Latest Planet Coaster update adds Cedar Point's upcoming Steel Vengeance coaster

Planet Coaster
Planet Coaster (Image credit: Frontier Developments)

Cedar Point has been brought in by Frontier Developments to partner up for content in Planet Coaster. The result of this new partnership is a free update across the board, which adds a new roller coaster. Cedar Point plans to open up a new hyper-hybrid roller coaster called the Steel Vengeance, a revamp of the famous wooden coaster Mean Streak. Park managers with update 1.3.6 installed will be able to build this coaster in Planet Coaster.

The Steel Vengeance will be present as a pre-made blueprint for immediate construction, but it'll be possible to create a custom layout. The coaster is joined by a new ride entrance sign, as well as official Cedar Point branding. But that's not all, here's everything else that made the update:

  • Added a prompt to enable extended debugging when a GPU crash is detected.
  • Fixed an issue where display sequencers would not trigger at certain times.
  • Fixed an issue where activation times on display sequencers would reset.
  • Improved the monthly cost feedback for closed facilities.
  • Edges of custom biome parks will now appear correctly on lower spec machines.
  • General stability fixes and improvements.

Picking up the game today will set you back $44.99, but is a must-have for any RollerCoaster Tycoon fan or frequent visitor to theme parks.

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