Latest update to Flipkart's universal beta app introduces Ping

A few days ago, we reported that Flipkart, the leading online retailer from India, is working on the next version of their Windows app based on the Universal Windows Platform for Windows 10 devices.

I've been using the Flipkart (private beta) app since a few days and it works quite well on my Lumia 950 XL and Surface 3. The app got an update today, and brings support for Ping, a unique feature Flipkart introduced few months ago but limited to Android and iOS app all this while.

Ping brings collaboration to your shopping experience and integrates a social layer to avoid constant exchanging of links or screenshots when buying together or asking for advice or approval. Whatever your reason, it's natural to want your friends and family in on your purchases before you make them, and Ping helps with just that within the Flipkart app.

While the beta app got an update on desktop as well, it includes mostly fixes. Ping is a mobile-only product, and only available for Windows 10 mobile.

The Flipkart universal app is shaping up very nicely and offers great user experience. I'm looking forward to its public release so that everyone can use it and share feedback to improve it even further.

Currently, the Flipkart Windows 10 app is in private beta and not open to the public.

Abhishek Baxi