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Kazam brings the Thunder with 2 new Windows Phones for MWC

The Windows Phones will be part of the Thunder line, and introduced today is the 450W and 450WL. Both come with the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1. It isn't the first Windows Phone that Kazam has launched, but a return is welcome and shows a commitment to the platform.

"We are delighted to expand our relationship with KAZAM," said Peter Han, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, OEM Division, Microsoft. "These new Windows tablets and phones will diversify KAZAM's Windows offerings across Europe and provide customers with a consistent yet personalised experience across devices."

Kazam focuses on offering quality devices at aggressive price points. So, on the hardware front, here's what makes up the Thunder 450 phones. They're largely the same underneath bar LTE support and some minor CPU differences and there's a slightly different look on the outside. The 450W comes in this rather fetching shade of lime, while the 450WL is a little more restrained, with Champagne and Silver versions on offer.

Pricing and specific regional availability is not available at this time, but the company will be on hand in Barcelona to show off the devices for the first time. Of course, Windows Central will be there to take a look first hand, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, check out some more images and the full press release below.

KAZAM Announces New 2015 Phones & Tablets Includes low cost LTE & Windows Phones and Tablets

London, February 24th 2015 – KAZAM, European mobile brand, today announces the launch of its latest phones and tablets in the build up to Mobile World Congress.

New KAZAM Trooper range

KAZAM is introducing six new models to its volume selling Trooper range. The addition of an entry level LTE phone will drive further sales, particularly in regions that have adopted the technology at a faster rate than expected. The Trooper range has always been about smart phones, at smarter prices, and the KAZAM Trooper 445L does not disappoint. The 4.5-inch quad-core smartphone boasts the latest 4G/LTE technology, in a sleek brushed metal-effect design, making it a complete all-rounder. When combined with KAZAM's trademark proposition (Free Screen Protection for 12 months, KAZAM Rescue and 3 year warranty), it makes the Trooper range hard to beat in value. Additional models in the range also include the KAZAM Trooper 440L, 450, 451, 450L and 455.

Michael Coombes, KAZAM CEO commented, "As a dedicated European mobile brand, KAZAM has responded to the demand for choice at every level. Today's announcement further demonstrates our commitment to the market, innovating in areas often overlooked."

KAZAM debuts three Windows tablets, and adds two more Windows Phones

KAZAM continues to strengthen its relationship with Microsoft Corp. with the introduction of three Windows 8.1 tablets, as well as the new KAZAM Thunder 450W and 450WL Windows-based smartphones. The Windows 8.1 tablets, the KAZAM L10, L8 & L7 are reliable, easy to use and affordable. With the familiar Windows experience, people are able to be more productive and get more done. The KAZAM L8 tablet is lightweight, robust & sleek, equipped with Intel quad-core performance and 2MP rear and front cameras, perfect for capturing images or making calls using Skype. All KAZAM phones & tablets run Windows Phones 8.1, delivering an intuitive and easy to navigate user experience. Through Microsoft services like OneNote and OneDrive, people can easily sync their documents in the cloud making them available on their Windows PC or Windows Phone, perfect for the new mobile world we are living in.

"We are delighted to expand our relationship with KAZAM," said Peter Han, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, OEM Division, Microsoft. "These new Windows tablets and phones will diversify KAZAM's Windows offerings across Europe and provide customers with a consistent yet personalised experience across devices."

New KAZAM Life feature phone

Delivering on the commitment to provide a choice of mobile devices, KAZAM adds a new feature phone to its 'easy to use' KAZAM Life range. With its stylish clam design, the KAZAM Life C6 has all the elements of a classic feature phone, with well-spaced keys, easy access to contacts, emails and the Internet. It is equipped with a myriad of handy details such as the SOS button that automatically sends texts or calls the pre-registered numbers from a dedicated SOS list, ensuring complete peace of mind.

KAZAM launched across Europe in November 2013 with the ambition to challenge the industry status quo. The straight talking brand is focused on producing quality phones at aggressive price points. However, the KAZAM proposition has always been more than just mobile devices. All KAZAM smartphones come with KAZAM Rescue, free cracked screen replacement and three-year warranty.

The new KAZAM devices will be made available across Europe with country specific announcements coinciding with in-store availability.

Keep an eye on for updates.

*KAZAM Rescue and three-year warranty are currently only available on Android Smartphones.

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  • Is great phone good job kazam
  • The more the merrier. I've never messed with WP hardware that had a poor experience. Bring um'.
  • Are the "new" phones by Kazam and XOLO just rebranded BLU Win HDs?
  • Yup build by same Chinese factory, rebadged
  • Except that these Kazam phones will actually be sold in Europe, unlike the Blu and Xolo.
  • The BLU Win HD phones were always quite decent, glad to see India and Europe get their versions.
  • Blu has horrible CS. Absolutely zero support.
  • I couldn't think of that word...rebadged...ty
  • BLU which "borrowed" the designs from HTC. At least the guys from KAZAM have the excuse of being ex-HTC executives, hence the HTC-inspired phones.
  • And the phones look better than HTC originals.
  • Maybe the m8 but the m7 which these derive from are so much more superior. Plus 720 on a Snapdragon 200 lol. That's horrible. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The L version has MSM8916 which means it is a snapdragon 410.
  • But these aren't just HTC-inspired. The design and specs are the absolute exact same as the Win HD. It is the same phone.
  • These are Blu-inspired which, themselves, are HTC "inspired". But when it comes to justify the "inspiration" (or rip-off), guys from Kazam have it easier than the guys from Blu. That's the point I was trying to make ;)
  • Blu and Kazam are both white label brands — they purchase phones from OEMs in China, install their own software on it, and slap a brand on it. It's not inspired or ripped off from Blu. It's the same phone. See also: Xolo.
  • Dear Lord, am I not speaking English clearly enough? I'm not saying who ripped off HTC first. I know these are all the same phones. And they are ALL a rip off HTC. Regardless of who slapped the brand on them first. All I'm saying is, when confronted with the fact that these phones are all a rip-off of HTC's designs, Kazam is the one with the better "excuse". Just that.
  • I knew what you were saying all along.   ;-)
  • Understood. The knockoffs look better than the M8 but then again knockoffs always do look better than the original. Specs and performance are always lacking in the knockoffs.
  • Fair enough :)
  • Actually the wl version here has LTE which the Blu Win HD doesn't. Otherwise identical.
  • Blu must be making some money for them to sell off their win HD design! Good for them.
  • blu didnt design the phone ... they had the OEM just put their name on it.
  • So Kazam, Xolo, Blu HD? Wait ...
  • KAPOW! with KAAABOOOOM sound!
  • Very nice phones
    Well done
  • It looks really cool actually, why shouldn't a new OEM have a blast, if their stuff is of a decent quality, I'd love to keep my money in European markets for all my purchases.
  • Looks like HTC
  • Companies with less capital putting out bargain phones with 2 megapixel front cams and rear flash & Microsoft releasing phones they call bargain with 0.9 front cams...ridiculous
  • At least they have a front camera.
  • So you're going to be that guy huh?
  • Silver one is sexy.
  • Agree.
  • WL model is very slick looking.
  • Good job MS... Your efforts towards getting more OEM's is working very nice...
    Now it's time for YOU to make sure for world knows about Windows as a smartphone is.
    Marketing❗❗❗,,,, Petter Han.
  • Tweet it on Microsoft sites or to someone who can make these decisions as we can't do anything but be happy or complain in these forums
  • Lol.... MS reads this crap. Where have you been.
  • "make sure for world knows about Windows as a smartphone is."   I'm not sure Microsoft itself knows that Windows as a smartphone is...or is even supposed to be. That's the first problem. They can't market a message that they're not sure what it is. lol
  • Lol... True.. They better have a defined, and logical roadmap ready by build....
    I'm actually a little confused myself....
    "Windows 10 for mobile" is that what store associates are supposed to say?... Is that what your point is❓❓
  • Nice looking hardware, especially the silver one. The more OEMs there merrier.
  • Hm. If the specs are true, LTE versión MSM8916 is a Snapdragon 410 with Cortex A53 CPU. In the non-lte versión its a snapdragon 200 more humble. If the specs are correct the LTE versión is the way to to ;)
  • Yup, WP really needs S410 phones to fight vs. Android, I wish the Blu Win HD gets a S410 version too, would buy as soon as I could.
  • Thanks, I was trying to figure out what chip this had in it. I was thinking it was an S4 from 2012! The 410 should be ok with 720p class phones. The 200? Not so much.
  • They look great, a shame that they won't make it to Latin America
  • Really hoping for a true L1020 successor. I hope MS can deliver sometime soon otherwise the GS6 will continue unchallenged in this Dept.
  • Unchallenged in what department lol? The Icon has a way better camera as it is lol.
  • Tweet it on Microsoft sites or to someone who can make these decisions as we can't do anything but be happy or complain in these forums
  • Microsoft actually reads Windows Central and its comment section to get a pulse on their hardcore userbase. So while what you suggested may indeed be more appropriate, commenting on WCentral is probably as useful as tweeting Microsoft.
  • Even when Microsoft releases something, the GS6 will remain unchallenged. Well...except for the iPhone 6, but that one challenges through brand-power, not hardware prowess. Also, the 1020 was a niche phone. Any 1020 successor would never challenge the GS6 because they're not in the same target audience. The "940" is the one that Microsoft has to present as a challenger for the GS6.
  • Looks like HTC ^o^ but looks like a stupid Chinese android phone from the back. Not interested.
  • If windows can get enough low end traction from OEMs than MS could focus on making Lumia a high-end brand.
  • How could I get the red Netflix tile like in those shots. I only have the white tile and don't see an option for red in settings.
  • By using an older render on your phone lol
  • The LTE one is very interesting
  • How many windows phones from different manufacturers can possibly look like HTC ONEs with lime green ends? 
  • About as many as buy this particular device from whatever Chinese ODM sells them.
  • The BLU branded units and the XOLO branded units aren't for sale in Europe. Kazam is a European brand. Would you deny us bright yellow phones like this just because we're European?!
  • LOL of course I have no prejudice against europe!  In fact, I think I like europeans more than north americans.  I'm just surprised at how many different manufacturers seem to be putting out the same looking phone. 
  • The more selling it, the cheaper it is which is good for consumers and Microsoft.
  • First BLU now this? What's with the plastic HTC One clones?
  • Still waiting for higher specs... Would be awesome if we could get a WP with specs as good as the Blackberry Passport... 3GB Ram, Snapdragon 810 at least... 64 GB storage.. Etc...
  • and a $700 price tag ... no thanks
  • I know nothing about this company, but the design of this phone looks great.
  • Just HTC design copy
  • Looks like Kazam and Indian Phone maker XOLO are launching exact same phones :P :)   Check out the picture in this link... Looks same as the one on this page....
  • And neither company is making them.
  • Wow 450wl is snapdragon 410 chipset
  • Wow good eye! That's the newest 400 series chipset with the 1.4 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53. Not bad for a budget phone at all. The Cortex A53 is a great CPU. Something the 630/730/830 series should of shipped with -_-
  • Just hoping for better hardware, that's what people want after the system
  • There aren't many differences between the two.
  • No bs. Hit me up
  • GUYS down in Miami must be smiling. PERHAPS A BLU LTE release soon? AUSTRALIA
  • Remember kazaa , or kazaa lite , limewire good old days,lol
  • Listening The Marshall Mathers LP and having cybersex on MSN
  • The 450WL is a beauty, especially if it's priced competitively!
  • Any info on the price yet?
  • Looks to be a good phone.