Internet Explorer is still looking for love in Microsoft's latest campaign

Remember Microsoft’s campaign for Internet Explorer, “the browser you loved to hate”? Well it isn’t gone and the company has just launched round two – common misconceptions. The new advertising maneuverer aims to fix what the company feels are common misconceptions about its web browser.

Microsoft has certainly improved its hated web browser, Internet Explorer, over the last few years starting with IE9 - but it still misses the mark. While many web developers choose to support the web-kit engine while building websites, Microsoft continues to use their Trident engine to power its browser.

You can check out the latest video advertisement below in which singer-songwriter Laura Gibson attempts to remind you that things “aren’t always what they seem”. In this case, the focus is on the misconceptions of Internet Explorer.

My suggestion to Microsoft is this: Stop pushing these web and TV campaigns so hard and instead try to focus on rewriting your trident engine or switching to web-kit.

What are your thoughts - are you an IE hater or an IE lover?

Source: Exploring IE

Michael Archambault
  • Considering I have to use Microsoft CRM for my business and IE10 doesn't work with CRM unless in compatibility mode concerns me a little... O and Microsoft CRM only works with internet explorer...
  • +1 There are huge issues with IE10. One of the issues is with postbacks on .NET websites, which is MS technology! I have to force it to IE9 compatibility so it doesn't break
  • Sorry I  posted to the wrong place. Can you upgrade to CRM 11? I use Internet Exlorer 10 and Firefox. I use it everyday with no problems.
  • Really?!? I cant upgrade cause it is company wide but maybe if I get enough people to request it, there might be a chance! But probably not, they don't upgrade anything :(
  • I have to use a specific toolbar to do my work. Guess what: it only works on IE. GUESS WHAT: it crashes several times per day.
  • Get the toolbar bugs fixed. I'm no IE fan (at all) but it doesn't crash several times a day by itself. It's probably your toolbar.
  • Hate IE. Doesn't matter what version it is, it always crashes on me. Moved to Firefox on my PC in 07. Only use IE on wp8 and Xbox since it actually works on those.
  • Lol true
  • IE10 and IE11 are pretty fast. no crashes for me.
  • still scroogle account needed ?
  • for what??
  • The key there is '07. IE has come a long way.
  • When they first updated to IE10, I gave it another shot. Crashed on me within 20 minutes. I'll stick to FF on my PC. This happened on my i3 laptop with 4gb of ram.
  • and what about your laptop gpu? is it a good one or not? (dont tell me its intel please...) because if not, you should check "use software rendering instead of GPU rendering".... this can surely fix it.
    it doesnt even crash in this crappy crap PC which is too old and too crappy that it would be embarassing to tell you my specs. if it works fine here, i dont know how in your supposely good laptop, IE would crash.
    unless you are just another anti IE no matter what and make stuff up.
  • NVIDIA optimus with a 310m and Intel HD cards/chips. Haven't used it for awhile but that is the setup it crashed on. Why would I make up the fact that IE is a terrible browser on PC? So that means that everyone that shares my opinion also made it up?
  • Im talking about the crashing. if it works in my computer without crashing with alot of tabs, and flash in a crappy computer (its obviously slow sometimes but it rarely crash IE11 which is a buggy release) how can a more powerful laptop crash IE?...
    Im not talking about your opinions or not, or anyone else opinions, I dont even care if you use IE or not, or think its terrible or not.
    how can affect me if you dont use IE? I dont even know you. but YOU ARE talking about your IE crashing and Im telling you a reason why IE may crash, because not using GPU is more stable in alot of cases. but I dont care if you use it in the end or even try to use my advice. Im telling you its not IE the one crashing because "its terrible" (if not it would crash in every other computer) but probably your GPU that doesnt play good with IE acceleration so its better to turn it off. just like when your gpu doesnt play good with Flash plugin and its better to turn acceleration off.
  • I sometimes wish I could choose which card is actually used, but optimus doesn't work like that. It automatically chooses which card to use based on what its being used for. There is a control panel to set profiles for different programs but it doesn't seem to work well since it can't seem to run dungeon siege 2 (ran fine on xp/vista).
  • That's weird, bro.  I've been using IE10 a fair bit since the W8 beta, and have never had a single crash - and that is in almost a year and a half of use.
  • I like newer IE's, much better than Chrome and Firefox in my case... Chrome : Fast, has addons, extremely unstable with more than 2 tabs Firefox : Slow, Best addon support, stable. IE: Fast, Stable, poor addon support.
  • In my case, I find IE slow, very unstable with multiple tabs, it eats more memory while using more than two tabs. At work, IE sucks because my company blocks everything stream related. While I can workaround with Firefox and chrome.
  • Unstable with multiple tabs? Everyday I have IE running in 2-3 windows with at least 10 tabs in each for work without issues.
  • Chrome is unstable w/ multi tabs not IE...
  • Maybe on YOUR pc/laptop, on MY win 7 laptop, it sucks up all the memory and is completely unstable. Chrome on my laptop runs super smooth, no issues and I can open more than 10 tabs and it works super good. By the way, I wasn't trying to say that it's a good thing. I'm saying that IE needs to stabilize their browser. It's to only reason why I don't use it.
  • Yep IE is superb fast, but sadly i can't use it...
    Just because of poor addons support.
  • Yeah, that's not true... I have a minimum of 30-40 tabs open at once each day
  • If your Chrome is extremely unstable, then cut back on your extension usage. I used to have problems with Chrome, too. But cut out 90% of the extensions I was using on it, and it works like a dream.
  • I only have two extensions installed... (Adblock and WOT.) The problem is that Chrome doesn't manage resources very well and maxes out the RAM usage whenever possible until it crashes. Meanwhile I can have triple the tabs open in IE and it's as solid as a rock. Oh, and yes I have tried disabling and then completely uninstalling the extensions, same issues.
  • I have always used IE and still do, but now I occassionally use FF to take advantage of some useful add-ons.
  • Add ons are the devil, IMO. LOL
  • If you're a developer they're invaluable
  • Considering I can't even watch Silverlight videos using IE, I really dislike it.
  • The metro version... Just use the desktop one.
  • Always used IE, when I try other browser all I see is the disadvantages & differences. I hear the "advantages" all the time from the "haters", but other browsers have never appealed to me.
  • I've never seen what is so special about FF and Chrome. I get on the web, surf to the sites I want and have had no problem with IE for years. Yet according to some IE is so bad its basically unusable to surf the web with. Maybe I'm just not going to the same dodgy sites?
  • Most people I know that complained about IE speed in years past weren't tech savvy... And I think they just had a bunch of malware add ons and junk slowing them down.
    My experience is that Chrome has always been slower to me. I haven't tried FF in many years, but last time I did it was very unstable.
  • IE (until recently) had terrible standards support. If it weren't for open source browsers such as FFX, you'd still be using a browser that didn't conform to standards, didn't have tabs, had a really slow Javascript engine etc etc. Literally, the IE team was disbanded after IE6. It's only new, good browsers coming out that have meant MS have started improving IE. And the moment those other browsers go away (hopefully never) is the moment MS will stop spending money improving IE again.
  • I'm a fan of IE's later versions, and I like the progress they are making. I use Chrome and FF too, but generally use IE over 50% of the time unless on an older system.
  • +1020
  • Lol, I see what you did there!
  • Still the best IE commercial... gives me goosebumps:
  • Wow - This was excellent.
  • It is a great ad but holy carp!
    41 million views, it has to be a sign!
  • haha holy..... what a coincidence
  • LOL
    I had most of that stuff. Good commercial, but I don't see it inspiring people to give IE another try.
  • To be fair, I don't see 98% of ANY commercials inspiring people to do ANYTHING. People usually watch them and move on without any sort of persuasion lol
  • Damn, wanted to comment on the vid "Rob Carpenter brought me here" but disabled comments foiled my shout out :P
  • +1
  • I miss those days :'(
  • I miss the 90's. Except for that dial up modem sound...
  • Gladly ditched IE in 2002 when Phoenix (original name of Firefox) came along.  Never saw a reason to use IE again, except for being forced to on Windows Phone, and for rare testing/fallback situations.  I've used IE8, 9, and 10, and hated the UI in all of them.  And there's a special place in hell for Metro IE.
  • Metro IE is terrible IMO, but I love IE 11 (desktop).
  • MetroIE is bad on a desktop but I can see it working fine for touch. I generally use FF on the desktop because IE doesn't support add-ons. I don't use very many but the few I do, means no to IE.
  • MetroIE11 is awesome on touch (and admittedly sucky on mouse and keyboard machines). Everything is so smooth and fast, and there arent the tiny tabs and search boxes that can be found in every other tablet browser. A big touch friendly textbox and large tab switcher is just an up swipe away. Now using desktop IE10 I feel I'd rather be on my tablet.
  • ......he's bluffing......he ain't used ie......he's a chromefandroidster
  • I use IE almost exclusively. I like the tracking protection lists.
  • IE on WP is missing so many features, plus a lot of websites just don't work properly on it. Using agent switcher you get better results, so what does that say about IE?
  • It says that developers are being lazy and purposefully serving all IE browsers simplified content, rather than doing the right thing and detecting if the browser supports the features available. This is why IE11 has removed all IE branding from its user agent.
  • Thats great news. When my friend used to code web pages for my previous job (internal use only), I would test and find many things broken in IE. He just started putting a prompt and directing them to Firefox. :(
  • Yep. Don't blame IE for bad devs.
  • I agree. Many sites work great in IE10 for me but then I come to a website that doesn't work and I know who to blame and it isn't MSFT. Facebook is the biggest geek out for me though in IE10, always get long running scripts slowing me down.
  • I use IE almost exclusively although as a web programmer I have to keep Firefox (hate it) and Chrome (don't trust Google) installed and test sites with them regularly.
    I have been a big fan of IE since 9.
    OTOH, I HATE this commercial, that is terrible and not nearly up to the level of the previous #browseryoulovetohate commercial they did.
  • In all my years of using IE I havent come across more than 5 sites that dont work perfectly with it. Have had no problems so I'll be sticking with it.
  • Probably because pron sites were the first to conform to IE 10 & HTML5.
  • Hate
  • I use ie and ff but is still my favorite
  • IE9 and up are significantly better than earlier versions. Webkit has its own problems, even Google is ditching webkit in Chrome. The real problem are all these shit webdevs building things specifically for webkit instead of using feature detection.
  • This
  • I'm a web dev and I approve this message. So very true.
  • I only develop for standards and I have not had any problem with IE since 9, chrome on the other hand likes to only support vendor tags for some css
  • Thank you! Web dev here, and it frustrates me to no end. Anyone doing that in my team gets pulled up on it right away.
  • Does IE support adblock yet? I understand the need for websites to generate revenue, but certain websites have annoying sound enabled ads that are hard to find and shut off.
  • Yes IE supports adblock now, it's in beta

  • I love IE and I use it at almost 100% of the time, there are a couple of sites where I have to use FF, both are poorly coded.
  • Opera?
  • Lol now THAT is a heap of crap
  • IE hasn't given me any problems. I've used Firefox before, but I prefer IE.
  • I use IE 11 on 8.1 and like it but I think the browser need a design makeover there is still too much from the old versions in it the fav bar for example.
  • Agreed. Also the setting window is way too ancient..
  • I only use IE on my Nokia Lumia 920. I use Chrome primarily with my MacBook Pro. And it's my understanding, unless Microsoft has returned to supporting Macs, the last time I could use it was IE 5 on my PowerBook.
  • Lol I still don't use chrome on my ladies MacBook pro. I don't even use Firefox. I use safari. Chrome isn't installed never will be and ff crashes and moves slower than a snail. And that's at its fastest times.
  • New IE11 is awesome. It is much faster than Firefox, so I moved to IE.
  • Chrome please, thanx!
  • As a computer tech, you would think I would be on the chrome or Firefox bandwagon. I'm not though. Internet explorer has worked fine for me, especially ie9 which works flawlessly for anything I've ever done. The problem arises when people start installing third party apps with toolbars and other browser addons that are either malware riddled or just horribly coded. They bloat the browser, slow it down, cause it to crash and not work right. If anything I would blame Microsoft for not making their browser more immune to these problems. But a computer running a clean ie9/10 without addons, works great. I never understood the bashing ie gets. Ie 6 yes that was a train wreck. 7 fixed some issues, 8 a few more and 9 on up works great. I've also seen a rash of addons for chrome now that are causing it to error out and crash and run like crap, much like ie does. But I don't begrudge anybody using another browser, I just don't like the flame war going on against ie.
  • Actually, as a computer Tech I would expect you to use IE lol.
  • Really? In my company you'd be ridiculed for firing up IE unless it's for testing or to demonstrate something that's broken in IE that works in all other browsers
  • Yea, I agree with that. Everyone uses Chrome and I get attacked (well not really but demonstrating a point) for using IE. I generally use all 3 browsers though. IE for CRM and personal searching for Bing rewards, Firefox for my internal sites, and Chrome for customers sites. I still like using IE in general but keep the other browsers in use so I'm not ridiculed.
  • IE is still light years behind of Chrome. But at least its faster than FF now.
  • Heh, yeah right.,3534...
  • Many of those tests are flawed because they test what web devs use, not what they should be using. They don't test the new fast features that are made available with new browsers, so bleeding edge versions are always going to perform poorly.
  • Er, what would rewriting Trident accomplish? If sites want to target Webkit, then that's that.
  • The point is, they shouldn't. That leads to a rendering engine monopoly, which as we all know is bad.
  • The last thing the world needs is another browser monopoly. Webkit is a joke and littered with bugs. Vendor prefixes are the new bane of modern web development. Trident has far superior hardware acceleration with crisp subpixel rendering while webkit can't even render backgrounds properly without hairline fractures. I am shocked that you would advocate for yet another browser monopoly, stagnating web development for another decade.
  • +1000
  • Hear, hear!
  • I use IE pretty much exclusively. I don't use chrome cause its google and Firefox has always been a bad experience for me. I also don't give to sh1ts about add ons. :/
  • LOL
    Me either, I have no use for them. My experience is they only cause problems.
  • I like Firefox and Opera, since both support Ad Block and Ghostery.
  • Chrome has Ad Block. NFI what ghostery is
  • Currently my primary browser. I find it to be pleasant to use
  • On Win8 IE is amazingly faster. Both Metro and desktop are super quick and I have had zero issues. FF I've used on my XP system and found it to be a cut average. Chrome has a few features which are nice but overall not an as good experience. Plus chrome is a memory hog. You want unwanted toolbars just use chrome and stuff installing itself and suddenly google becoming your default search provider without the option to change it back. Chrome is a mess. I'll stick with IE.
  • I haven't used Chrome or FF on any of my new hardware, but maybe their memory usage was part of why I had so many problems with them (I stuck it out with XP for a long time).
  • It probably was as if you started actually using ff, opening tabs, closing them, keeping a lot open, they had huge memory leak that in my experience could bring any machine to its knees.
  • I like internet explorer 10 and 11. Chrome is so buggy and id rather not support google if I can help it and I hate Firefox.
  • I use Chrome first and IE second. Firefox is too slow for me.
  • I love IE's speed, especially on my Series 9. Half of the time it opens faster than a File Explorer window lol. The only downfall is the Trident engine. Whenever a website isn't working properly it's a pain to have to switch browsers, especially when it involves logging back in to a site. IE is my main browser but as much as I hate Google services I switch to Chrome every once in a while.
  • I used Chrome until I got a Windows 8 tablet. With touch, IE10 or 11 is really the only non-terrible option. It's about as good as Chrome except for extensions now anyway so I don't mind. I know it drives website devs up the wall sometimes though.
  • As much as I want to go back and use IE (currently using FireFox), I just cant stand the blurry fonts of IE10 (1E11). It is almost unbearable for the eyes after an extended period of reading. I dont know the reasoning behind why starting with IE10, they disabled support for "clear type" fonts. I am using a laptop ultrabook bought this year and IE11 is not an option for me. IE10 (IE11) is best used in HD screens (retina), but with standard laptops, its unacceptable at least for me. 
    I just hope they can bring back "clear type" font smoothing in final version of IE11..
  • Used Firefox for about 5 years until IE10 came out. I have an 8yr old Dell laptop and IE is much quicker and seems to manage the limited resources much better. All IE now. IE11 in 8.1 seems to be another significant speed boost. Tried Chrome and never saw any reason to keep using it.
  • I hate ie so much. Just so much. No matter what version I use, it crashes, and the ad-ons are just awful. Come on people, we got the wps app list on track through complaining, now lets focus on demanding a better browser for our wphones
  • I switched to Firefox back in 2004 and used it right up until IE9 was released on Windows 7. At that point, I decided, sure... let's take a shot and see what happens. Turns out, I don't miss Firefox. And God Almighty himself couldn't convince me to use Chrome or Safari... nothing against them, I just hate the companies making them.
    IE really IS a great browser, and anyone who still HATES it hasn't used it. Look, I get it though, use whatever browser you like and speak facts about the browsers you don't if you have gripes... but don't hate just to hate, because it just makes you look like a cynical moron.
    As for making the web a better place for everyone... it'd sure be nice if people didn't purposely design sites to NOT work well with other browsers (regardless of which way the bias swings). When I was designing the website for my college, I made it a point to design with as many standards as possible and only implement tweaks as needed OR just redesigned it to be cleaner.
  • PS-- I absolutely HATE the thought of switching to Webkit. Besides the fact that it would give too much control to one organization, it's pretty clear that it does NOTHING to truly standardize browsers when you can still run testing on Chrome, Safari, and others and see completely different implementation results.
  • I've now got a Lumia 920 and a surface so been using IE a lot. It's as good as any other browser Imo, accept for one MAJOR thing - how it deals with drop down menus on touch screen. It just doesn't! I could understand if only a few websites used drop down menus but using IE all day every day you wouldn't believe how many websites use drop down menus. Its ridiculous, so annoying having to get the keyboard out on the surface just to select a page, and just impossible on my phone. And so embarrassing when someone borrows the surface to do something and cant work out why they can't select a link in a drop down menu. Seriously MS, its terrible!!!!!
  • This isn't a problem unique to IE though... it's an issue of no hovering support on touch devices.
    I get angry when web sites use hover-only and don't have a click option to either reveal/hide those menus, or at least navigate to a subpage to see the listing.
  • Yeah, spot on. It's web devs not considering the new web when building sites.
    iOS 'cheats' this by applying the hover state on the first tap, but this causes even more issues.
  • That's why websites have mobile-friendly versions. A lot of people haven't switched yet, but in a few years it'll be vastly improved
  • Yes this is a problem, choose the ios method it works, or come up with another fix.
  • I've great news for you: Internet Explorer 11 will make an end to this issue. However, IE isn't the only browser dealing with this issue.
  • I get that it might not be an IE issue rahter poorly designed websites, but SO many websites don't work because of it I can't believe they have released it without applying a workaround.
    I also own several ecommerce sites that all run on OpenCart which has this problem, which means I can't check anything on the go on my phone (the main thing I want to do on my phone other than check emails)! Or on the surface without getting the keyboard out.
    I hope Studio384 is right about it beinf fixed in the new IE!
  • I can't see IE switching to WebKit any time soon. I'm a Firefox user myself, but may switch to IE 11 once Windows 8.1 is released. By the way, have you seen the fonts on Chrome?! They look awful due to the lack of DirectWrite support.
  • "My suggestion to Microsoft is this: Stop pushing these web and TV campaigns so hard and instead try to focus on rewriting your trident engine or switching to web-kit."
    That remark almost deserves a punch in the face. The last thing MS should ever consider is a switch to Webkit. It's like a freaking cancer, everyone thinks it's God's gift to the internet, but its popularity has just resulted in web developers being exceptionally lazy and ignoring other browser engines completely. It's just like in the first browser war when IE6 dominated.
  • I've used all the major browsers in the past and more recently I've tried Chrome but none of them are as stable or as usable as IE.
  • Wow, hating much? Is this an article or an opinion piece?
    The last thing you should be advocating is that the world's most used rendering engine be replaced with the second in place. That's like suggesting Android switch to iOS (hypothetically). You completely kill innovation and the web gets led off in a direction that one company wants to dictate. Even Chrome have forked Webkit for this very reason.
    Besides the fact that Trident, in its latest editions, really is the best at general web support. Sure, there are some bleeding edge features that are yet to see support, but 90% of the features that most people use are supported, and they're faster, more standard-accurate, more pixel-perfect and more stable than Webkit has ever given us.
    Microsoft are even going out of their way to stop bad IE detection ruining the experience on newIE, by completely removing the branding from the IE11 user agent and all but pretending to be Firefox.
    I use IE for everything, including web development, and only use Chrome or Firefox when I get to testing phase. This means I develop for the web properly, without pandering to browser quirks. IE11's new dev tools are amazing and I don't miss Chrome's inspector or Firebug one bit.
  • It's Google that actual supported the -webkit- prefix stuff.
  • Well they've gone back on it now. Blink won't have vendor prefixes, and the prefix-less features will be opt-in until the standard has been finalized and implemented correctly.
  • I only use IE for work and fun. No problems :D
  • So when is Ms dropping IE and making a search engine called...wait for it.....Bing?
  • Looking for love? The guy in that picture can love me!!! Mmm mm mm.
    As for IE, 10 works great on my old W7 laptop. It's faster on W8 devices though. Like the 920 and the Surface I tried.
  • The latest version is good. I seldom use Internet Explorer on PC. While in Lumia 520 I use Internet Explorer much.
  • Perhaps you should consider upgrading to Dynamics CRM 11. I use it with Internet Explorer 10 and with Firefox.
  • I
  • I always used other browsers but from sometime ive been using only IE since 9. too lazy and too pointless to go and pretend having another browser would make me magically see pages faster, like if i would notice that.
    I wont use more than the normal plugins IE can get so i dont care about addons and all those silly things.
    I like how simple IE interface is, its not like having skins and different buttons would make the browser better.
    it displays the sites I visit. so why would I need to go and pretend having another browser would make my life better? IE works and i wont waste my time installing another browser, because it would be the same thing to me.
    it got nice features, ad blocker, spellchecking which is easy to switch since its integrated in win8, it got synching in Win8 so i dont have to copy or do anything to keep browsing since it would sync even my history. and while i dont use it, you can now "start with tabs from last session", also it got a nice downloader manager, not like IE8. so these few changes have made alot better IE and its nice to keep using it. but to each its own.
  • They need to abandon Internet Explorer & start from scratch with a new browser with a new look & feel, & different engine, & a new name. IE is junk, always has been & always will be. It locks up constantly & is totally unusable. I've even seen it cause computers to just up & shut themselves off.
  • Have you used IE10?
  • Switch to web kit? Ubsurd. I use IE10 and it's awesome. Stable, reliable and fast. Application launch is also noticeably faster than FF and chrome
  • Almost always use IE. Always have trouble with browsers crashing using others. I will use Chrome for sites that aren't in English though.
  • Im definitely an IE fan. I use IE as my main browser and have since IE 4. I keep others installed for testing, but I don't really use them for browsing.
  • Have used IE almost exclusively since IE9. Still use FF every now and then. Have completely stopped using Chrome since 2years ago.
  • WebKit, not web-kit
  • using IE9 mostly because my chrome started crashing, its okay, but i prefer chrome..dont like firefox anymore...but i need to strip down my computer again and get rid of all the virsuses..and then I'll give chrome another shot..i hate google but i really like chrome :P
  • Desktop:
    * IE if you care about css animations. The smoothest in the business. Hardware accelleration is unparallelled. Apart from that, decent but somewhat slim standard-supporting browser
    * Firefox: king of add-ons, Firebug is still the best webdev inspector out there, but can be slow and sluggish
    * Chrome: if you want the latest support for edgy "non-standards", but is becoming slower too and often shows regressions when it comes to css support
    * Safari: dead on Windows, decent but uneventful browser on Mac. Has the same problems as Chrome with WebKit, but avoids them a little with fewer releases.
    * Opera (old): if you want customization of your browser, this is it.
    * Opera (new): if you want the fastest browser around, this is it.
    So it really all depends what you're looking for.
    IE10: your only option. The rest sucks balls, unless you're running into a bad webdev who only supports -webkit properties and breaks his site in IE/others. But IE10 is the only browser that hasn't crashed on my yet (and yes, I like to push them a little, like leaving the Google Analytics site open for a day or so).
  • Call me crazy, and I have know idea why but. I think I like the add.
  • "Stop pushing these web and TV campaigns so hard and instead try to focus on rewriting your trident engine or switching to web-kit."
    Of all advice I've ever read, this one is the worst. Rewriting Trident won't solve the lazy web developer problem, switching to Webkit (not web-kit) will only make it worse for the future of the web.
    However, I'm using Internet Explorer since version 4, never switched to another browser. I've gived some a chance (like Firefox, which is now my secundary browser in case IE11 fails to load a page or doesn't have access because 'it's not supported'), but I've always used IE. As soon as a new beta comes out, I update to itand do not look back to the stable version. I used the IE7/8/9/10/11 betas as soon as available and updated to the stabels as soon as available. :)
  • A lot of people don't realize programs out there will burry add ons into the Internet Explorer without notifying the user, and when the shoddy add ons crashed the IE, they put the blame on it and go download a Chrome, installed clean, and praised how good it is.  Download CCleaner and open the IE tab and see how many add ons you have.
  • So true!
    The same happens with the OS. I had a friend buy a new laptop when Vista came out. He ranted at me about how slow Vista was. I took a look at the laptop (which was cronically slow), removed the pre-insatlled trial of McAfee and the thing flew! But up until then Vista took the blame because the user was unaware of the pre-installed bloatware.
  • All I want to see if web devs code their sites to work on all the major browsers with little to no hiccups. You never know who your users are going to be and what browser THEY prefer to use. It is because of this fact that web devs should not push their browser preference onto the user. It makes for a bad internet and can affect traffic to your site. I use IE all the time and if I find a site that doesn't work in it I avoid visiting that site.
  • I don't use FireFox any more, because it doesn't support touch-based zoom/scroll
  • If Microsoft switch to WebS**t (sorry but monopolies are bad and you can already see what the mobile WK monopoly is doing) then I will dump my WP unless I can get another rendering engine on it. I like Trident and find it does a good job. Chrome on the other hand... Zero addons installed, nuked my machine. Whereas Firefox worked but wasn't exactly the fastest browser but I do still like it. IE works a treat for me. As a Microsoft writer you shouldn't be advocating the switch to WebKit. That remark alone nearly made me boot my desktop tower unit with full force.
  • The microsoft news editor suggests that microsoft did a poor job with IE ("re-write trident"). That is admitedly biased because ie has come along way of beeing a very standards and fast browser these days.
    Ok, maybe needs to hire somebody that covers microsoft news and is not biased or give us a filter to not see this crap.
  • Switching to web kit is the dumberst idea anyone could think of.
    Switched back to IE when v9 came out, never looked back. Never crashed for me and works fast. Bring on IE11.
  • You're right they need to make the change as quickly as possible, this browser is the main reason all the Web industry is going backwards instead of moving forward.