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Latest Anthem patch adds 'The Sunken Cell' stronghold

Anthem launched on Xbox One and PC recently. As with any online game at launch, it has some surprisingly strange bugs that BioWare is working on. Anthem is a shared-world third-person shooter from the acclaimed developer behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Just like Destiny, the team wants to support the game for the next ten years.

Today, BioWare released a new update which addresses a lot of bugs. However, the biggest addition has to be the new stronghold. "The Sunken Cell" will challenge you in new ways, and might just be the hardest stronghold in the game. You can read about the major changes below.

  • The Sunken Cell stronghold is now available to all players who have completed the main story.
  • Added the ability to select contracts from the start of expedition screen rather than going to the individual contract boards.
  • Added the ability to launch a new mission from the end of expedition screen without having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay.
  • Added the ability to access the Forge during Missions, Strongholds, and Freeplay. You can now change your gear without having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay.
  • Added additional cortex entries to explain combo, detonator, and primer abilities.
  • Added new Universal Masterwork Components.
  • Extended Sniper Magazine.
  • Extended Special Arms Magazine
  • Friendly player projectiles should now be able to pass through Javelins in your squad.
  • Adjusted environmental lightning strikes to not target javelins directly as frequently.
  • Downed players are now automatically revived when the stronghold boss is defeated.
  • Fixed a problem where the Legion of Dawn rifle disappears from the forge while in the Launch Bay.
  • Updated 'Critical Damage' to 'Weakpoint Damage' in any text descriptions.
  • Updated 'Impact Dmg' to 'Kinetic Dmg' in any text descriptions.
  • Updated 'Impact Resist' to 'Kinetic Resist' in any text descriptions.

It's great to see that significant content is being added to the game, but a lot of these additions, like the ability to change your gear "without having to return to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay" should've been there from the start.

What changes would you like to see in Anthem? Let us know. It's great to see that BioWare made the damage resistances clear because now you know what's working on a particular enemy and what isn't.

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  • Health bug still isnt fixed lmao. 2 months later, still can't have consistent health bars between expeditions. Also, still no legendary/masterwork support systems.
  • Another one of those "Games as a service". "Anthem just got even better"
    Yeah, even better than the brilliant game it is today!!
  • This has been a thing since the very first MMO, it's a part of the genre.
  • While your statement is true about DLCs and stuff, games didn't always release as beta versions, no.
  • No but constantly being updated is a thing that MMO's have done since the start of the genre, and not just in regards to expansion packs but smaller, QOL adjustments and bug fixes.
  • Not every MMO released in this state. We can't really help justify the mess it is and make this the norm of a genre.
  • I've played over half a dozen MMO's/Persistently Online games at launch, and not one of them has released polished. It has always taken a few updates to sort out bugs.
  • Is it now a good game? I played the demo and it felt a janky, which along with the less than great reviews Ied me to taking a wait see approach. Currently enjoying Div2, which is also a 'game as a service', so that model doesn't bother me in and of itself.
  • @Jombib
    Nope, I'm just mocking the author of the article.
  • > Another one of those "Games as a service".
    > "Anthem just got even better"
    GaaS part is true, but the incomplete / lack-of-contents part was due to miss management. Those are different things. a) It must be a GaaS because it has lesser contents to begin with.
    b) We start with lesser content because we are making a GaaS.
    Both statements are stupid, simple minded, are making no sense. A single player game e.g. FF15 can be repetitive / low contents too, and every game's dev story (what went wrong) is different.
  • > but the incomplete / lack-of-contents part was due to miss management. Those are different things.
    miss management or running outta budget, decide to invest more on game engine rather than contents, etc. Many things can cause that.
  • Yeah, also known as a game in early access. ofc what's important is the recurring user spending... :)