Intel's Kaby Lake i5 and i7 quad-core line-up revealed

Intel has yet to officially announce the company's desktop line-up of Core i5 and Core i7 processors, but that hasn't halted the latest information from revealing more details about the upcoming chips. Or more specifically, as reported by AnandTech, the i5 and i7 7000 series.

These new processors are set to utilize the B0 stepping and should sport higher clock speeds than current Skylake counterparts. The 14nm+ process unlocks better efficiency and performance with the flagship Core i7-7700K featuring a core clock frequency of 4.2GHz, and we haven't even gone into detail about boost speeds yet. Accompanying the i7-7700K is the i7-7700 (3.6GHz), and the i7-7700T (2.9GHz).

The Core i5 family is a similar affair with regards to the quad-core line-up. You have the i5-7600K at 3.8GHz, joined by the i5-7600 (3.5GHz), and i5-7600T (2.8GHz). Next up is the i5-7500 (3.4GHz), i5-7500T (2.7GHz), i5-7400 (3GHz), and i5-7400T (2.4GHz). That's the quad-core line-up from Intel's Kaby Lake family of processors.

The company revealed the names of its 200-series chipsets that will help power everything alongside the new chips. The H270 will be for enthusiast systems, as well as the Z270 for overclocking capabilities. Q250 and Q270 will be for mainstream applications, and B250 for business. What improvements these new chipsets bring is still to be discovered, but we do know they'll be using the LGA1151 socket.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I hope Microsoft will wait for cannon lake for the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2.
  • Cannonlake will not be released for another year. People are yelling that there are no SP5 with Kabbylake, wait until the end of last year pushes it out even more and anger even more people?
  • Yes. That's exactly what I want. The difference between skylake and Kabylake is too small. And the perfect time for a new Surface Pro 5 with kabylake is now. But there's no new Surface Pro.
    Just imagine MS would release the Surface Pro 5 with Kabylake next spring or summer. And then just a few month later intel release the new cannon lake. That would be a disaster.
    Kabylake is just a refresh of skylake. There's no need for an update. Cannon lake on the other hand is a real new CPU generation. Tik - refresh - tok And btw intel could release a quadcore CPU for the U series. A Surface Pro and especially a Surface Book with a quadcore would make a huge difference.
  • Just because you want it doesn't mean that everybody wants it. People want KL machines now, and releasing a new computer in early 2017 and late 2017 with each processor gives people choice. And don't use that "two releases in one year will make people angry" argument - it never holds true and is used only to generate FUD. If people want to wait, they can wait. If people want it now, they want it now. Suppose in January my computer breaks and I need to buy a new one. If KL chips are ready in January I want MS to release a KL computer I can buy. If I need to buy a Skylake computer and they a few months later release a Cannonlake computer I would be mad then - they had the ability to give me a better performing computer but made me wait because of some made up reason that does not hold true.
  • That's actually a good point. But a yearly release or even two makes bigger changes more unlikely. The SP4 was basically the SP3 with new CPU and some minor but necessary changes.
    The system still has trouble with batterie life and pen gitter. MS should fix this first before they release a new product.
    The SP3 was a big step from the SP2. Why not make the next step big too?
    The Surface line was born to inspire the OEMs. Today we have a lot of "Surface clones". That's exactly what MS wanted. So there's no need for hurry.
  • How are they inspiring OEMs with, if they wait until Cannonlake, a two year old CPU? MacBook Pro was using a two year old CPU and they didn't inspire their users as evidenced by their dropping sales. Of course, being Apple, they had to add $500 to the price tags to make up for the past year's sales deficits. Do we want to see the same from Microsoft? We know that Microsoft will not gouge their users, so at least we don't have that to worry about.
  • They already inspired the OEMs. That's the reason why we have so many "Surface-tablets" from other companies today. And they have even better chances on the market when MS is not using kaby lake. Just take a look at the Lenovo Mii 720 or the Eve V. Both are Surface like devices with kabylake CPUs. It should be way easier for them on the market without the SP5.
  • Kaby Lake adds native USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3 support on the CPU. That is a huge feature that people (such as me) want ASAP. I'd strongly prefer to have that in the spring than wait another year for Cannon Lake. I passed on upgrading from my Surface Pro 2 to a Surface Pro 4 for exactly that reason.   edit: changed word "waited" to "passed" to make it clearer that I am waiting for a Pro5 with KL.
  • Excited for hardware support of HEVC
  • F Cannon Lake. I want Tigerlake!
  • Well than you have to wait a few years. Cannon lake will be a new CPU generation. But most people here on Windows central doesn't even know what this means. They heard that kabylake is Intels "new generation" and want it in the Surface even when the difference is pretty small and Kabylake is nothing more than a refresh of skylake. But people always want the new stuff and can't wait.
    MS will probably release the next Surface with kabylake and four month later the whole architecture is outdated and other companies will use the more efficient and more powerful cannon lake CPUs with longer lasting batteries, fewer fan noises, better GPU performance...
    But hey waiting is for losers.
  • Kaby Lake adds significant features. That, and the problems that Skylake had at launch means that there are many people who passed on Skylake and are ready for a new machine now.
  • I passed on the 4 to wait for KL because of Skylake. Not everyone is updating every year and making them wait for what you want is stupid.
  • Cannon lake will be released in autumn 2017. The Surface Pro 5 is expected in spring or summer 2017. That is just a few month for a entirely new CPU generation. A new generation which is mainly build for 2in1 devices like the Surface. When you can wait 1 1/2 year why you can't wait 3-6 month more for something way better? More power, less fan noises, longer lasting batteries...
  • I'm getting tired of the SP3 fan going off all the time. Not to mention Microsoft needs to hit back-to-school.
  • Maybe you should take a look at the Lenovo Mii 720 or the Eve V. Both are upcoming "Surface clones" with kabylake and superior specs.
  • Except I don't want a Surface clone...
  • For what reason? MS even works together with Eve and others on this clones. Does the Surface branding makes the devices so much better even when the clones have the exact same or even better hardware? Are Surface fans the equivalent to Apple fans? A logo is more important than anything else?
    The Surface line was build to give new impulses to the stuttering PC market. And it's time for a new impulse. But you can't make something new when you just refresh the CPU every year. That's not enough time to improve. After four generations we still have some serious problems with the pen (gitter). MS has to fix this. Especially because they targeting artists.
  • Microsoft has shown me they have amazing customer service and that they're going to have better driver support than most other Windows computers I've ever had. Why would I throw 800$+ on less than great CS and an unknown when it comes to driver support?
  • Kewl
  • Waithing for Zen.
  • in the number of 7700K 7700T and 7700 etc... what does those K, T and nothing stands for? what differences they have? other than that the GHz are different
  • K version= unlocked mutiplier so you can overclock the chip (doesn't work on on other chips) T version= Low power usage chip. no letter.= no specialaty about this chip
  • Oh wow thx, now its easier to choose
  • And then you have intel Y series which is basically the core m and intel U with 15 or above like on the Surface Pro or Surface Book.
    Q is for the highend mobile CPUs - the only quadcores so far for laptops.
  • Waitin for Surface 5