Intel used a prototype 2-in-1 PC at this week's IDF keynote to demonstrate the power of its upcoming seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors.

Intel Overwatch

Anandtech reports that Blizzard's multiplayer shooter Overwatch was demoed on stage with a Dell XPS prototype 2-in-1 with a Kaby Lake processor. Intel didn't offer much in the way of hardware info on the upcoming chip, but it did say it would support HEVC Main10 Profile, which should allow it to support 4K video decoding.

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This isn't the first time we're getting a look at what's on offer with Kaby Lake, as ASUS revealed that the Transformer 3 Pro and Transformer 3 tablets will be the first to run the seventh-generation cores at Computex earlier this year.

The first PCs with those chips should go on sale to consumers later this fall.