Kojima Productions has disbanded according to Metal Gear Solid voice actor

Following months of rumours, it seems that Metal Gear Solid developer Kojima Productions has disbanded. Solid Snake/Big Boss's long-standing Japanese voice actor claimed the news yesterday in an emotional tweet.

With Konami's perpetual silence on the issue, Akio Otsuka's comments on Kojima Productions' demise are the closest we have to an official confirmation so far.

Gematsu translated Otsuka's tweet as follows:

..."Kojima Productions was forced to disband, but it appears that the work that the team has been putting their utmost effort into is nearly complete. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I expect [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain] will become their greatest masterpiece. I couldn't help it. I just wanted to say 'Kept you waiting, huh?' (Laughs.) But even if this is the end, Metal Gear Solid is immortal!"...

Hideo Kojima is the legendary mind behind Metal Gear Solid, a video game series widely regarded as the greatest ever made. Rumors of Kojima Productions' closure began earlier in the year, when Konami began scrubbing all mention of Hideo Kojima and his company from Metal Gear Solid V's marketing.

Rumors about a rift between Kojima and Konami compounded when Konami cancelled Silent Hills, a high-profile collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, set to feature Norman Reedus.

Konami shipped a few vague promises to maintain both the Metal Gear and Silent Hill franchises, despite stating they'd be targeting mobile games first in an earnings call.

As a huge Metal Gear fan, I join many others in frustration over Konami's reluctance to communicate. Regardless, it certainly seems like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be an incredible way to close the series. The emphasis is on close. If Silent Hill: Book of Memories and Silent Hill: Downpour are any indication, I have no faith in Konami's ability to steward Metal Gear without the original developers.

Check out the most recent Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay below:

We've reached out to Konami to comment, but at this point I think it's a foregone conclusion. I highly doubt this is the last we'll see of Hideo Kojima and his incredible team, even if it's without Konami.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches on September 1st, 2015 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

Source: Twitter via Gematsu

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  • Bingo wango tango. This man is worth 500 million plus funding.
  • Anybody, besides Nintendo, should pick them up, honestly, or at least help then make their own name.
  • But he'd be even better under Nintendo. Nintendo do make the most creative and out-of-the-box games.
  • They play it too safe now.
  • Play it safe?  Fire Emblem: Fates is one hell of a gamble. 
  • Hey you never know. Phil did say he'd make ammends and do way better than street fighter 5 exclusiveness.
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  • Nintendo, hire Kojima to make an adult Zelda....
  • Phil Spencer should already be all over them. Just open a new studio and sell games people want to buy.
  • I will be avoiding Konami from now on.
  • Konami should really just stick with their arcade game craps
  • Hire Hideo Kojima to Microsoft and let him make a new Snake game, that works across all pcs, tablets, phones, xbox, and hololens. Let him continue to innovate Nokia's old hit game!
  • Pretty sure Konami will retain the rights to Snake
  • I think he meant the actual old game called Snake, not as in Solid Snake of MGS fame.
  • I actually felt that downpour was a good installment, albeit buggy. Story was excellent, and acting exceeded expectations. Could have been a masterpiece with more testing.
  • Speaking of Konami, look what Cortana says if you search Konami.
  • ⬆⬆⬇⬇⬅➡⬅➡ B A
  • Konami used to be the best in the old nes days. They should crash and burn now that they cut all ties with Kojima.
  • Microsoft, buy the rights to Silent Hill, have Remedy's Alan Wake team take the reigns.
  • Then it would probably release on their next console. Remedy makes good games they just take for ever. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Konami should be ashamed of themselves over this whole debacle. Not a shade of the company they used to be. Silent Hill fans were likely to get the best game in the series with that collaboration and now Metal Gear fans will have little to look forward to after The Phantom Pain. Konami own the property right?
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  • There goes the possibility of Snake in Smash Bros 4.
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  • I'm guessing that Konami still owns the Silent Hill and Metal Gear IPs. While Kojima is a legend, he hasn't had a great recent track record. I'm not sure if his name alone would be enough to carry a studio to success now.
  • RIP Kojima Productions.  As a longtime Softimage user, they've always had a soft spot in my heart.  Here's a little making of showing some Softimage love - https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=409&v=4h1-Yg38Hn0. MGS4 Making Of - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-DrkSQLHsk Assassin's Creed MGS4 joke - https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=193&v=K5IdGxy4xCA
  • Video game series widely regarded as the best ever....really?? I honestly haven't played a single episode of this series. Most reviews give mediocre reviews. I don't understand the draw. I'm in the same boat with Shemaneu and Final Fantasy.
  • While the best ever is a bit much, I admit the games are good and that is the tweeters opinion. Having not played any of these games Smooth, kinda hard for you to form your own opinion on them.
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  • Anime has nothing to do with this series. I don't see the point of your comment either. Reviews are subjective. You can't compare Metal Gear with Final Fantasy (which I love) or Shenmue (which I hate). Hopefully they'll make the HD Collection of Sons Of Liberty and Snake Eater available on backwards compatibility.
  • The point of my comment was to fish for ideas as to why people love these games because obviously I don't get it. Anime was a question, not an answer.
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  • The new Silent Hill looked good, was looking forward to it. Metal Gear series is always solid. Hope they both get revived by someone.
  • Sigh, my one genuine regret about this was the missed opportunity for Kojima and Del Toro to collaborate on a horror game, in this case Silent Hills. Hmph, always considered the Metal Gear games hit and miss so that doesn't really effect me. But seriously, Del Toro + Kojima might have been something grand.
  • Konami is not even a shadow of a company they once were.
    This whole debacle is an absolute mess, goes to show what happens when you let petty office politics dictate your business and roadmap. Best of luck to Kojima and his incredibly talents colleagues. Looking forward to what they do next.
    I hope some one buys the ip's off Konami and does them justice. As I doubt Konami will remain in business for long. Avoid Konami, like the plague.
  • So they've killed off all the good series, and chased away their talent... yep.  Konami's mobile dominance is set.   Joking aside... mobile isn't going to be that sure fire right now.  Not with several other major devs going mobile.  Even Sega has become aware that quality is important even in mobile games.  I do worry for Konami's future.  It's a damn shame they let so many excellent IPs gather dust like this. 
  • Metal Gear Solid is the greatest game series of all time. That game was a part of my childhood. Better than most movies. Konami has no idea what they just lost.
  • Older Solid Snake looks like Tom Cruise in this pic lol
  • Does that mean that there won’t be any more support/expansions/DLCs after the release? or shortly after?   The way the game is made, and based on its size and complexity, it should receive so much support and commitment from them for the next 2 years at least.
  • Without Hideo Kojima and his colleagues, I doubt you will see anything of that sort from Konami. Even then the quality will be questionable - if it will be up to par or not.