Iris Browser Beta 2 Release for Windows Mobile

The internet browsing experience on Windows Mobile is almost laughable when compared to new players in the game like Apple's iPhone/mobile Safari experience. Fortunately, some third-party players have seized upon this weakness in the Windows Mobile experience and have brought to the table some very exciting products - the Iris Browser from Torch Mobile, for instance.

Iris Browser Beta 2 is now available for free download here, and with Beta 2 comes numerous improvements. According to the Torch Mobile Blog, the improvements include better performance, smaller memory footprint (by 10%), user interaction improvement, greater stability, and web page rendering improvements.

Jennifer Chappell over at TreoCentral, our sister site, has included more information about Beta 2 and further describes the Iris Browser as being iPhone-like in experience. Knowing how great the iPhone browser is, this would be fantastic to have a similar experience on Windows Mobile.

A quick download and install will show you that while that's not quite the case here, it's not half bad. We'd like to see a little more intelligent text-wrapping on the zoom view, but all in all Iris is looking pretty good -- definitely worth keeping an eye on.

WC Staff
  • looks and feels just like opera 9.5 beta. maybe opera beta is edging this slightly performance wise. still not complaining. choice is king!
    if only skyfire was avail outside us :(
  • Download link:
  • this things sucks ans crash after 3 seconds on my sprint diamond
  • why are you comparing to the iphone?! skyfire has been around for sometime and it is great. it is only available to people in the US and Canada but that should change v. soon and it just kicks iphone's a$$.