This is how a financial analyst uses his Surface Pro 3

Microsoft continues to promote the Surface Pro 3 with a series of videos that show ordinary people using the 12-inch tablet in everyday situations. The latest such video shows how it is being used by Christian Wallace, a financial advisor based in New York City, in both his work and in his hobbies.

Christian Wallace works for Emancipation Capital, an equity fund that focuses on technology companies. Wallace says in the video that the Surface Pro 3 is "the most important tool we have brought into the firm in recent history". The video shows how he uses the Surface Pro docking station in his office so he can place applications on a larger monitor. Wallace says that the Surface Pro 3 is powerful enough to run the desktop version of Thomson Reuters Eikon, a powerful Windows application designed to monitor all the financial markets.

However, Wallace also uses the Surface Pro 3 for fun. His hobby is putting together wood boats, and the tablet, combined with the touch-based version of OneNote, allows him to tag and organize photos showing the pieces of the boats so he keep track of them.

Thanks to Rokibul for the tip!

Source: Surface (YouTube)

John Callaham