Africa's biggest online store Jumia comes to Windows Phone

Jumia ( is one of the largest online shopping sites in Africa. It was founded in 2012 and has offices in Nigera and Egypt. Think of it as the Amazon or Alibaba of the African continent. They recently launched a Windows Phone app. Find more details and the download link below.

While Jumia has operations in a handful of countries, only five currently support the mobile app. That said, we don't imagine it being too much longer before other African countries join in on the shopping fun.

Here are the countries you'll find support for Jumia on mobile: Nigeria, Kenya Morocco, Egypt, and Ivory Coast.

Here's the app description of Jumia for Windows Phone:

The Jumia app is your window to Africa's biggest online store where you can shop the widest selection of electronics, fashion, home appliances, kid's items and more and have them shipped directly to your home or office at your convenience!Get spoilt for choice as you view and shop your favourite and trusted brands, 24/7 from anywhere, at the most fair prices with much needed help from expansive product content, reviews and ratings all for absolutely FREE.

Jumia Screens

We're not in African currently, so can't download the app. But we wanted to share it for those who might find it useful! Let us know what you think of the app and Jumia!

Thanks for the tip Latiff C!

QR: Jumia

Sam Sabri
  • I read jumia as Lumia
  • Haha same here
  • +925
  • Jumia on Lumia.....that sounds cool
  • So many official apps!!!!
  • Xbox music is updated
  • Great. You're about 20 hours late on that, but thanks.
  • oO
  • Lol! :)
  • Your immaturity is quite astounding
  • omer620 likes to spam "That's what she said" on articles. He's probably around 9 or 10 years old.
  • That's what you think ;)
  • Same here.
    Jumia Lumia.. Hahahahaha
  • Wow, incredible after almost a year on Android. Windows Phone is come of age.
  • I wish the UK retailer Argos would introduce an app for WP8.1. It's not the same using the mobile site...
  • Ah, an app from my home country gets featured on wpcentral. Cool. Not used the app though, use the website more, well, their big competitor over here is konga. Also an online store, no idea if they have a native app though.
  • Yaay!!! Cool.
  • It's nice Jumia made a windows phone app, makes sense since a large percentage of Africans now use Lumia devices.
  • It feels good to see an app from my country featured here.
    So used to the website but glad we now have mobile app.
  • Great stuff. Every small developer claim to be the biggest in Africa.
    False advertising at best
  • Never heard of Jumia.
  • Dude, the article says one of....and it's not a developer, its an online store...try to read before you speak.
  • I think he read the title.
  • Konga has a native app
  • Jumia is pretty popular here in Nigeria. Konga is popular too with their official app been available for sometime now. Olx too. As always, official apps are always welcome
  • Yay! Jumia on my Lumia!!!!
  • I'm from Morocco and I thank you for this even if I like EBay and Amazon better
  • I'm downloading right away!
  • Name inspired by Lumia? :D
  • I am in Nigeria and i use Nokia Lumia 1020. i cannot find Jumia app on the app store to download.
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