HoloLens executive will be taking charge of many of Microsoft's Xbox gaming franchises

Microsoft has brought in Kudo Tsunoda, who helped to launch the Kinect hardware for the Xbox 360, to take direct charge of many of the company's Xbox gaming studios and franchises. Most recently, Tsunoda had been working with the team behind the recently revealed Microsoft HoloLens virtual reality project

Microsoft stated:

"While the Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Minecraft franchises will continue to report to Phil Spencer, Kudo will lead the vision and experience development of our other Microsoft Studios portfolio investments in the United States, Europe and across our Global Publishing team. Kudo has been driving the creative direction and experience development for Microsoft HoloLens, and will bring a fresh, innovative and gamer-centric approach to development for our expanding and diverse game portfolio across Xbox and Windows 10 devices including HoloLens."

Microsoft has also posted a video where Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb chats with Tsunoda about his new responsibilities on the Xbox team. That will include being in charge of the company's development teams such as Lionhead, Lift London, Press Play and Rare.

The news comes a few days after rumors that Phil Harrison would be departing the company as the head of Microsoft Studios Europe. It would appear as if Tsunoda is taking many, if not all, of Harrison's duties. Microsoft has yet to officially comment about Harrison's status at the company and today's article and video don't mention him at all.

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

  • Hope he does a good job. I'll be crushed if they don't do anything worthwhile with Hololens as I prefer it to VR.
  • I imagine many of us also share the same preference.
  • Agreed, VR is interesting to me only as a glorified 3D headset (no need for motion/tracking) for movies and games while I sit on the couch.  Hololens looks much more interesting as a gaming and productivity platform.
  • This is only better than vr until vr is all inside our minds and not reliant on our eyes.
  • Aye... The best VR experience is like in the popular anime: Sword Art Online... Today's VR is still too limited. But one that has direct connection and meddle with our brain might cause controvercies too.
  • +1
  • I very much argee. I can think of tons of uses for this that VR can't really do right now. If it does half of what it's promised to do, I'm sold as long as they support it properly.
  • I hope this means a renewed development interest in Kinect games, since he's the father of Kinect. HoloLens is exciting too, but I'd like to see Kinect continue to be pushed, but independent as well as in conjunction with HoloLens. It's a travesty to invest so much time and money into R&D for Kinect only to let it go to waste just as it's hitting its stride (Fantasia, D4, etc.).
  • Looking forward to many exciting new features
  • Wonder if they'll do anything with photosynth/ice
  • Is photosynth a game? I thought it was just a photo app. This article is about their gaming division.
  • Halolens double confirmed
  • But Hololens... Oh, wait. I get it now.
  • Hmm perhaps Harrison knew this was coming?
    Hololens is shaping up to be a game changer and they must utilise it to it's full potential, failure to do so will make MS look no better than the leftover turkey carcass after being gobbled up and spat out by VR at thanksgiving. As they have something truly phenomenal on their hands.
  • The report was that Harrison was pissed about being passed up for a promotion.
  • Well Ms has something good in the band, but they are just pissing in the wind. Meanwhile, the ifck watch is being marketed in a way that makes it interesting if not appealing.
  • Looking forward to seeing HoloLens at E3 this year.  And if MS can get HoloLens on the market in time for Xmas '15 with some really compelling titles they can still some of the VR spotlight.
  • I remember that feeling I got when the first video of Kinect was released showing how it was going to change gaming on the Xbox. It was a pretty sweet video. And now they move the former Kinect guy over to Hololens?
  • And yet kinect a lost feature across xbox just like so many nice things from Microsoft
  • Yeh...that's what I was trying to say. So much potential lost. And if this guy was somewhat in charge, what sense does it male to move to the next mew big thing in gaming. His track record seems...iffy.
  • Couldn't agree more!
  • Oh yeahhh Rare! I loved Banjo, that squirrel guy, perfect dark etc, but now? It's "rare" that a game comes out from these guys.
  • Also, the best game ever created.. Blast Corps! A HoloLens version would be awesomeness.
  • oh hell yeah that would be awesomeballz!!
  • Imagine playing Halo with Hololens and the characters start jumping out of the screen and start fighting for the high ground between your coffee table and your kitchen bench. All while fighter jets scream over your heads and lay waste to objects and holo people in your room.
  • They should call that Halolens. Awesome.
  • Halolense, I like that
  • Wasn't one of Hololens tech gurus killed in a hit and run this past week, in Seattle?
  • Yes, truly sad, he was just 30 years old..rip
  • Assassinated by Google glass........RIP dude
  • I would love to play a version of Halo with this. :D
  • I have not tried HoloLens or Ocuilus, nor have I seen the detailed specs on it, so this is just based on my own experiences using other types of insudtrial and research-grade VR headsets The playability of an immersive game (regardless of VR or AR) depends a lot on the FOV of the headset. Most games use a 90 degree FOV in rendering, despite a computer monitor or TV really only occupying something more like 20 degrees of your vision. An AR or VR headset needs to closely match the actual FOV occupied by the display (AR in particular needs to match 100% or the rendered visuals will "swim" over the actual real rodls visuals) -- So, an AR Halo might be much more like zoomed in halo (or like always having a sniper scope enabled) and you would have almost no peripheral vision. Providing wide FOV distortion-free head-mounted displays is still not feasible at consumer prices, as far as I know. I am excited for HoloLens and what it can do, but I don't think it will be effective for an FPS at present.
  • What this guy said. ;)
  • Let me know when
  • I'm kind of interested in this thing if the visuals they show in the hype are truly ready to go like TV projection on any wall.
  • In regards to gaming I think PS4 project morpheus is going to crush the hololens.  Hololens is a great device but not something I would say is really optimal for gaming. Morpheus should be a fraction of the price and more suited to providing a total VR gaming experience.  Hololens seems better suited for productivity than gaming.
  • I dunno. I feel I'd rather have interactive holograms in my games than just a bigger screen.
  • I prefer Hololens because it brings virtual reality in my world, VR brings me in virtual reality and I don't like being alienate from my world.
  • Is your living room really that exciting of an environment? You'd rather see two characters fight on your carpet than some exotic location?
  • The HoloLense isnt exactly meant to act as a VR headset replacement... You aren't suppose to use it like you would a OculusRift, I hope you know that dude...
  • Exactly, it will be more of a niche platform than oculus or vive. I'm not saying the games will automatically be inferior, but its a bit more limited in what you can do, like the PlayStation eye or Wii. In that case you need to rely more on first party, and I don't think MS has a good track record in this area (I'm thinking Kinect). The high price will lower the number of potential customers, and naturally more developers will go towards oculus, morpheus, or vive. I'm not saying the games for hololens will be bad, but you have a more limited canvas to work with so to speak. Like the Wii games that use motion controls well are unlike any other gaming experience, but they are few and far between.
  • Completely different market. The hololens isn't a gaming device...its a productivity device that can play games. By no means is gaming a primary focus.
  • Agreed! I don't think they should waste resources on gaming with the hololens, just focus on productivity.
  • But I wanna have my cake and eat it too. :-) In all seriousness, I'd like to see where they take gaming with Hololens because VR is simply not a good idea if you have kids about. I specifically like the idea of Hololens because it seems it can be modified to be as immersive as you want but you have the option to still remain in the here and now. I'm probably not explaining myself well but the long and short of it is that, for me, it's to my benefit to be able to keep an eye on my real-world surroundings.
  • I think the potential is tremendous as well and it's going in a very different direction than other VR devices. I'm simply not expecting more than a handful of decent games.
  • Ohhh, pay no mind to that open man hole cover!
  • Lol
  • :)
  • Great for Kudo!!! He's damn awesome, a gamer thru and thru. Helluva path he's been on but this is great. Genuinely excited to see how he does in a position of real influence
  • GUYS! I know this is off topic, but has DirectX 12 released yet? Because I just checked my Surface Pro 3 running the Windows Insider program, and it says I'm running DirectX 12? Sorry if I missed something and its out, but otherwise, how the hell do I have DirectX 12???
  • I believe DirectX 12 is a windows 10 exclusive
  • Looking up my Phil Harrison nature book entry, it's time for his migration to another game company, which happens every 5 years or so.
  • ^augmented reality* I though the title was referring to hololens integration being included in new games, I've got to say ms has 2 truly futuristic techs; Kinect and hololens, they could be used as a major breakthrough in gaming experiences, something as the transition from 2D to 3D, but they don't see to be working towards this goal, instead they let all the charge fall on devs, whom wont do a thing until ms shows then HOW
  • Ms wouldn't want to upset its partners with good tech like the band... The morons.
  • lol what partners, there are only enemies on the gaming front, and the Kinect is simply one of a kind, as is the hololens
  • You get the point..don't you?
  • Please, more stuff for Kinect.
  • Harrison seemed to be responsible for some of the major F-ups and misinformation released during the Xbox One announcement, and I'm surprised that he lasted this long.
  • Two words: Alan Wake.
  • is Kudo Tsunoda Japanese?
  • I don't know man, but based on the release demonstration, there seems to be no reason they couldn't use Kinect to track your arms, and place holographic armor and weapons in your hands, and you have to fight holographic enemies coming at you. You might need a green screen in your house to augment it, but it seems feasible