Intel plans to enter the discrete GPU arena with NVIDIA and AMD in 2020

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Intel stickers (Image credit: Windows Central)

The rumor mill has been abuzz in recent months over potential plans for Intel to enter the discrete graphics market, but we now have a more concrete window for when to expect the chip maker's first product. According to a report from MarketWatch, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich stated during a recent analyst event that the firm is targeting 2020 for the release of its discrete graphics chips.

What's more, Intel is not only going after the gaming market: it's setting its sights on AI and machine learning as well. From MarketWatch:

Intel did not go into detail about what performance level or target market this first discrete GPU solution might address, but Intel's executive vice president of the data center group, Navin Shenoy, confirmed that the company's strategy will include solutions for data center segments (think AI, machine learning) along with client (think gaming, professional development).

Intel has been telegraphing its intentions for some time. In November, the company announced Raja Koduri, who previously headed up AMD's Radeon Technologies Group, would join its team as vice president of its new Core and Visual Computing Group. At the time, Intel said Koduri would help expand its place in the market with "high-end discrete graphics solutions for a broad range of computing segments."

Koduri brings 25 years of experience in visual and accelerated computing, and he most recently helped bring AMD's Vega graphics chips to market. The executive also spent time at Apple, where he was director of the company's graphics architecture.

Intel already has some experience developing graphics solutions through the integrated options on its Core chips. However, with Koduri's experience guiding the ship, Intel's entry in the discrete graphics space as a third player could bring some much-needed competition to a market currently dominated by NVIDIA and AMD.

Updated June 12, 2018: Intel has also confirmed in a tweet that its first discrete GPU will land in 2020.

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