Lazyworm Apps and Seles Games teaming up to bring Weave to Windows 8

Windows Phone and Windows 8 have always had passionate developers with equally motivated fans (you). Two of your favorites are teaming up. Lazyworm Apps is teaming up with Seles Games to bring the popular RSS newsreader Weave to Windows 8.

Weave has been around since the beginning of Windows Phone, becoming better with each and every update. The most significant update came out at the tail end of last year bringing with it support for Windows Phone 8. Besides getting praise from us here at Windows Phone Central, Weave has near universal acclaim in its Store ratings from all you out there. It’s a fast, fluid and beautiful application that should be at the top of your list of news readers.

Lazyworm is taking on the design and development of a Windows 8 version of Weave. They’re the masterminds behind Metrotube on Windows Phone 8 and Tweetro+ on Windows 8. One an amazing YouTube application and the other a solid Twitter app. Here’s a choice quote from Atta Elayyan, managing director at Lazyworm Applications, in their press release:

“I have been using Weave ever since it launched on Windows Phone 7, so I was excited when Seles Games approached us with this partnership opportunity. Weave has proven to be a popular solution on Windows Phone and I believe it has even more potential on Windows. We now have an invested interest in Weave’s ongoing success and have been given full creative control over the project, so expect an experience that is in line with all other Lazyworm products.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see what the team comes up with. But we’ll all have to wait, the app is expected to be available for download until June. It will also still be published under Seles Games.


In the meantime you can download Weave for Windows Phone. There is a free version and a paid version ($9.99) that removes all the ads. If you’re hesitant about that price, just download the free version and check it out first. QR codes below, free on the left and paid on the right.

QR: Weave

Sam Sabri