Latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 pay-to-win changes enrage players

What you need to know

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is last year's entry in the acclaimed franchise.
  • The latest update added "Blackjack's Stashes" to the game.
  • Blackjack's Stashes allow you to summon all of your Black Market weapons during battle royale.
  • This gives gamers who have paid to unlock powerful variants and advantage during matches.

Every year, Activision releases a new Call of Duty game and fans of the franchise love them. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 revives the fan-favorite series, fully embracing its multiplayer success while exploring new online modes such as "Zombies." A battle royale mode called "Blackout" is also part of the package.

In the latest update, Activision introduced "Blackjack's Stashes." According to the company, each player is able to unlock one of Blackjack's Stashes per game, which contain all the Black Market weapons in your inventory. For example, if you've earned the Vendetta in Contraband, it will be available for you to grab during a Blackout match in one of Blackjack's Stashes.

Unfortunately, a lot of the stellar Black Market weapons are locked behind a massive grind. In my experience, it's impossible to earn them, and according to a report by MP1ST, other players agree. You have to pay to unlock them because the experience is so frustrating. Given the fact that you can call a Blackjack's Stash during Blackout, it means that those who paid to unlock advantageous weapon variants will essentially dominate the game. Sure, you can theoretically grind all of the weapons, but we've been playing since launch and have received next to nothing.

A comment by "BaconDG" on Reddit accurately summarizes the problem. The post has been trimmed for clarity.

How can you add exclusive guns in a competitive battle royale? That's ridiculous... Battle royales are like poker, heavily dependent on luck, but also influenced through skill. This is the equivalent on only certain players being able to get Jacks. Their access to Jacks may or may not help them, but it is inherently unfair.

Hopefully, Activision will change this in the near future because right now it's quite unfair. Gaining the best Black Market weapons shouldn't be a painful grind, especially for those who play the game religiously. The other way to fix this is to make the same Black Market weapons available to everyone in Blackout, not just those who have unlocked them. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more, but such a change shouldn't have been implemented in the first place.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is this year's entry in the franchise and abandons the season pass. Maybe the team will decide not to implement pay-to-win mechanics in this game. However, only time will tell. You can preorder the title starting at $60 on Amazon.

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