iTunes Store dropping support for Windows XP and Vista in May

Apple has announced in a new support document (opens in new tab) that it Windows XP and Vista PCs will no longer be able to access the iTunes Store after May 25 (via MacRumors). Apple chalks the move up to "security changes" that will prevent those still using Vista and XP PCs from updating to the latest version of iTunes, cutting off access to the store.

From Apple:

Starting May 25, Apple will introduce security changes that prevent older Windows PCs from using the iTunes Store. If you have Windows XP or Vista PC, your computer is no longer supported by Microsoft, and you're not able to use the latest version of iTunes.

Apple says you can keep using older versions of iTunes to listen to music, but you won't be able to make new purchases or redownload previous purchases on Windows XP or Vista. Instead, you'll have to upgrade to Windows 7 or later to pick up the latest version of iTunes.

It's impossible to be sure without exact figures, but the cross-section of people still using Windows XP and Vista with iTunes is likely pretty small. And given that Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP or Vista, it's no surprise to see Apple following suit.

Now let's hope this means we're that much closer to getting iTunes on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • I dropped support for iTunes a long time ago
  • Good for you...want a cookie?   Groove was a much better solution....🤣
  • If Brian doesn't want the cookie... Can I have it?
  • Dbam,  how much you offering?
  • The most terrible software ever made.
  • I'll be more interested in iTunes when it drops as a Store app so it can be easily installed and uninstalled.
  • It's just going to be the win32 app ported into the store. I can't see it being any easier than it is currently.
  • It can easily be installed and and un installed now.  Come on,  Neo,  I thought you were better at using windows than that.
  • Way to miss the point. Right now, you don't know what installing/uninstalling does or leaves behind system clutter and registry wise. Store apps, including ported ones, live inside a sandboxed environment and can't impact or "rot" the rest of the system. The other benefit, of course, is built-in automatic background updates including Delta updates (yes they're supported for Win32 apps on the Store). That's more convenient since you don't have to manually execute it AND it doesn't come with the horrendous Updater app that is unreliable and tries to get you to install other Apple software everytime.
  • Don't get me wrong,  I agree that the store app will be much better,  however,  to state Its not easily installed and un installed is WRONG.  If you don't want the updater app un install that.  simple.  
  • I have an old iPod with a significant portion of my music collection on it. When I connect it to my Surface Pro 2017, it isn't recognized/trusted by iTunes and I cannot transfer the music to the computer without formatting the iPod. Is there any way around this? How do I save my music? I no longer have access to the computer that was used to load the iPod. Help!
  • Contact Apple Support
  • iTunes has many characteristics in common with a virus.
  • Just like alot of fanboys here.  
  • 17 years of support was probably enough.
  • They are likely dropping support for older insecure SSL protocols and cipher suites. I did the same , XP clients cannot connect to my Exchange servers anymore.
  • who needs iTunes anyway?🤣?..when you have spotify🤩
  • who the hell even still uses itunes. Worst software ever.