Kinoma Coming to Windows Mobile (Obligatory Question Mark)

Those of you who have come up from the PalmOS to Windows Mobile have probably heard of Kinoma's Player, which combines a comprehensive mobile media guide with a player that supports a wide range of codecs -- think of it as SprintTV plus Podcacher plus YouTube plus flickr streamer plus music player ...minus stupid extra fees. Even if you haven't used Kinoma, you should know that Kinoma powers what little video power your Centro has these days.

Well take a look at the newly redesigned Kinoma homepage. They're talking about a mystery product called (for now) “Kinoma ???” Alright, we'll bite: we think it's a Windows Mobile version of Kinoma. Why would we say that? Could it be the gigantic Motorola Q9c at the top of the page?

We like Kinoma. We hope what they bring will make us love them, because Kinoma was one of those great pieces of software on the PalmOS that gives us teeny tiny second thoughts about Windows Mobile. ...from time to time.

thanks to Doc31 for the tip!

WC Staff