Left 4 Dead-like 'Earthfall' gets inferno level with fire-spitting enemies

Earthfall is a Left 4 Dead-like multiplayer co-op shooter which launched on July 13, 2018 for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. The game follows players who fend off an alien invasion of the American Pacific Northwest using squad tactics, portable heavy weaponry, instant walls, and more tools as they try to avoid swarms of horrific intergalactic invaders. You can either buy the $39.99 Earthfall: Deluxe Edition on Amazon, or purchase the digital-only standard edition for $29.99 on the Microsoft Store.

Today, developer Holospark released the "Inferno" update. According to the studio, Inferno delivers fire-based content that includes a new level, "Fire Spitter" and "Fire Sapper" aliens, fire-themed weapon skins, and a compact submachine gun. Inferno is the first of three free updates coming to the game on all platforms.

Marketing Director for Holospark Collin Moore added, "Inferno is the first update in a three-month content roadmap we've shared with our fans. We've listened closely to player feedback and we've included two features that were directly requested by fans into this update, along with a group of requested quality-of-life updates and other bug fixes."

Earthfall features ten missions across two campaigns, with diverse environments and deadly monsters to battle. It seems as though the campaigns tell the story from different perspectives. As players fight waves of drones and towering monsters, they'll discover the story behind the cataclysmic alien invasion and what horrible secrets the invaders are hiding.

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Asher Madan

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