Jawbone teases upcoming app and support for Windows Phone

Jawbone is teasing support for Windows Phone that may come as soon as this week. Additionally, Jawbone is preparing to open its UP software to third parties, specifically, to other hardware manufacturers. This means that Jawbone would be able to collect data into its app from rivals like FitBit, as well as smartwatches running Android Wear, and Apple's long-rumored iWatch, according to Re/code.

That includes the new health-focused wearable that Apple is expected to introduce this week, as well as Google Android Wear devices and Microsoft's Windows Phone. It also means it's software will be able to suck in data garnered from rival devices like Fitbit and render it on Jawbone's app.

Hardware manufacturers will be able to make new products that communicate directly with the UP platform through an open protocol, without the need for an additional app.

Looking forward to seeing a Jawbone app in the Windows Phone Store?

Source: Re/Code

Joseph Keller
  • Nice!
  • Yes, especially if it includes earpieces. I'm going to buy the Jawbone Era earpiece for my iWP.
    Oh, its a fitness tracker app? Boo.
  • I got Fitbit because of WP support I have it for a month..and honestly I have no idea why I need it... I see no point in these devices, just got too excited about that and I'm saying this to others...check 3 times before you buy any fitness tracker whether this is what you need. I found it to be just another marketing trick like smartwatches will be.
  • Haha I think I got duped as well... Its really kinda useless info
  • I have a Fitbit and am very happy with it. But I do think they are good at marketing. I call it a stepcounter because that's what it is, and what I expected it to be. Their marketing of it as a "fitness device" is somewhat deceptive. I've seen people on their forums disappointed that it didn't automatically keep track of calories during weight workouts etc. I think that these companies are trying to make these devices seem more advanced than they really are.
    Will be interesting to see if Apple can come out with something that lives up to how the competitors market their products...
  • ...but my L930 can do all of these, so where's the place for this fitness trackers?
  • I have a 930 too and unless another company can offer hardware and software that can do things my 930 can't, there's no point buying one of these devices for me.
  • If you want to carry a 5" brick around with you doing sport.. go ahead
  • If you're interested in burning calories, how is extra weight disadvantageous to that goal? If the products don't provide much at all for these people, getting a sport arm band for their phones would be more cost efficient.
  • it cant track you sleep cycles.
  • Yeah I'm curious to see what Apple comes up with since Tim Cook is a fitness fanatic.
  • Well, when I wave my hand I happened to see the "step" counter increase soooo... I think the information it provides is just kinda reliable.. 
  • Oh, ok.  I was curious about the point of these devices. I mean, people have been working-out just fine for years and years before the arrival of these devices.  I wondered if consciously tracking your own steps would lead to better results.  I think the Nike product kind of suggests that... a way to see/ visualize your daily progress on your "goals."  Ultimately, its about willpower (of which I presently have none) so I can't imagine doing the bare minimum to meet one's "goals" would really be that empowering or helpful.
  • These are for those who are really wary of what/how much they put into their bodies. Good for tracking intake and usage. I got one to manage my sleep a little better.
  • The fact that you jumped to purchase something you really didn't understand what services it offered is no reason to warn others from purchasing it. The only real lesson is to be a little more careful with one's own purchases. I researched fitness trackers long before I purchased the Fitbit a little over a year ago and before WP support. I fully understood that it was merely a motion detector with fitness (and health) focus and utilize it to it's full extent.
  • That's perfect reason to warn others who might think like them as it saves them from having to do the footwork and research. In other words, it helps those people understand the product and features better, so that they could be more careful with their purchases.
  • Send it to me ;) jkjk :)
  • The market the flex as a calorie counter. Is that not true?
  • The Fitbit Flex, which is worn like a bracelet like the Jawbone UP, measures activity, based mainly on steps. It also attempts to track quality and length of sleep based on your movements during the night. From there it extrapolates calories used based on your height and weight. It also has a food database, but I used the MyFitnessPal app for that, which ties into the fitbit.com data. Basically it's a computer assisted step tracker. I find it to be really helpful and I love seeing the progress and keeping track of steps and sleep. But I do think they try and sell it like something more advanced than it really is...
  • Does MyFitnesspal have a EAN Scanner yet?
  • I love it I had one and couldn't wait to use it with my device. Me and my wife make it a point to have those steps reach at least 12k everyday. So much so that we will take an extra walk at night to make sure we do. Its motivation and its social.
  • So an app using Sensorcore is just as good?
  • Yup :P
  • Yes and no, IMO. Technology-wise, it's fine. I compared the step counting on my Lumia 635 to the Fitbit Flex and it was about the same. But the advantage of Flex, and the other bracelets, is quite a big one if you want to measure overall, everyday activity: You always have it on you. With the phone, at at least I leave it mostly on a charger when at home or work. If I go out and do yard work or walk the dogs for a bit, I often leave it at home. With the bracelet, I never have to think about it.
    But if you're not interested in that aspect of it, but want it mostly to keep track of deliberate and planned exercise outings, the phone with something like Bing Health & Fitness with step counting and GPS works great.
  • I use the fitbit mostly as an alarm clock now that it's no longer a big pain to set the alarm (thanks to the WP app). Back when I needed a dongle and a buggy PC program I stopped using it.
  • oh yes! finally!
  • Love your profile pic!
  • Love your mum
  • ⬆ LMFAO!!:):)
  • That's what we thought how the Xbox One would do in other countries, and that it would get a lot of sales, but especially not in Japan. http://kotaku.com/japans-xbox-one-launch-as-sad-as-youd-expect-1630411606 I think if the Xbox One launched in more countries at launch, it would've done better.
  • Definitely excited if it includes ear pieces, and Cortana support, and contact dialing, and and and.
  • Also any bracelet tracker will be always picking up every sharper movement of your hand as a step...another reason why it sucks...
  • I could easily rack up 20 thousand steps in a day in that case...
  • Ha! Comment of the day right there. Nice one.
  • Lololol
  • This is exactly what is happening, sometimes I get 15000/20000 steps a day just becuase I do a manual job, but I do not walk or run that much when I work. They could change the name to body movements instead of steps.
  • Yup, a manual job is what I am talking about too...
  • Cool hope it arrives shortly
  • Is it me or the support for WP is finally ramping up?
  • It's you.
  • Haha. No I think it is. With WP8.1.1 it has finally reached developer potential equal to other OS. Of course, market share is still abysmal so who knows if anything other than 1.0 versions will ever be released of anything new.
  • Yeh man, I trolled them on twitter but the usual stock answer came up. "great to hear we have fans but no plans yet to support windows phone, bit keep posted for future updates" ha
  • Speaking of Cortana, and waking her by voice... My question is will I be able to wake Cortana by voice from outside using my Bluetooth Headset?
  • Cortana sucks with Bluetooth headset/earpiece.
  • Works great for my Plantronics Voyager legend and on my car Bluetooth as well! What breed of headset are you using?
  • Motorola Whisper. I'm considering Voyager Edge or Jawbone Era. The "Legend" will interfere with my shades. I'm on my 4th Bluetooth. I'll try a Bluetooth 4.0 earpiece next. But Cortana will still suck. Confuses "retry" with "send"? Oh, I have to do retry because"Cortana sucks with Bluetooth".
  • You will probably find call quality sucks just as much. I do find if I'm driving with the Windows down in my car or if I'm in a room with alot of people talking, if I wait a second or two after Cortana starts listening it seems to give her a chance to pick up some background noise making my voice easier to detect. So if your headsets' noise cancellation sucks, maybe try that?
  • I have. No radio, windows up and the mic bar extend to activate all 4 mics on the Whisper and still sucks. Everyone says they have a great experience with Cortana via Bluetooth and I call BS, respectively of course. I did my research and Motorola Whisper was in the top 3 of all Bluetooth earpieces withe the Legend and Era. Oh, call quality is awesome. No problems there. Just with Cortana.
  • Seriously man, it's no bs.. I occasionally drive a 600hp semi pulling two trailers with twin sports exhausts lol... If you try the plantronics and still have problems... Well... Bluetooth isn't your problem ;)
  • Lol, yeah, it's my POS L1020.
  • Lol, have you tried what I mentioned to wpn00b in this thread?
  • Yes. I've tried everything from buying 4 Bluetooth devices (upgrading each time and about to buy a 5th), using my inside voice, library voice, yelling, pleading, cursing Cortana out, covering the mic, placement of the device, power on & off, soft reset, hard reset using backup, hard reset then starting from scratch, used the Nokia recovery tool, twice, started from scratch, even factory reset the Bluetooth, twice, each time I used the recovery tool and informed MS. I take care of my devices. I don't drop them because I use a Bluetooth. I take the the Speck case off every week or 2 and clean the phone ports, crevices, polycarbonate body, inside and outside of the case. I don't let anyone handle my device without the case on it. The last set of hands that touched the polycarbonate body other than mine was whomever put it in the box. I'm rambling now, but you see where I'm coming from. Now is there anything else I can do other than deal with it and continue to post "Cortana sucks via Bluetooth" until I buy a WP9 device and hope my experience is better?
  • Lmao, ok.. Gotcha!..could be a hardware problem with your 1020? There is a problem somewhere.. I doubt I'm the only one who doesn't have any issues, but.. Oh well, I'll do the same and continue to say Cortana is awesome on my 925 & 930 with the Plantronics Voyager legend :P
  • Lol, and I might agree with you if I end up buying the Legend and have the same experience as you. The Legend is rated #1 after all.
  • Hope so man, I did see a few other WP users on here a while back who swear by Plantronics for WP as well, so it should be the solution... Good luck ;)
  • I also have issues. I use an HTC 8X and a Bose BT Series 2. Hit or miss. I will say it has been better lately but I still find myself holding the phone up to my mouth even with the headset connected because she seems to not "hear" me through bluetooth at times.
  • That's strange, I find if I hold the phone with the mic up near my mouth it doesn't work (930&925). I find Cortana works better if I leave the phone in my jeans pocket or hold about a foot away from my face... If I yell it doesn't work, have to talk with a normal voice level... That used to get to me because if she didn't hear me I would start getting frustrated, raising my voice and making it worse! :D
    Try holding your hand a few inches in front of your mouth when using a Bluetooth headset too! It seems to bounce the sound back to the earpiece... I used to have to do that with my old Nokia BT earpiece....
  • I'll try that. My headset has no fancy noise cancellation for the mic that I'm aware of (since it's around my neck, not touching my jaw like a jawbone). Although most of my Cortana problems are BT voice's fault. I'll say "text bob I'm coming" and it hears "kkkexkskhskobskhskhsgummiksh" due to random BT noise like 25% of the time I try to use Cortana over BT. The rest of the time it's fine or good enough.
  • Lol, crazy sht! :D
  • I must add, the plantronics headset I use works 99% of the time regardless of environment....
  • Not at all.. I was just using it with my BTH and it works great... Maybe your BTH sucks with Cortana.. Lol!!... I have the "Jabra Style 2.0"
  • Nah, 4th headset. Cortana sucks with Bluetooth and I'm sticking to it.
  • What issues are you having? Because, we're not having any.. And, what device are you using?
    ....... My 1520 with 4 mics might work better than other devices... Maybe the 1520 is using all mics for better audio capture... We must take this into consideration... All devices aren't the same when it comes to the actually hardware capturing audio.. It's a very important variable.....
    ........ Wait, that's dumb because we're talking about BT... Nevermind... Lol❗❗❗
  • POS L1020. It's the responding to text that is all jacked up. It registers what I say completely wrong. I recently said $130 and Cortana registered $4200, come on. And not to mention everything else in the text was way off base. I don't have a speech impediment and use proper English. Initial commands are generally okay. The most paramount need is texting via voice and it sucks. I seriously have to fight the urge not to throw my phone out the car window.
  • Lol!❗❗ ok. Don't toss it just yet.... I'll try some commands on the way home and tell you how they worked out.
  • It might be your headset. Higher end Plantronics headsets are better. Set yourself a reminder with Cortana, then locate the reminder in the app. There's a play button there. Hear what Cortana heard, and decide if your headset needs replacing.
  • Big Kudos for Jawbone!! :)
  • Seems colorful! :p Great seeing new, larger players on the court. About time, hope this continues.
  • Need on Nokia to sync right?
  • Honestly, I wanted one about a year ago. Now the idea doesn't sound so great. Especially when you compare Jawbone to the possible Microsoft watch that looks dress casual and does everything and more that Jawbone can do. And it doesn't stink of the arrogance of Apple.
  • Too late I already have a Fitbit. They already have an official app with LE Bluetooth syncing. Too little too late Jawbone.
    However, I guess if you have that preference, then this is exceptionally good news. Also, always good to have more official support/apps for our platform of choice.
  • Won't the Icon be able to step count once it gets Cyan?
  • Support like this is always welcomed!!
  • The next step will be integration with MSFT HealthVault. The only reason I've yet to switch from fitbit. Polar has great integration with HealthVault but lacks WP8 support. Until then I will continue to use fitbit with little else to choose from.
  • This is a good look for WP!
  • Hoping for a comparison with fitbit in the near future!
  • Every new official app or new official accessory support is a good news for WP.
    Now. That given. Why should i buy a wrist band to do what my phone already does... ?
    Most of lasts Lumias have motion sensor. They count your steps all day long and you see them in Bing Health & Fitness.
    Would a jawbone be more accurate? Or would it bring more features? Actually... I don't think so.
  • What about these smartwatches that are coming out?  Like that new Motorola 360... will they ever get WP support?  No.  I'm thinking that us WPhans won't have any options as far as smarwatches go
  • LOL teasing huh? After as long as they've gone without supporting WP then I see teasing as an insult. Just give us the app already!
  • Where is the tease? I ask them twitter all the time no hints.
  • Am I having a problem with this article from re/code is it just saying that the jawbone will work with Microsoft's watch and not that they will release an app?
  • What's jawbone, and why does the article not explain that?
  • Ok now jawbone UP24 can be in my shortlist.. Although latest Sony smartband seems hard to resist..
  • Good news. I love my mini jambox!
  • Wow. This artical is so blindly out of context and surprisingly, reading the comments doesn't help? Okay, Jawbone is a wireless earbud. I must not be in the "club" to know the inside story. Is this how journalism is going to be? Not even a hint? Now someone will tell us to "Bing" it to research the details? Maybe I will.
    Best Wishes.
  • Very nice. Lets go.
  • Great timing Jawbone. People with WP have been asking for an app for forever. Now that the competition is basically going to push you out because your product has been improved. Now, you want to give us an app. I have been wanting this for a long time. Now, I like Fitbit and I really like what Garmin is doing with their product. Another reason they're doing this is because they thought iOS was their friend. Remember, they had exclusivity witht them first. Then, a while after, they developed an Android app. Now, both their bed buddies have fitness watches coming. Thats funny.  
  • Good point! Hopefully other companies learn to cater for the consumer (regardless of OS). Hopefully others see how releasing apps, even for a minority, can benefit their business in more lasting ways than straight sales to user base size!
    Just look at MS's approach, with availability of their apps on all platforms! People with iPhones do play Xbox and people who have WP's do like to ( edit; use jawbone accessories....)
  • Finally!!! This post made my day :) Been waiting for Jawbone Windows support for a long time....Thank you!!!
  • Jawbone? Now what is that? Is it like fitbit?
  • Wouldn't mind a Microsoft smartwatch teaser.... Just saying ;)
  • This. If Jawbone comes out with their app and I go that route I'm afraid I may regret it down the road if (and when) Microsoft makes a smartband.
  • Yep, trying hard to hold out for this watch! Hope it's worth it :/
  • It should be named as Cortana watch.
  • Yeah, smartwatch is so yesterday! Cortanawatch is the evolution of the smartwatch lol :P
  • I'm looking forward to it, I have a Jawbone UP and I haven't used it since I switched to WP. I hoped it would have come earlier, though.
  • Yehuuu =)
  • I just came from the Issaquah, Washington Costco where they are selling jawbone UP 24s that say they are windows phone 8.1 comparable. I don't see an app in the store. Am I missing something?
  • Still waiting...
  • Anyone hear anything more on this?
  • It's been six months since Jawbone's accouncement of a WindowsPhone app but there's no sign of it. Seems to have been a plain case of bullshit to delay people from buying from FitBit who have a great WindowsPhone app and great products.