Learn more about how Windows 10 handles snap modes for apps

With the launch of Windows 10 now less than two months away, Microsoft is offering more information on the new features that will be added to the OS. That includes the new snap mode for apps and windows that was first introduced in Windows 7 with Aero Snap and later expanded upon in Windows 8 and 8.1.

One of the new features is called Snap Assist, which will help people find a second app to snap after putting the first app in position. Microsoft states:

"Snap Assist significantly speeds up the process of snapping two windows side-by-side by offering you a choice of windows to snap. Through our Windows Insider Program, we've seen that 90% of the time, users have chosen to take advantage of this improvement and pick the second app directly from Snap Assist rather than hunting for it manually. Snap Assist also has a number of related benefits. For example, just like Task View, it makes it easier to use the desktop with touch and comes in handy as part of Continuum."

Windows 10 also supports snapping apps to a quarter of the screen, allowing as many as four windows on the screen at once. There's also Snap Fill, which optimized the amount of space apps and windows take up on the screen. Microsoft says:

"When you snap a window and resize it, the system takes note of your action. When you then snap a second window, the system will optimize its size to automatically fill up the available space. It's a subtle feature, but comes in handy when you snap a lot of windows or have complex layouts involving a mix of half and quarter snapped windows."

Source: Microsoft

  • is this exactly like the snap function on the xbox with the 4 directional quick snap option?
  • I wish I could disable Snap on Xbox. I only use it on accident.
  • One of a few basic things u aren't able to control on Xbox. Just like disabling the annoying system sounds -.-"
  • I think the notifications placement should be custumizable, it's very stupid to place them right over subtitles...
  • I like how they're doing this.
  • What about hot corners in desktop? I would love to see that feature... :)
  • How do you mean?
  • For instance: move the mouse cursor to the upper left corner to open task view. That would be awesome!
  • Ah ok. The trouble with that as a default paradigm is that it can be annoying when you don't want it, and hard to discover for a new user. But as an option for power users, sure.
  • Totally, would love to set a corner to activate Task View.
  • Windows 8 has already proven to us that having functions hidden in the corners of the screen is too much for most peoples brains to comprehend.   A better idea would be a hamburger button smack dab in the middle of the desktop... /sarcasm
  • Well said
  • Not bad
  • Mobile? Anyone?
  • I just found out that you can pinch to zoom text in Windows Central app haha XD
  • Holy crap
    Thank u
  • Didn't know that
  • Haha, just tried it. I didn't know it even existed thanks :)
  • Awesome, a lil lag but good to know! Thx!
  • I'm shocked by how many people don't bother going into the settings and see what an app can do ..... Even basic stuff!
  • I thought you were bluffing!
  • In Tablet Mode you can snap up to 4 apps in 4x1 form (getting 4 rectangles horizontally organized). I would like to have the ability to display those 4 apps in a 2x2 form (2 on top of 2). Wouldn't this increase the usability of those apps? I mean, having 4 apps side by side in the form of vertical rectangles kind of make each of them hard to use...
  • It actually depends on the app. It could be better that way for the mobile apps. But it would be nice to have options.
  • Snap apps in portrait mode?
  • For some reason this made me think back to a commercial I saw a VERY long time ago.  They were advertising a PC that had "true multitasking capability", because it could have more than one program running at a time.  And it was a HUGE deal back then.  4 windows on the screen at the same time, and many running in the background perpetually? Mindboggling...
  • Hope THIS comes to windows 10 mobile ;) ​
  • This should come to phones asap esp for screens 5.0 or higher along with guest mode and multi user support. All the things the big windows support
  • I find the snap in its current state (100130) to be a downgrade from 8.1 - itr has the annoying habit of forgetting the fact that you just snapped an app when you use task viee requiring you continually re-snap apps.
  • Annoying habit? This is the default behavior. Snap NEVER remembers anything. If you start another app, or switch out or back into tablet mode your snapped arrangement is gone -- even if it's on another virtual desktop. They must be talking about another build because what they describe simply doesn't work in the current build. And why can't you drag from the task view or from the taskbar icons or previews to snap? The only place (in tablet mode) you can get an app to snap from is snap assist. All of the other places you can see your apps do not let you drag them to snap. I hope this is just incomplete stuff. The severe breaking of snap is one thing that'll keep me on 8.1.
  • My one issue with Snap on W10 is, if I have two apps already snapped on my SP3 but, I want to open a new app or snap an app I have currently open, I have to start over. That is to say, I have open a new app from Start or an already open app from Task View THEN snap that app and select the app I originally wanted to keep open.   Example: I have Tweetium and Spartan/Edge snapped side by side. But, now I need to go back to Word, and want to Snap it next to Tweetium. Well, I can't just grab Word and snap it. I have to first bring up Task View, which is fine. But, when I select Word, it goes fullscreen. I then have to snap IT, grab Tweetium and snap IT.   8.1 was a little more seamless, in this regard. I just drag whatever app I wanted to snap next to the position I wanted to snap it to, and let it go. Simple. Perhaps, I'm missing something in W10 or this functionality will be added at some later date.
  • that's the same for me too... I wonder what are we missing then.
  • lovely Windows 10  
  • I don't like this system. This is one of the pain points of the system that needs more work, especially on tablet mode. It makes me miss the the app flipping and snapping in windows 8.1. I do notice that in tablet mode I get used to the one snap> second small taskviewselection>second snap gesture and system, but the left side swipe> app snapping feels like a more genuine touch experience. The app snapping system for tablet mode still feels more like a desktop engineered solution first. That's not necessary and does discredit to the well established gestures or windows 8 for tablet asked touch. Why did something that isn't broken and not perse better? I also think and that using touch with windowed apps in desktop mode it's not a good an natural experience. Snapping 4 apps it's good with a mouse or trackpad, but not touch on a tablet device. Microsoft needs to think it out the legacy box on this one asked think touch and object object handling. But the classic window should be passe for touch, and they should build forward from windows 8 app handling in the modern UI. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • So I can no longer snap 3 apps in tablet mode? Major turn off
  • I would like to be able to snap apps on top of each other. I think this would be really usefull for tablets.
  • Extremely annoying when playing FIFA and walking along the lower part of the field... Had to shut them off completely ever since it happened a few times when it was very inconvenient (playing with/against some of my fellas)