Jawbone teases upcoming app and support for Windows Phone

Jawbone is teasing support for Windows Phone that may come as soon as this week. Additionally, Jawbone is preparing to open its UP software to third parties, specifically, to other hardware manufacturers. This means that Jawbone would be able to collect data into its app from rivals like FitBit, as well as smartwatches running Android Wear, and Apple's long-rumored iWatch, according to Re/code.

That includes the new health-focused wearable that Apple is expected to introduce this week, as well as Google Android Wear devices and Microsoft's Windows Phone. It also means it's software will be able to suck in data garnered from rival devices like Fitbit and render it on Jawbone's app.

Hardware manufacturers will be able to make new products that communicate directly with the UP platform through an open protocol, without the need for an additional app.

Looking forward to seeing a Jawbone app in the Windows Phone Store?

Source: Re/Code

Joseph Keller