Kevin Turner leaves Microsoft after 11 years to become CEO at Citadel Securities

Microsoft's Kevin Turner has left the company after 11 years. The Chief Operating Officer will be heading to Citadel Securities to take on the position of CEO. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella covered Turner's departure in an open email to employees, which also went into some detail of leadership changes taking place.

From Nadella's email:

"I want to share with you that Kevin Turner has been offered the opportunity to become chief executive officer at Citadel Securities and as a result will leave Microsoft. Kevin has made a tremendous impact at Microsoft over the past 11 years. He built the sales force into the strategic asset it is today with incredible talent while at the same time more than doubling our revenue and driving customer satisfaction scores to the highest in company history. I have learned a lot from Kevin over these past few years and wish him all the best as he takes on this broader CEO role."

Turner was tasked with managing more than 50,000 employees worldwide, as well as heading up parts of the company including worldwide sales and field marketing. It's been decided to integrate the sales, marketing and services group into Microsoft and form one unified leadership team. As noted above, the email also touched on other position alterations, which will affect:

  • Judson Althoff — will lead the Worldwide Commercial Business, which will focus on the commercial segments, inclusive of EPG, Public Sector, SMS&P, DX and Services.
  • Jean-Philippe Courtois — will lead Global Sales, Marketing and Operations, which span all of Microsoft's 13 areas across our North America and international businesses as well as the global Marketing and Operations organization.
  • Chris Capossela — will lead the Worldwide Marketing and Consumer Business, which includes CCG, MSA and PSM, OEM, and Microsoft Retail Stores, in addition to his current worldwide marketing team.
  • Kurt DelBene — will now also lead IT and Operations, in addition to Corporate Strategy.
  • Amy Hood — will now also lead the current SMSG finance team and WWLP, in addition to the central finance team.

It's not yet known who will succeed Turner as COO at Microsoft. Nadella closed the email by suggesting Microsoft needs to continue evolving and adapting to an ever-changing world.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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