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LG, Acer added to WinMo 6.5 upgrade list

It's still kind of a mystery as to what future phones will launch with Windows Mobile 6.5, and which current ones will be upgraded. We already know that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2 should get it, and we're pretty sure the Toshiba TG01 will.

And now a blog from the Microsoft MVP community is adding to that list. Nuno Luz, aka The Windows Phone Guy, says the LG HQ and Eigen will be upgraded, as will four unnamed Acer phones.

Missing from Nuno's list is the Samsung Jack, which also will get an upgrade, according to last week's announcement press release. Speaking of the Jack, it was supposed to be available today but as of this writing isn't on AT&T's (main) Web site, and the two stores I called in my town were negative for Jack. We'll track that down. (Update: It's on the business site (opens in new tab), we're told.)

Do note that we haven't had an official announcement about the release of Windows Mobile 6.5, but the Dev Team noted the other day that it's done and ready to go.

Thanks to fellow WMExpert Tim for the heads up!

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  • The Samsung Jack is available on the AT&T Premier Business site.
  • Ah ha! Found the link. Thanks.
  • It is also now listed on the Samsung web site:
  • It seems as though the only phones that have been announced as upgradeable to 6.5 are GSM phones. Anything on the rumor mill for those of us that have CDMA (Verizon/Sprint) WinMo phones?
  • Nothing official yet, but I wouldn't worry about getting the TD2 and TP2 on Sprint. And maybe Verizon in 2010. :)
  • come on xperia!!!!!!!!! SE!!!
  • But not my swedish LG KS20 i bet?? probably cant even run 6.5 to heavy :/ piece of crap phone :P When 6.5 is out and there are some phones i swear ill get myself a HTC device, well if i can find one with a dpad that is...
  • Is there any site where I can download the WM 6.5 update for the Jack and install it? I currently have the Jack and it's on 6.1, and would like to go ahead and upgrade to 6.5. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! df