Kabam abandons Windows Phone development after releasing just one game

Windows Central has learned that Kabam, one of the biggest mobile game developers, has decided to stop making titles from the Windows Phone platform. This decision represents a complete reversal of Kabam's original plans to support Windows Phone after previously announcing a major push to release games for Microsoft's mobile OS, along with Windows 8.1

In June 2014, Kabam announced their plans to release many of their current games for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. Here's what they said they would do in their original press release:

"As part of the deal, Kabam will deliver its lineup of hit games to Windows tablets and phones over the next year, including Fast & Furious 6: The Game, Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon and The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. Moving forward, Windows users will be able to play future Kabam games in the same timeframe as other platforms."

However, since that announcement, Kabam had been slow to fulfill that promise, to say the least. Indeed, it wasn't until November 2014 before the company finally released its first Windows Phone-Windows 8.1 game, Fast and Furious 6. Since that time, Kabam has not launched any further games for Microsoft's platforms.

Since it has been over ten months since that original announcement, we contacted Kabam to get a status report on their Windows Phone game release plans. We received an email response from their head of corporate communications Steve Swasey:

"Kabam is now concentrating development on AAA quality games for Apple and Android mobile devices and has decided not pursue development for Windows Phones. Kabam is concentrating its resources on the biggest market opportunity, which is Apple and Android devices worldwide."

This is obviously some disappointing news for Windows Phone gamers who had been looking forward to playing Kabam games on their devices. Hopefully the company might consider launching games for Microsoft's Windows 10 platform in the future.

  • Do these dummies know Win 10 with universal apps is just around the corner?
  • Hahaha, right...
  • Welll nobody of these developers care for whether win10 comin or not.!! Its just we guys who ha e got so much of a bet on win10 is comin things will change ......!!! Well things will change when more specifically info in April microsoft build will come up .!! When more widely open the program to the developers and advantages they can gain over other platforms app development we can hope there yess win 10 is comin but until nothing can be said for sure .!! :)
  • its lot of work for developers to release apps for win10 universal ... better have dalvik on WP and let users install android apps
  • Do you have specific information about windows 10 development being "a lot of work"?
  • yes sir .. watch channel9 videos about win10 development ... if your windows8.1 apps are in universal format ... there is no easy way to port them, speakers accepted the fact. and for regular apps it will require retargetting + re-releasing
  • here's a Channel9 video describing the process (they take a WP 8.x app as an example migration). it depends a lot on how the app was written and to what API. if you're a dev it's worth a watch. around 50 minutes. http://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Developers-Guide-to-Windows-10-Preview/03
  • That's Plan B and as heretic as it sounds it's a remote possibility if Windows Phone doesn't increase marketshare soon.  Where are all the OEMs that announced in 2014 that they were going to build Windows Phone devices.  I live in Mexico and all I see is a lot of money spent by Microsoft on the Lumia 530 on advertising.  Is this what Microsoft wants for us? A Windows Phone experience like the Lumia 530 instead of something like an iPhone 6 or a Galaxy Edge 6?  I'll never purchase an Android device supported by Google services, but I would purchase a flagship device if it comes powered with Microsoft services. Just my 2 cents.
  • Apparently not...
  • So?
  • That won't change a thing. Apps are going to keep leaving WP by the looks of it. It has been 5 years. Analysts and Microsoft told us back in 2010, that by 2016 it will cross the golden 10% mark. I don't see that happening. W10 won't change anything in 365 days after its launch.
  • hey why the negativity? despite lack of a proper flagship it still managed to gain 10% marketshare in europe according to latest kantar reports. windows 10 will only increase that across the world. just wait and see
  • it still managed to gain 10% marketshare in europe Nonsense. This is like me saying Windows Phone is the second most popular OS in America. Sure, in one South American country this is the case, but not in the WHOLE of America. In Italy, which is just ONE country in Europe, market share is high, but it certainly isn't in almost every other European country.
  • We have 25%WP in Lithuania
  • That's great. But is not representative of the rest of Europe, sadly.
  • But the EU 5 are. And with Windows Phone up month after month in the key European markets (France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK) Windows Phone holds over 10% in markets that together reprisent over 300 million EU citizens, or over 60% of the EU population. And in many of the smaller EU-memberstates the situation is simulair, or far better as Edvinas Sinkevicius pointed out with a 25% share in Lithuania. The (be)low share in the USA and the fact that Windows Phone is non excistence in China is what keeps the globalmarketshare so low. But in a lot of importand markets, as the EU5, the situation is actually getting better by the day!
  • "WAIT AND SEE" The Microsoft rallying cry for the last 5 years. Still waiting, still not seeing.
  • Yeah. Time to admit it: Windows phone is a dead end.
  • Agreed...I'm going back to Android when I can in June.  Is it perfect?  Not even close but at least I know that developers will be making apps for it into the foreseeable future.
  • I'll wait until we see what they do with the Windows 10 phones. I wouldn't go Android, probably, unless 5 is a huge improvement over 4. 4.4 totally blows.
  • FYI-October will be 5 years..
  • The ability to make games for several platforms with a universal app. Their loss.
  • WP's loss it seems. 
  • Well they stopped making them because it was a loss making enterprise so.......
  • only way to save WP is have android run time on WP and let users install android apps ... otherwise its sinking platform. 
  • Did that saved the Blackberry? No, that is bad decision.
  • You are wrong. Why would this affect games? As long as the game runs, who cares if it is natively written. Would you rather have web apps? get real
  • Then the point of using WP would be? What would be enticing to even devs if this happened? They'd just make Android and be done with it since it would just work on more hardware. Sure in the short run it might fill the gap, but the long run would just make Windows irrelevant to both devs and consumers.
  • any ways developers are not motivated a bit.... why do you think all this big developers ditching WP platform ? there is absolutely no revenue from WP ... its a small market of 4% ... Rubino had senseless argument with me on this comment.    with their every new release of windows and WP ... we have to port our application and again re-release it ... do you think it doesnt take our side of investment ? when I develop apps for android its just one apk file runs on new OS as well
  • You only have to do that if you want to use the new features of an update or if the update breaks your app otherwise it will continue to run just fine.
    I know this because my app is still built against WP8 but runs perfectly well on WP8.1.
    That being said, for them, not having released the apps yet and with Windows 10 around the corner, it would be stupid to get complicated apps released for W/WP 8/8.1 because almost everyone will be jumping to 10 and universal apps are different enough from 8.1 to make it not worth while to build it from scratch for 8.1.
  • I have apps by other developers from WP7 that run just fine on WP8.1 as well.
  • you are wrong ... 8 to 8.1 needed retargetting + rereleasing it ... 
  • Erm... no they don't. They work fine. All my apps target WP7 and run well on WP8 and WP8.1
  • And without apps, the point of using WP would be?
  • How many apps are you missing........the only apps that i dont have on my windows phone are HSBC Mobile, Verizon Fios mobile, and a bunch of crappy google apps that I dont really need anyways.  Then there are games - Was wiping my old Ipad so my 5yr old could use it, and was searching through the App store, other than some games, there is no app gap on tablets.  Windows tablets can do soooooooo much more than an Ipad / Android tablet.  I cant comprehend why people choose the latter over a Windows tab.  Also, Im no developer, but I cant see how porting games to different platforms would be all that different - are coding languages so different from one another that a game cant be ported easilly?  If you were a game developer, wouldnt you want to be on PC's as well?  I mean, id play subway surfers on my Surface if it was there. 
  • well there are many apps missing ... starting from FB, instagram, snapchat, BOFA, chase, games etc. long list ... dont tell me there are 3rd party apps ... they suck ... I like apps from direct manufacturer.   game porting is not that difficult ... problem is maintaining ... why should I spend my energy for 4% ? when i have 70% android audience ... most of the developers are group of 2 to 4 ... it becomes tough if platform doesnt generate revenue
  • Just wondering what do you mean by ASPDEV?
  • seriously that's your question ? 
  • Facebook and Instagram are on WP, something tells me you don't use WP and have just come in here to troll!!!!
  • you are a big troll ... I said official apps ... 
  • Um, the FB, and instagram apps ARE official, Mardi! MS developed the FB app, sure, but its official, and is developed with directives, of FB. Instagram, was developed by that company, so you full of shit ASPDEV.
  • No, you didn't. You stated, and I quote "well there are many apps missing ... starting from FB, instagram, snapchat, BOFA, chase, games etc." FB AND Instagram ARE available on WP!!!! Going on ASPDEVs post then FB on WP is a first party app as it's developed by Microsoft, Instagram is a third party app as it's not developed by Microsoft.
  • FB and instagram both are not even close to android apps. anyways happy with those apps enjoy 
  • Facebook IS shit on wp, as it's shit on android and guess that, it's shit also on iOS, dear dumbdev..
  • Truth
  • Yeah and one day that 4% will rise and you're going to need them, but it will be to late for those stupid companies.
  • That Android runtime crap all again? *snores*
  • Pfff no wonder! So many promises by microsoft, but only bad results
  • Unfortunately the win10 revolution isn't coming fast enough. We are looking at a big fat duopoly of Android v iPhone. Windows is going to end up being something different it seems. Wait for the Xbox streaming to iOS and Android and all the chips will be in the service bucket. The Nokia deal was about the bottom of the market it seems. Not seeing a follow up to my L1020.
  • The question to ask is why recently we have had a lot of departures from developers?  What does this really mean for the platform, is this the reason that we have not seen a Flagship phone.  I think there are a lot more questions on where Windows Mobile is going and can it survive.  
  • Obviously, but ms ain't helping the situation.
  • Go to hell those developers who doesn't want to support Windows phone. I don't care about your game and apps. I can live without your games and apps. Windows phone forever.
  • Windows 10 will not change a bloody thing regarding WP. IF anything, developers may see a benefit in releasing one game that works on both Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One. Because THERE there's value to it as they no longer have to spend twice the money to create a version of the game for PCs and a version for Xbox. But that will have absolutely no impact whatsoever on Windows Phone as PC and Xbox One games will still NOT run on phones. "Windows 10 for Phones" isn't Windows 10. It's "Windows Phone 10". And it will remain so, regardless of *some* universal apps. Games won't be in that category as mobile gaming is radically different from normal PC/console gaming.
  • There are 10 times more Windows Phone owners than Xbox One owners. Just sayin'
  • But they don't pay $60 per game. Many of them don't even pay $1 for a game. They expect everything to be free.
  • But... 3% of smartphone owners own a Windows Phone, while around half of the console owners own an Xbox. See the difference?
  • Yup.  Xbox has 11 million potential customers.  Windows Phone has 100 million potential customers. larger market FTW.  
  • Simplistic and incorrect. 
  • and they all buy $49 phones and purchase very few apps.  Selling millions of cheap phones is a failure (and still being outsold 25:1 by android). 
  • Lol ;) Posted from my HTC desire 816
  • what % of mobile gamers will play the exact same games on their desktop? will any mobile gamers (just trying to kill time on the bus) start playing games on their desktop?
  • Which is precisely why developing the game for WP8.1 doesn't make sense. Developing Windows apps will be different from the current version of Universal apps. So releasing for 8.1 (even as a Universal) just means rewritting apps to take full advantage of the new OS and getting a piece of that Xbox pie. They're better off just waiting for W10 (assuming they even care about it). At the very least, you need to wait for /Build at the end of the month. We'll (publicly) be getting a lot fo the nitty gritty details about Windows app development at that time. It's not the end of the world, just this version of the OS. ;]
  • Exactly. Everyone is getting their panties in a bunch jumping ship each time a dev says they aren't supporting Windows phone. It is true, they aren't currently, but they will. It isn't just Phone and Desktop. It's phone and tablet and desktop. Those phones and tablets will run the same OS with regard to mobile games. Not sure why everyone keeps forgetting this. "who plays angry birds in their desktop?" "Win 10 won't change a thing..." Think harder. TABLETS are what will make it worth the developers while and will being then back. Chill, wait for Win 10 to actually drop. Wait for a flagship. Me personally, I just became the proud owner of a new Icon for a great price and that will hold me over.
  • Goodbyeee suckers!!!!!
  • Suckers yes, we are the ones who are sucking!
  • Im sad of kabam farewell :(
  • I love these ignorant comments. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Don't want to make me games don't expect to get any of my pennies.
  • Seems like ios and android are the luckiest thing in the world, they do get thing so easily. Developer come to them, serve them with some good stuff. :( not wp. Whyy? :'(
  • *cough* market share... *cough*
  • It's kind of hard to expect anything from you when they aren't even attempting to sell you anything.  Lol.  Please, make sense.
  • Smart rats, but rats nonetheless.
  • No Courtesy assholes..!!
  • Kabam can go Kabam!
  • Don't be sad, W10 will deliver great stuff like Wasteland 2, Divinity Original Sin etc.
  • I want pvz2 so badly :(
  • That stuff won't do anything for Windows phone though.
  • At least for Windows tablets with touch screen support and that's enough for me ;-)
  • Was their actual news theses titles would become universal apps. I would be shocked Indies would step away from standard x86 Steam models unless MS was footing the bill
  • If stuff from id@xbox will come to windows 10 mobile then this system will be better for gaming then iPhone.
  • Its a bit early to assume that. Maybe to PC. Unless MS makes it seamless and devs need little to no time support the mobile parts of universal apps like device specific bugs there will be a rush at launch then a pull back if they are spending too much time. If they can do only PC and Xbox they most likely will. Its our best chance in a long time though. Here's to hoping!
  • DX12 will be available on Phones too, not only PC and Xbox One.
  • The PS4 is also outselling the XBox One by a pretty substantial margin, so they aren't necessarily performing miracles there, either.  I rather get a Vita to pair with my PS4 than stream games to a Touchscreen Phone that was built predominantly for... NOT gaming; than buy into that crap.
  • Windows phone is dead after W10. Everything becomes universal apps. Don't worry, they'll be back after they realize what 'Universal apps' means.
  • Universal apps are apps that have the ability run on all Windows platforms, yes. But to enable that ability, optimizations are required. Optimizations require some work, and not every app on PC can run on phones. So, what if developers don't want to optimize their apps for phones?
  • Agree Johnny5point6.  When they realize that they have just abandoned a 85% to 90% market share for their app sales, they'll come SCREAMING back to Microsoft BEGGING for help in developing their game apps!  STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!
  • No, they won't, because Windows 10 won't make a difference.  At all.
  • Indeed.. Ppl are believers and they really believe that w10 will make huge difference and make all devs come up to.. Ppl need to get real and deal with it...
  • Read my comment below.  Market share is EVERYTHING to developers.  They go where the money is and believe me the market share for Windows 10 is going to be HUGE and that is where the new money will come from, whether you agree or not!  Doubters will doubt.
  • Doubters will doubt and believers will always believe.. No matter what I know myself and others should do that is a waste of,time 'complain' until its release. Only after and so er can be sure.. Ur numbers are just,numbers for past ones.. No one can set % for new one since its still in development also we all know that FOR DEVS WP isn't worth at all and I agree.. I have release some for and well better feedbk from them. Well I still using WP and always will but it doesn't change that all of u are holding hope in one thing that may fail.. Don't put to much expectation.. Fall may be big.
  • Excuse me if I prefer to be optimistic.  If you want a clearer image of what I'm talking about, look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDhHIkWKoWw Microsoft is not stupid.  They are placing the entire future of their company into this next OS.  They are taking feedback from millions of current users (like myself) and actually injecting that feedback into the development of Windows 10.  Fail?  I think not. 
  • I got ur point in just not that optm as u or some others. If W10 save the system will be kool and I'll be glad for. I like to dev to WP and if become better will be amazing. No matter what on videos or so ppl should stop daydreaming.. We can be sure only after the release and some,months later to see how it goes. I'm realist, I don't dream about I just expect that to be amazing how ppl wants but I'm not get into till it get 'real' .. No point in talk about cuz (don't get me wrong I'm not being rude) ppl like you (fan of something) will always defend,no,matter what.. For,the last I hope w10 change the table at least about WP subject, I really do but if not I wont be surprised about. But for those optm if it not happen will be like hell.. That's the difference. I don't disagree with you at all.. Just have a safer pov :)
  • Thumbs up, Friend!
  • They already access the PC market through steam.  You don't need the windows store to tap the W10 market.  Who cares about 3-5% of the phone market when that 3-5% is comprised entirely of low disposable income users who don't/can't purchase apps. 
  • Dude, you can't be serious! Windows 10 will be a FREE upgrade for all prior Windows OSs and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Consider this: Current market share for Windows OSs: Windows XP - 16.94% Windows Vista - 1.97% Windows 7 - 58.04% Windows 8 - 3.52% Windows 8.1 - 10.55% Windows Phone 8.1 - 4.95% That’s a total of 95.97% global market share for Windows platform (for one platform)   Current market share for Mac OS, iOS and Android: Mac OS X – 1.61% iOS - 41.97% (down from 48.34% in May 2014) Android  - 47.51% (up from 41.58% in May 2014)   Combined these three OSs have 91.08% market share (from various markets).   Given the above information, even if only 65% of Windows users upgrade to Windows 10 (but I think that is a very conservative number) that is a 62.38% market share which is still greater than iOS’s 41% or Android’s 47% market shares.   Developers CANNOT ignore a market share this huge!  And if you really think that at least 65% of previous Windows users will not upgrade to Windows 10, then you’re either an Apple supporter trying to start stuff, or you’re just plain ignorant of what you are talking about.  Microsoft released the Technical Preview to receive feedback from users to ensure that the majority of people will like Windows 10.  From most of the articles I've read and being a Technical Previewer myself, I have to say they are doing a GREAT job!  Cortana integration into the Spartan Browser is AWESOME!  Return of the start menu while keeping metro app usage (one app for all Windows 10 devices) is GENIUS!  This is ONLY a Technical Preview so far, so no one can actually pass judgement on this OS yet, but in my opinion, what they have accomplished so far is far superior to any previous OS EVER!
  • NOLATechy, you're assuming that after the update to W10 desktop users will suddenly start caring about modern apps and feel the urgent need to use those instead of browsers and x86 software, as a direct result, developers will see a big opportunity in W10 and will start making apps. That sounds quite delusional to me. The greater chunk of W10 market share will be made of desktops, companies, institutions, professionals who often rely on very specific and feature rich x86 software to run their businesses. I don't see many chances of them adopting modern apps, I think that's just not going to happen. As a consequence, developers will continue to develop for Android and iOS since the Windows Store will be pretty much useless for most of W10 users.
  • Doesn't matter, Windows will still have the dominant market share which may make developers think again.
  • And you're assuming that after the update to W10 that "businesses" won't use apps.  I believe just the opposite.  The OLD way of doing business with X86 programs is fading out.  Look at Office.  Latest version of Office is for BOTH X86 systems and mobile devices.  I have Office on my Lumia Icon.  Businesses will use apps as an extension of their X86 program.  When they send sales personnel out into the field with mobile devices that won't run X86 programs, their "app extension" software will be able to add a second level of business to their X86 software yet still use a Windows device.  The mobile device app will sync with the cloud data which will be pulled in by the X86 software.  This is the direction Microsoft is heading and this is where businesses are heading.  To think businesses will continue to do business the old fashion X86 program way is more unrealistic (and unsustainable) than being optimistic about increases in W10 apps.  That's my opinion anyway.
  • I see your point, but almost all the companies I've worked with have developed mobile apps for ipads for their salespeople working on the go. Office? Yes, when they're out (for those businesses that send people around) they can use the mobile version, which is already available on the other platforms, as an expansion of the x86 program (so the "old" way of doing business is not going anywhere, just getting enriched, in specific cases, with mobile experience) how is this going to make developers code for W10? Plus, Office is not a very specific software, it's not tailored specifically for every company that uses it, it's almost the same for everybody. That changes with software like SAP, and there's no way they are going to rewrite an extremely complicated software like that to run as universal app for very simple reasons, it would cost a lot of money and would be of use for nobody since something that manages productive process of a factory or things like that can't run on mobiles. Again, little to nothing would change for businesses, and they are the largest chunk of the pie when it comes to Windows market share, so the real user base for apps in the store is not going to increase much. Without a great increase of possible users developers are simply going to ignore the platform like they've been doing for the past years, and it looks like they're happy with it. Of course, just my 2 cents!
  • Exactly, they've developed apps for iPads for their salespeople because there wasn't a possibility to create "universal apps" and development for iPad was easier then trying to create for an ever-changes Windows world.  This will now change with Windows 10.  It's a new environment.  With iPad, the app must reside on an OS (iOS) that is NOT compatible with Windows OS.  This makes communication between app and X86 a bit more cumbersome.  With a universal app, what you enter into the W10 universal app on the phone, phablet or tablet will immediately be visible on the universal app on the desktop or laptop in the office.  No "syncing" required as the app will be more "cloud" based (hence Microsoft's vision of a "cloud based" OS).  Also, it's not just about redeveloping an app from iOS to W10.  It's about market share.  Once again I reitereate the incredible increase in market share that W10 will provide to developers.  Developers aren't in the business of creating apps for "convenience."  They are in it for money!  A market share that huge will provide developers a whole new market to pitch their wares, granting them a whole now opportunity to make a LOT of money on app sales.   Do you really think app developers will ignore this market just for the sake of saying "we already have an app for iOS or Android?"  Answer: The developers themselves will work to convince the companies that they will do well to develop a new app for W10 instead of using the "old iOS/Android" app just so the developer can make money creating the W10 app. Also, did developers say we won't develop Android apps because we already have an app for iOS in the early stages of Android?  New HUGE market share + new chance to make money = NEW W10 APPS ARE COMING!  Of course, just my 2 cents!  :-)
  • Not trying to rain on your parade.. But isn't the free upgrade from win7+ ?
  • That is what was originally decided, however I think that might have changed.  According to the video I posted earlier (link below), on minute 4:15 in the video he clearly states that "Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to users which will dramatically increase the adoption of Windows 10, especially for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDhHIkWKoWw
  • Keep dreaming, my friend. PC market share is different from smartphone market share, that simple. Who will put "Windows 10 PC" into a pie chart of smartphone market share? No, in that chart, "Windows 10" is "Windows 10 on phones" and it will still show up as 3-4%. Don't be too optimistic, be realistic.
  • I think that is the problem everyone seems to keep having.  You are still separating PC from mobile device.  That is what Windows 10 changes.  There is no more PC vs phone vs tablet for app developers.  Windows 10 will be the same operating system that runs on ALL devices.  One app created for Windows 10 will run on ALL devices.  Therefore, instead of a PC market share and a separate Windows Phone market share, there will be ONE Windows 10 market share for app developers.  If you create a Windows 10 app for the phone, you are also creating it for the PC, tablet, phablet, xbox, halolens, etc.  With Windows 10, the device no longer matters.  Apple has Mac OS X and iOS, two separate operating systems.  Create an app for iPad and you can't use it on the Mac.  Create a program for Mac OX and you can't use it on the iPad.  That is why they have two separate market shares.  With Windows 10, there will only be the ONE market share because any app created will be used on ALL Windows 10 devices and that wide range of devices is what will establish one of the biggest market shares for Windows 10 that developers will want to tap into.  It is a market share they would be stuipd to ignore as the potential for making a lot of money will be there.
  • I see what your talking about its like the store on an rt tablet comparing to a windows tablet, one tab uses ARM the other Intel yet some apps in the store can run on both but the graphics are poorer on the RT tablet so if that's the case windows 10 might be able to scale down apps from the store and if that's the case greater market share since apps can be universal and run on all platforms and I hope that is the case
  • EXACTLY!  Finally, someone who understands what I'm talking about.  Windows 10 is a whole new OS, built from the ground up but based on the Windows 7 and Windows 8 architecture.  Its a "merge" of the two OSs yet with improvements.  Better security and a lower threshold for system resources.  I am currently "dual-booting" my laptop with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.  I have examined the system resources being used by both OSs and can assure you that Windows 10's system resource requirements are significantly reduced, yet some of the same apps I run on W8.1 run better on W10. Another thought is that Windows 10 is being designed to "recognize" what type of device it is being installed on.  Does it have touch screen, what type of processor, what type of RAM, what peripherals are attached, etc.  It is an "intelligent" OS capable of "morphing" into whatever OS it needs to be for that device.  For example, W10 can tell when the Surface Pro type/touch cover has been removed and automatically adjust the screen for better usage with touch.  It can tell when it is being installed on a system with an Intel Core i7 processor and allow x86 programs to be installed or when it's being installed on a phone or phablet and only allow apps to be installed. In my opinion, its the second part of this that makes me believe developers will develop for W10.  For the companies who sell x86 programs who will want their product to extend into ARM based devices, apps can (and probably will) be developed as extensions to the W10 OS on ARM devices.  For instance, Intuit makes Quicken x86 based software.  They may develop an app based version so people can use their Quicken or Quickbooks on tablets and phones to manage their business finances.  They may already have an iOS or Android version, but with an W10 version, they would have direct access to the W10 x86 software without having to deal with two separate operating systems (iOS /Win/ Android = communication headaches).  With a cloud-based infrastructure (which is where Microsoft is going), one click on your Quicken app on your phone will automatically send that information to every other Microsoft device you have the app AND the x86 program installed on.  Log onto your laptop when you get back to the office and that entry will already be made on your Quicken account.  No syncing, no messing, no uploading, no downloading, just done!
  • What's the rate of major devs leaving to major devs joining at this point? MS might as well rebrand WP 8.1 and Win 10 as the hotspot for indie app and game developers because that's all we're going to have. Win10 will not save them.
  • I'm starting to think Windows 10 isn't going to save the mobile division either. I'm so sad that I feel like this ship it's sinking.
  • This happened right before windows 8 was released. We had a lot of devs stop developing or OEMs pulling out. Then windows 8 came, and we had an influx for a while. I suspect the same will happen with windows 10 except this time, I believe the windows phone market share will grow
  • There's a slight difference in these situations. 7.5 to 8 was an architecture change so I can understand devs pulling their old Silverlight apps then coming back with new WinRT xaml apps. This would be like pulling your 8 app just to reupload for 8.1.
  • Not quite. Windows 10 apps can be universal. You have to repurpose your app to take advantage of this. Its not as simple as a 1.0 app update. They would have to pull the app and republish as an universal app. I dont see bank of America, kabam games, snap chat, instagram et al... Ignoring the potential of that
  • 8.1 apps can be universal too and you don't have to repurpose at all. Open your app in VS, upgrade to universal, and resubmit your phone app. The app also DOESN'T have to be universal. Open the app, upgrade to the new .net framework, test and resubmit. I've upgraded a test app from 8 to 8.1 universal and it was very simple. MS has also said you don't need to pull your app either.
  • Sinking it is, but don't jump just yet. We still have plenty to survive. If by end of 2015, things don't make a U-turn, anyone sane should re-think how they've wasted half a decade of technological advancements.
  • Windows is already available to roughly 90% of the market worldwide, so even if half of those users upgrade, developers will already have access to a MUCH larger user base for Windows, which inturn should make things more interesting for them when developing Universal apps. The fact that MS seems to have also majorly toned down the panoramic interface for apps, making them more inlign with iOS/Android, should also make things more interesting for devs as they don't need to develope a completely new app for Windows, they could just port it.  Incase you haven't noticed, ever since the announcment of Win10, it has constantly been on the news and on blogs and it hasn't even released yet nor have they shown all it's features; this is a good sign that MS is ramping up their marketing and PR. ​I believe one of the biggest mistakes MS did, was let news leak that it is considering the use of Android apps on Windows. Such news gives devs who are already having a hard time believing in Windows apps [or being lazy] even more reason to pull their apps because if were up to them, they couldnt give two sh*ts about any ecosystem, all they care about is making money and if handicapping Windows apps means MS using Android apps, then the devs win since they don't need to worry about developing or porting for Windows EVEN IF there are "successful gains" for the ecosystem.  That's obviously just my opinion but I personally believe Win10 will make a difference and there will be some major app announcements at the event where they unveil the next flagship Lumia's and  Windows for Phone.  
  • Here's the issue we have: You're equating DESKTOP Users to MOBILE Users.  You think just because someone uses Windows on the Desktop, they will use Windows on a Phone.  I have a Windows Notebook, and iPhone, and an iMac PC (and an M8 Android Smartphone).  They all run dispirate/completely different platforms. Universal Windows Apps are basically the equivalent to Universal iOS Apps.  Windows Modern Apps are still Tablet Apps.  The fact that you cannot resist Microsoft's Distortion Field is your personal problem, but not everyone is so easily fooled. Apple can put iPad Apps on the Mac, and I still would go to the Mac App Store and use proper desktop Apps on my iMac, becuase iOS Apps aren't that usable on a Desktop Machine. I use Windows For Video Analysis and Audio/Video Editing.  There are no usable Apps that exist or can exist as a Universal apps.  What is possible with the APIs Microsoft makes available for those Apps simply makes it impossible.  The reason why a Lot of people like the idea of Windows 10 is not because of Universal Apps, but because Microsoft finally makes it very, very easy to IGNORE the Metro components of the OS, instead of going out of their way to force us to use it. WinRT Apps are still Tablet/Phone apps.  They will still have the same issue that Metro Apps had in Windows 8.  They are solving no problems there, and they are still trying to find ways to get more people to use Universal Apps on the Desktop to try to give reason for mobile developers to develop more Tablet and Phone apps.  That's all.  And I don't think it will work that well. Metro Apps are just terrible on the Desktop and Software Prices in general have fallen to the point where people aren't going to pass up paying $59 for Sound Forge Audio Studio to use a $4.99 Metro Audio Editor, Lol.  That just won't happen. Universal Apps are great for very simple things nad mobile games, but the point of using Windows - especially if you can afford a Mac, is in its vast Desktop Software ecosystem.  If you need Tablet and Phone "Universal Apps" you already have a much, much better ecosystem to get that: iOS. Yes, Universal apps are worth getting excited over provided you have a Windows Phone (so I'm not opposed to people, here especially, being excited about them - only to the outlandish sorts of assumptions they make because of them).  However, most people don't, and most people don't really want one even given the "promises" that app model proposes.  So, there still is no incentive to really target that "platform" for a AAA developer. I still expect some Indies to target the platform.  It's easy money for them, when they are developing on extremely small budgets and can hit profitability so easily, when so many other developers avoid it and leave so many corners open.
  • Take a chill pill, no where in my comment did i say GUARANTEED SUCCESS. My point was that the market share of Windows COULD HELP increase development of apps and bring across existing ones.
    The casual ppl who will use tablets such as Surface etc will likely want to download games and apps such as instagram and whatnot (as its a tablet as well), so with the existing large user base of Windows, developers would be stupid not to bring apps to Windows and when they do, it WOULD make sense to have them as universal apps as they have nothing to lose but everything to gain from it. Whether WP grows or not, wont matter as long as Windows is getting apps WP users COULD have access to them. This is similar in some ways to Appstore where iPhone has the userbase and apps yet the small marketshare of Macs can use those apps as well.
    Like it or not, not everyone is using desktops these days, people are moving on to more mobile devices such as Surfac, Yoga etc ...Win10 is not OSX, its been made more touch friendly, so using modern apps on Win10 is not like using iOS apps on OSX.
    I completely understand what you are trying to say but you're also clearly not seeing the emphasis of MS's One OS for everything, one store for everything. Win10 is a much bigger step than you seem to realize and it has potential to bring devs on boards and possibly sort out the app gap situation ...that's obviously not for certain but it's also definitely not out of the question.
  • Since every desktop will have Win10 (it will be free), MS is banking that it will save them. The phone market will get developers by default since devs only need to create for the desktop space and phones will reap the benefit.
  • There will never be seem less integration between tablet and phone. Devs (myself included) will always have to split logic/UI/device capability between the two. So this is simply not the case. And regardless, WP needed a turnaround a year ago at least, now it is getting too late. End of the year, the ship will be at the bottom of the sea. Widows 10 will not change anything.