Intel-AMD chip

In early November, Intel and AMD took PC enthusiasts by surprise with a new collaboration. Through the partnership, the two firms announced Intel will produce a chip that combines its own Core CPU with Radeon graphics in a single package. Other than the announcement, Intel and AMD were fairly light on details. However, a new leak has filled in a few more tidbits ahead of the chip's official release.

As first spotted by AnandTech, Intel's Indian website briefly included a few details about the chip on its list of overclockable processors. The listing has since been removed, but it did confirm that the chip will take advantage of Radeon's latest Vega architecture. In addition, the listing indicated that the quad-core Core i7-8809G CPU will run at a 3.1GHz base clock speed. That's in addition to a 100W target TDP and the inclusion of Intel's own HD Graphics 630. The chip also comes with an 8MB cache and support for two channels of DDR4-2400 memory.

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Intel-AMD Chip

The biggest takeaway from the listing is that the Radeon graphics included in the package are based on the Vega architecture, which wasn't explicit in Intel and AMD's original announcement. However, without more details, it's unclear exactly how powerful the Vega graphics included on the chip will be.

In any case, we should learn much more about this new chip, along with the partnership between the traditionally rival chipmakers, in the near future. Intel previously said that it expects manufacturers to begin shipping systems with the new chip at some point in the first quarter of 2018. CES 2018, a venue that would make perfect sense for a new chip announcement, is also right around the corner.