Interested in a Feedly app on Windows Phone? Join the open beta for Phonly

Windows Phone has been out for nearly three years, but there are still a handful of apps and services missing in the Store, at least in official form. Thankfully, we’ve got a strong community of devoted developers who take time to make a strong offering in the form of a third-party or alternative app. Phonly is an upcoming app on Windows Phone that will be a Feedly app on Windows Phone. There’s a beta opening up right now, but first let’s check the app out.

So what is Feedly? It’s a news aggregator that pulls in content from nearly any website you want. You can create categories and add the sites that correspond to that category. For example, you might make a section focused on design and add the feeds for sites like Core77 and Design-Milk.

Feedly has official apps on Android and iOS, but nothing yet for Windows Phone. Daniel Berg, the developer behind some of our favorite apps like Weight Story and Wodhalla, recently received permission from Feedly to use their APIs to create an app for Windows Phone. And after looking through the Windows Phone Store, it looks like Phonly will be the first 100% pure Feedly app on Windows Phone when it launches.

The app will come with a variety of features you’d expect out of an app on Windows Phone. Things like lockscreen supporting, pinning categories, live tile support, and a clean design can be expected from Phonly. But there’s only so much that Daniel Berg can do by himself. That’s where the beta comes in.

Sign up for the Phonly beta and help Daniel make a Feedly app for Windows Phone that you’d use. Provide feedback on features, design, crashes, and anything else you think would be helpful in crafting an app you’d use.

You’ll need to have a device with Windows Phone 8 to take advantage of the beta. Interested in trying it out? Hit up the source link below to join. Don’t forget to provide feedback to Daniel via the feedback section within the app or by contacting him on Twitter over at @bergdaniel.

Our thoughts on Phonly so far? It’s pretty darn awesome and we’re now really using Feedly/Phonly on a daily basis to stay on top of our favorite sites.

Source: Phonly Beta

Sam Sabri