Intel RealSense SR300 dev kit price going up to $129 on April 1

Intel has announced that developer kits for its upcoming improved RealSense camera, the SR300, will be moving up to $129 starting April 1. Currently, those interested in developing applications for the RealSense platform can get their hands on the dev kits for just $99. Intel says that all sales made before April 1 will be honored at the current sub-$100 price point.

In case you aren't familiar with Intel's updates to the RealSense platform, the SR300 camera introduces a number of improvements and new features over the previous F200, including:

  • Support for the new Hand Tracking Cursor Mode
  • Support for the new Person Tracking Mode
  • Increased Range and Lateral Speed
  • Improved Color Quality under Low-light Capture and Improved RGB Texture for 3D Scan
  • Improved Color and Depth Stream Synchronization
  • Decreased Power Consumption

Not only will Hand Tracking and Person Tracking open up some interesting new ways to interact with apps and devices, but the general updates to things like range should have a noticeable effect on Windows Hello in Windows 10.

Intel says it expects to get its first SR300 developer kit inventory in late March or early April, at which point they should start shipping out. As for consumers, we can expect to start seeing the SR300 popping up in PCs, notebooks and more later in 2016.

Thanks, Tanzim, for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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