Kinoma Play updated, is now location-aware

Kinoma Play, one of our favorite Windows Mobile multimedia players has been updated and now sports location-based features and has tied it into its built-in Twitter app. (Pretty cool for spying on your tweeting neighbors.)

In addition, tweets containing YouTube or Flickr images now open within Kinoma Play instead of launching a browser.

There are a few more bugfixes and updates in this build, too. Find 'em all on the Kinoma blog, and get the update directly in the Kinoma Play app.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Kinoma is OK. It's just that with very rare exception, I really don't like apps that take over the whole interface and screen of my Fuze. Call me old fashioned, but Kinoma is just too all eating of my notification bar and tool tray (or what ever the hell the top and bottom of the screen are called).
  • You're old fashioned! :P Actually I agree. I love Kinoma Play, but I would prefer to have my regular start bar at the top. I just updated and the Kinoma menu animations seem a bit snappier on my TP2 now.
  • Kinoma is the best media player for windows mobile. Does it try to over-reach and be everything to everyone? Yeah, I think so. But I don't mind it going full screen. It seems to be the direction of most of the apps I use regularly (moTweets, Opera, HTC Album, HTC Camera, etc). I just wonder what is going to happen to Kinoma when WinPhone 7 and Zune for WinPhone comes out. At that point, unless Kinoma has really nailed Twitter and Facebook I think that we might forget about Kinoma.
  • Kinoma is OK. It's got a pretty substantial design defect in that it doesn't allow songs in a playlist to be shuffled. Not a big deal when phones only had a few hundred megs, very big deal when phones have 16gigs and most of your library on it. Really it's as bad as if they neglected to put in a forward button. This problem has gone on for more than a year and the company doesn't respond to posts about it. Seems most of their resources these days are going into pushing their app store instead of making the player worth the money. So I guess I'm gonna have to wait for WM-7 (IE the zune phone) to get a decent media player phone outside the AT&T network.
  • My Kinoma player can not see an update. I have version 5.1.83 but I can't locate what version is referenced by this article or the Kinoma Blog . Strange stuff!