It's true: Sprint shakes up its pricing plans; call any phone on any carrier for free

Sure enough, folks, the major change in Sprint plans we just alluded to came through this morning. You now can call any mobile phone, on any carrier, without burning your minutes.

That gives Sprint some of the hottest phones around — starting with the Touch Pro 2, natch, and including the Palm Pre and Android-powered HTC Hero — paired with data plans that are tough to beat. Let's hope the other carriers feel the pressure and start moving their prices downward, as well.

Check out the full deal after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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  • First...this litterally couldn't come at a better time. I started using my phone for a side business and have been going over consistantly. Now I can keep my $60 a month bill (I get a 22% discount). Awesomeness...Verizon just added the TP2 for $199, but this will keep on Sprint.
  • I'm sorry, that's pretty ridiculous (in a good way). $150 per month for service for 3 lines, for everything, that's pretty nuts. Man totally switch over to Sprint if they just had better service in my area... So much cheaper than any other carrier from what I can tell.
  • Phil, what do you mean "data plans that are tough to beat" ?! They're freakin unbeatable! No one matches let alone beats their Everything plans. Stop being so stingy with your compliments when it comes to Sprint, dammit.
  • Telus is up to something on September 15th. I can only hope they're thinking along these lines.
  • This makes me seriously consider leaving AT&T and I've been with them since like 1998 or so (and I am for the most part, completely happy with them). Good deal sprint users! Jason
  • I'm 18 but i am in family plan and only pay 30 dollars of Data plan from Verizon so i don't really care right now, but if i do switch carrier and get individual plan, it will be sprint first unless i like their phones. Pre is alright, sprint TP2' TouchFlo 3D is soso. But if the minutes are unlimited, why are Sprint customers needs minutes? i don't get it. They should just say unlimited minutes.
  • Because calls to landlines and calls while roaming still take away from your pool of minutes. - VDubb
  • $30 dollars for data jesus you most love to throw away money and are you the guy blowing away money on the sprint commercial? lol j/k I pay $0.00 for unlimited data with sprint and so does my wife and no we do not have Sero. I love sprint for over 12 yrs now.
  • and this new Sprint mobile to any mobile does not apply to the plan you are.
  • Sorry, but I can't get as excited about this as some of you are. Unlimited to mobile lines is good, but not great. I work as a consultant and use my phone all day long and the calls I make could be to either mobile phones or land lines, probably 50/50. Personally I'll wait for the industry to start cracking a bit further on the "unlimited" category before I get happy. For now I enjoy my MetroPCS service for $45 a month. I know what many people think about Metro, but I've been with them for 3 years and NEVER had an issue. 3 lines with unlimited EVERYTHING including international calling for $146 per month AFTER taxes...can't beat that anywhere.
  • It's amazing how placing a few words here and there can change the meaning; like replacing "unlimited data" in the fine print with "unlimited data services." (The choice is free, actually using the chosen service may cost extra.) George Orwell would be proud ...