Leaked shots of the HTC Willow on Sprint

Well lookie what the cat dragged in. If our powers of reason and deduction are correct, we appear to be looking at a Sprint-branded HTC "Willow," courtesy of PPCGeeks user OrionsBuckle. This should be the S511 we've been expecting and will be Sprint's variant of the slightly more sexy Snap.

It's got the almost-standard 528MHz Qualcomm processor, a 2MP camera and what looks like 256 megabytes of  ROM (storage) and 128 RAM, with about 70MB available. Also note the Inner Circle button on the lower right of the keyboard. And as for the battery, well, OB puts it this way:

i wish i woulda took a picture of the battery on this thing...its GIGANTIC!! its 1500mah or however you spell that lol.... bigger then the TP battery and the screen is smaller.

OrionsBuckle says it'd have a June 7 release date, which falls in line with Sprint's usual Sunday launches, and it also matches up with that leaked Sprint roadmap we saw. Price should be $149, about $50 under the Treo Pro.

Loads more pictures after the break.

Phil Nickinson

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