and then we'll really know how those servers work.
  • Instagraph is now live in the store guys!
    US store link:
    And for Australian users (like me) here is the link to our store:
  • It uplaoded a pic I didn't take! Is anyone else having that same issue??
  • Yea, I think they still have some issues... I bought it, used it...  it took almost an hour to upload the picture, then the picture that was published to my Instagram feed was not even the one I uploaded?
  • 2.49 to encourage these devs to keep innovating and fight the next fight (or absence of app x) on the platform is more than reasonable. They need to pay for the azure servers they are using to "spoof" a device. 2.49 is a small price to pay. 
    "at least initially users will only be able to upload 3 photos a day to Instagram via the service in order to ensure that capacity is not overrun, resulting in extraordinary upload times."  the upload limit i think is responsibility on the devs part in order to make sure that their app can handle the load of the millions of WP8 people desperately trying to get their photos onto instagram, especially as it's a paid application. Who knows, they may lift the limit if they see their servers can handle it.
  • okay, i bought the app, but the servers are already down :p
  • I bought the App. Very good. I bought to support the good work.
  • Not paying $2.49 to fake some server that I have an Android or iOS device.  I want the real thing.  #2InstaWithLove
  • Really? The reason Windows Phone is not doing better is cause of people like you. Who have the time to read abou the current news but not enough money to spend coffee change to make things happen. You want instagram someone is providing a way for you to get one and you refuse to support them because you want the real thing? Don't you think this would cause instagram to look twice if enough demand and attention is brought to this app then just like the purpose of #2instawithlove instagram would recognize this growing community of WP users who want instagram. I would buy this up for 5 dollars( thats five dollar menu burgers OMG!!) Thank you guys!
  • Really?  You think this is about the $2.49?  No. This is about faking that I have an Android or iPhone.  Jesus.
  • I don't even have an Instagram account and I bought the app. hehe.
  • This app is already in and OUT of the store. Just try to download it now. I would love to be updated BY VENTASOFT on how long I have to wait before things are up and running again. My first picture took about a half hour to upload, but went though perfectly fine to my profile. My 2nd got lost in today's mess and I'll be borrowing my boyfriend's iPhone to delete the picture of someone else's baby that was uploaded onto my profile.
    P.S. props to ventasoft for developing this in the first place, Once things are working again, I will be over the moon happy that this application exists. My lack of an ability to upload on instagram was really the only thing that I didn't like about Windows Phone 8.
  • It says the app doesn't support my phone, I have Lumia 920. What?
  • Says that the server is undergoing maintenance and has said it since I downloaded it... so I cannot upload.
    Also, if I link my FB to Instagram, will it automatically publish to my FB account?
  • It isn't in the store anymore? I can't find it. Was it removed?
  • the app is a Joke, ask for a refund and run
  • Where is it?
  • Which region should I set?
  • Ok its almost been a week since I read this article and the app is in the store. How can I download it? I'm getting tired of using my phone as a hot spot to transfer my photos to my iPod and upload them to my instagram account.