Internet Explorer is still looking for love in Microsoft's latest campaign

Remember Microsoft’s campaign for Internet Explorer, “the browser you loved to hate”? Well it isn’t gone and the company has just launched round two – common misconceptions. The new advertising maneuverer aims to fix what the company feels are common misconceptions about its web browser.

Microsoft has certainly improved its hated web browser, Internet Explorer, over the last few years starting with IE9 - but it still misses the mark. While many web developers choose to support the web-kit engine while building websites, Microsoft continues to use their Trident engine to power its browser.

You can check out the latest video advertisement below in which singer-songwriter Laura Gibson attempts to remind you that things “aren’t always what they seem”. In this case, the focus is on the misconceptions of Internet Explorer.

My suggestion to Microsoft is this: Stop pushing these web and TV campaigns so hard and instead try to focus on rewriting your trident engine or switching to web-kit.

What are your thoughts - are you an IE hater or an IE lover?

Source: Exploring IE

Michael Archambault