iPhone hands-on video - Smartphone Round Robin

"Wow, that's a lot of apps." Those were some of the first words out of my mouth when I sat down to take a look at the iPhone. You know, the platform that has single-handedly killed off every other smartphone known to -- oh, wait. We're all still here? Good.

So, to get the discussion going, I've started a thread in The iPhone Blog's forums. And I expect each and every one of you go post in it. Often. Oh, and each time you do, you have a chance to win a smartphone of your choice (up to $1,000). Plus there's the whole thing about keeping the Windows Mobile end up, and that's important, too.

Hit up the video after the break, where Rene Ritchie, editor at The iPhone Blog, learns me a thing or three about the iPhone. And be sure to check out all the other goings on in the third annual Smartphone Round Robin.

Phil Nickinson

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  • The iPhone, the game changer is starting to look like nothing more than than the Android app tray. :) I never thought I say this but Windows Mobile (titanium) and Windows 7 are really making Apple's UI's look very utilitarian, just saying.
  • is it just me or are other platforms ie. TIPB and Android Cen., looking like there afraid of the impact the HD2 is having on mind share, man i really want one of those. :) hurry TMO!
  • Man that looked snappy. Phil why you got to be SO good w another device? The Storm II and now blowing through the Iphone intuitively! Yikes... Then again I'll never go Iphone or BlackBerry... Maybe WebOS...