Intel launches 'modern' graphics drivers for Windows 10

Intel this week announced that, starting this month, it will begin distributing drivers for its products as "modern" Universal Windows Drivers (via Neowin). This is a requirement for devices on the Windows 10 October 2018 Update and later, and Intel is getting started with a new set of graphics drivers.

Universal Windows Drivers, as described by Microsoft (opens in new tab), give developers a way to create one driver package that can run on "different device types, from embedded systems to tablets and desktop PCs." The new driver packages will be able to run across all Windows 10 editions, including Windows 10 in S Mode.

Going forward, Intel will only release updates as Universal Windows Drivers; previous driver releases are now considered to be legacy. Future graphics driver updates will be delivered via Windows Update.

As for the latest driver release, it packs updates to automatic game tuning features, along with newly added support for 12 games. You can find the full release notes at Intel.

For more on the switch to Universal Windows Drivers, you can also check out Intel's dedicated FAQ.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • If only AMD can do this for their Ryzen mobile video drivers....unlike their desktop counterparts, the respective PC manufacturer is responsible for pushing out updates, and my Ryzen 5 2500U laptop hasn't seen a video driver update since its initial release over a year ago.
  • Hopefully, we will see AMD follow suit in this regard as well since OEM's are notorious for neglecting Laptop/notebook drivers.
  • AMD is forcing OEMS in releasing at least 2 updates a year. So you're be taken care of soon ^.^
  • Edited: deleted deleted
  • AMD said they will be working to have it released, but they can't really "force" them to do anything...a PC manufacturer is not really incentivized to release drivers as much as AMD is, which is where IMO they dropped the ball by leaving it in the hands of manufacturers like HP.
  • This wouldn't be good for AMD drivers as they often break. I find myself rolling back drivers at least once a year. They removed the cl_khr_spir extension from OpenCL in February! Since then the OpenCL acceleration of all professional software is broken. With UWD, it would be very hard to roll back to older drivers.
  • Hopefully, this also removes the buggy driver Intel shipped out recently. Good to see alot more movement on the universal front.
  • Fingers crossed and hope things turn out okay. I'm getting tired of being a guinea pig as a professional customer, although I applaud a universal solution. I hope Microsoft and Intel have found a wellfounded collegial friendship to do things right out of the box. No more grudges, if there are any.
  • I'm wondering whether it's a good idea to wait for Intel's Universal Windows Drivers to arrive via Windows Update instead of downloading and installing them manually.
  • I agreed. Windows central, we need a guide on this.
  • I couldn't find a way to download them at all.
  • but the install might get failed stating that your manufacturer will provide drivers, in this case u have to manually update drivers by first unzipping the above installer
  • Something that Intel specifically state you shouldn't do, I'm wondering if they would work on a Surface Pro 4 though.
  • but i did install it manually, and there is no problem at all with my dell inspiron 5378. ram consumption seems little less, that's the only change i can see and performance is same
  • meh, doesn't affect the Intel HD 4000 IGP of my I7-3770k CPU. not a gamer. haven't seen any compelling reason to upgrade from my 4Ghz 4-core hyperthreaded ivy bridge system. perhaps when I replace my 2 24" 1920X1200 displays with 2 32" 4k displays.... We'll see. but i'll really miss the 16X10 layout.... love having that extra 120pixels below HD content. (Don't suppose anyone does 3840 X 2400 displays.)