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What you need to know

  • Details leaked online regarding Intel's Alder Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs.
  • Alder Lake processors will reportedly feature more high efficiency Gracemont cores.
  • Raptor Lake CPUs are said to have up to 24 cores, including ones codenamed Raptor Cove.

Details of Intel's upcoming Alder Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs leaked online recently. YouTuber "Moore's Law is Dead" revealed information about Alder Lake configurations as well as Intel's 13-generation chips, known as Raptor Lake (via Videocardz).

Rumors about Intel's 13th-gen Raptor Lake chips have been around for some time, but these leaks from Moore's Law is Dead give us the most information we've seen so far. As with all leaks, these reports need to be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, Moore's Law is Dead has a good track record of leaking news related to Intel.

According to Moore's Law is Dead, Alder Lake CPUs will include S1 and S2 desktop models with eight Golden Cove (high performance) and eight Gracemont (high efficiency) cores. P1 and P2 mobile Alder Lake chips will reportedly have eight Gracemont cores but fewer Golden Cove cores. Moore's Law is Dead states that the P1 will have six Golden Cove cores while the P2 will only have two.

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The embargo on Alder Lake is expected to lift on October 25, 2021, though it could refer to either an internal embargo or a product announcement. Intel will launch its K-Series SKUs with 125W TDP first, according to Moore's Law is Dead.

Moving into 2022, Moore's Law is Dead shares details on the upcoming Raptor Lake line. This is the follow-up to Alder Lake and will reportedly feature cores codenamed Raptor Cove instead of the Golden Cove cores seen in Alder Lake.

Allegedly, the Raptor Lake CPUs will still have Gracemont cores, though there will be more of them. It's said that the Raptor Lake chips will have eight more Gracement cores than Alder Lake. In total, Raptor Lake CPUs could have as many as 24 cores (eight Big and 16 Little).

Raptor Lake should deliver better performance per watt, have higher frequencies, and have higher IPC than its predecessor.

The Raptor Lake processors will also launch holiday 2022, according to Moore's Law is Dead.

You can check out the full video from Moore's Law is Dead below.