The latest Opera Windows desktop browser starts up much faster than before

While we wait for Opera to release their promised Windows 10 universal browser later this year, the company has just released version 31 of its desktop Windows browser. This new version promises to give users a much faster way to start browsing.

Opera stated:

"The most important change we're introducing in Opera 31 is its startup time. Opera for computers now starts up to 70% faster in comparison to previous versions. This is especially important and helpful for devices with slower, traditional hard drives."We redesigned pages in Opera for computers so everything looks nice and modern. In Opera 31, Discover gets a better layout. Discover is a feature that serves you the most recent content from your region. You can also customize it by choosing topic category or country."

Opera on Windows 10

If you are using the desktop version of Opera 31 on Windows 10. make sure to check out our tutorial on how to make it the default browser on your PC.

Download Opera 31 for Windows desktop

Source: Opera

John Callaham