Iris Browser Beta 2 Release for Windows Mobile

The internet browsing experience on Windows Mobile is almost laughable when compared to new players in the game like Apple's iPhone/mobile Safari experience. Fortunately, some third-party players have seized upon this weakness in the Windows Mobile experience and have brought to the table some very exciting products - the Iris Browser from Torch Mobile, for instance.

Iris Browser Beta 2 is now available for free download here, and with Beta 2 comes numerous improvements. According to the Torch Mobile Blog, the improvements include better performance, smaller memory footprint (by 10%), user interaction improvement, greater stability, and web page rendering improvements.

Jennifer Chappell over at TreoCentral, our sister site, has included more information about Beta 2 and further describes the Iris Browser as being iPhone-like in experience. Knowing how great the iPhone browser is, this would be fantastic to have a similar experience on Windows Mobile.

A quick download and install will show you that while that's not quite the case here, it's not half bad. We'd like to see a little more intelligent text-wrapping on the zoom view, but all in all Iris is looking pretty good -- definitely worth keeping an eye on.

WC Staff