Sprint Launching 'Any Mobile' Today: Unlimited calls to any mobile phone, on any carrier?

We're getting late breaking news here at WMExperts that Sprint is poised to launch a "revolution" today (Thursday) for their Sprint Premier, Sprint Everything Data and select business plans.

So what is ‘Sprint Any Mobile’?

Reportedly, Sprint is going to allow you to call any domestic mobile number, regardless of carrier, any time for free.  Now most Sprint customers already have the free Sprint-to-Sprint mobile calls on their plans, but this will extend that to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.

Best part? Reportedly this is a free upgrade to those customers with the above mentioned qualifying plans.

You have to give it to Sprint: one of the fastest data networks, 4G Wimax, the Palm Pre, just announced Palm PixiHTC Hero, Touch Pro 2 and now this. That's change we like to see! 

But what say you--will you benefit from this feature and is it enough to save Sprint?

[via PreCentral.net]

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  • Counter punch to AT&T's new "A-Listers" program. Nice move.
  • Wow. I seriously can now give up my landline that costs me about forty bucks a month. Sprint rocks!
  • I suggest you also look at getting airave if you are going for landline replacment. for $10 a month you can call landlines for free. If you r replace your landline you will find a couple of 1-800 calls a month, you know the ones where you are on speakerphone while on hold for 30 minutes, will chew up your minutes.
  • Great idea, I automatically benefit, so does my GF with the change. I too can finally dump my landline. Big thumbs up Sprint. Now where's are ROM update for TP?
  • Here's hoping this is true! I have the Everything Data 450 plan, and ditched my landline a couple months ago. Since then, 450 minutes has been barely enough. (I went 3 minutes over last month). But with free calls to ALL mobile phones, I don't think I'd ever have to worry about going over my minutes again! Blows "fave 5" type plans out of the water. Between the "Everything" plans, evening minutes starting at 7 instead of 9, and now this (if true), Sprint really WOULD be absolutely the best value around! Trying not to get too excited until it's confirmed...
  • http://anymobile.sprint.com/
  • You guys don't get it. This article is the first to explain everything about this correctly: http://cellphones.about.com/od/sprintserviceplans/a/sprintanymobileanyti... Read that now if you're considering this.
  • "at WMExperts that Sprint is poised to launch a "revolution" today (Thursday) for their Sprint Premier, Sprint Everything Data and select business plans." Not good reporting. If you are Premier but not on Everything your your big premier benefit is notification that people on Everything plans get this. I have a four line plan that is not Everything, and am Premier, this does nothing for me according to three calls to Sprint. This new benefit is meaningless to premier users who are not on an everything plan. All I got was a hard sell pitch on changing to Everything
  • I changed my Sprint plan to allow for this, it should save me a few coins over my old plan which I wasn't utilizing all my available minutes anyway.
  • That story at the above link isn't correct. If you check sprint's plans page on the web, every SE plan has any phone, anytime added to the plan. I have a SE data family share plan with 1500 minutes and I am included. there will be no defection to lower cost plans from the higher cost ones.
  • You need to learn math. It will cause defections from the unlmited. I just changed from a $100 Everything plan to a $70 Everything plan -- saving me (and costing Sprint) $720 over my contract life. My habits and use wont change as 3/4 of my calls are to mobiles but mostly to Verizon and ATT since Sprint has so few customers, Sprint will jsut make less money. And it isn't 30% less they will make, one has to assume costs on the discount of my touch pro 2, and other costs ( I use a lot of data) which probably total $40-$50 per month -- so they went from netting $60 to $50 per month to netting $20 to $30 or a real loss of over 50% in net profit on me alone since this announcement WILL and DOES cause defections from higher priced plans. :)
  • Wow- seems like a desperate move on Sprint's part. The funny thing is that I don't know anybody on Sprint's network since all my friends,family and people I care to talk to are on Verizon and AT&T now. Hope it helps increase thier customer base.
  • Actually it already has... irrespective of the despiracy some may see from Sprint - this is really big news. And to think - I didn't have to solicite to family and friends to switch to Sprint at all (in fact they don't have to if they don't want to - but I still save) - Awesome stuff!
  • I feel the pain of trying to solicit friends and family to Sprint -- those who have had it and left hate Sprint and will never come back.
  • This is way better than tmo's myfave, at&t's a-list and verizon's my10 or whatever they're calling it. Way to go sprint, this is the best news I've heard this year. Sprint is just getting better and better. Whoohoooo!!
  • I am not a Sprint customer but I think this could be great news for all American celluler users. If this is successful for Sprint it will force all of the other carriers to find a way to follow suit with something similar. And that would be a big win for all of us.
  • The other companies are gaining customers not hemorrhaging them like Sprint. Sprints call quality and customer satisfaction still comes in at the bottom of the barrel with the two latest JD Powers reports the last few weeks. Combine this with the fact that say Verizon already has over twice as many in network customers, meaning even with their own in network you were already twice as likely on Verizon to be saving minutes compared with with Sprint, but hey also had the 10 extra numbers which for most people would be more than sufficient to knock down there out of network minutes.
  • Seems like a bit of a desperate move...
  • I wonder they just trying to get a bigger customer base. I suppose in the present economic climate the carriers are finding it difficult as more people switch from contracts. It's a bold move and should also be interestingto see head the other carriers react in the next few weeks and months.
  • Why does this article still say Sprint Premier are edible. Most Sprint Premier are not on Everything plans but long term customers on other plans and not eligible for this.